Space Wars Kickstarter: Pox Nora Rewards & Ship Viewer

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    Greetings Everyone,

    The support we have seen from the Pox Nora community for Space Wars: Interstellar Empires and its Kickstarter is overwhelming, and we are very appreciative. Because of your interest, some new exciting backer rewards have been added specifically for Pox Nora players. Some have been sought after for a very long time, so now is the chance to claim these rare rewards.


    POX Player Special Tier 1 ($60)
    All the awesomeness of the lower backing tiers have been bundled up for our beloved Pox Nora community. This includes: Early Access Beta Key, Genari Kickstarter Skins, Sol Kickstarter Skins, Name Key Planet, Name Strategic AI Player, and the Space Wars Digital Novel.

    POX Player Special Tier 2 ($120)
    This reward tier gives the rare chance to receive your choice of 1 Pox Harbinger for Pox Nora, plus all rewards from the POX Player Special Tier 1.

    POX Player Special Extreme Tier 3 ($1000)
    This exclusive backer offer includes the Kickstarter Exclusive Genari and Sol Ships, 1x of Every Rune from the Core and Extended Sets of Pox Nora (excluding Limited Edition runes), plus all rewards from POX Player Special Tier 2.

    One of the great things about Kickstarter is that if you have already backed a reward tier, you can alter it until the Kickstarter is complete.

    Ship Viewer
    The all new Ship Viewer has been added to the Shipyard on This allows you to pan around several of the ships in Space Wars in real time and see what they look like as if you were in the game. There is a web based Ship Viewer and a High Resolution Ship Viewer that can be downloaded.

    Help spread the word about this exciting space turn-based tactical strategy game. Not only will it help make a better game, but will ensure you get your backer reward. Follow the Space Wars's Twitter feed and like the Facebook page. Find out more at and its Forums.


    Happy Space Exploration!

    The Pox Nora Team

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