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Discussion in 'Rune Ideas and Suggestions' started by Erlade, Aug 1, 2016.

  1. Erlade

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    Let's be honest, the current Avatars don't really fit the theme of battlegroups focused on split-faction races like the Disciples of the River or the Stitched. So, I propose a set of new Avatars of the various split-faction races.

    Any ideas or suggestions are welcome.

    Leoss: Perhaps one of the first heroes who defended the Leoss from the Kanen.
    Kanen: The strongest of the Alphas, who fought off the Slip longer than any other, or a mighty Crone who can conjure up lightning powerful enough to vaporize her targets.
    Disciples of the River:
    Valdaci: The first of the Valdaci to become part-construct, made effectively immortal by the upgrades.
  2. DrakeArron

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    The problem is that your avatar also dictates what font bonus you have.... and I seriously doubt they'd be willing to make new font bonuses for every split faction.

    Also, plenty of avatars aren't thematic with some FF battlegroups either. Like, why have a cyclops shrine in a voil battlegroup? The voil wouldn't ever let themselves be led by a cyclops.
  3. Erlade

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    Right, I didn't think this through at all.
    How do I delete threads?
  4. Woffleet

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    No this is a goo idea. Just hange the system to one of faction points.
  5. potatonuts

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    I think it would be cool, you could work out some way to select which font bonus to use or just give them set bonuses. The Arroyo guy would have to have DMZ for example.
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  6. DrakeArron

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    This. I mean, it's possible, but you'll need to put a LOT more work into the idea. Also, don't expect it to be implemented anytime soon-= first they have to release and stabalize the ps4 version, then I'm pretty sure Sok wants to prioritize drafting.
  7. Erlade

    Erlade The King of Potatoes

    Okay, yeah, let's see. The font/shrine bonuses would definitely be of one of the Avatar's factions, and would probably be fixed. The only real difference would be in abilities.

    Example: the Stitched Avatar would probably have a Reconstruct ability or two and Deconstruct, and the Disciple of the River would have Nokan Do.
  8. gamengamenut

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    Tortun guy should have a ability {Tortun merchant}, Friendly tortun's within 3 spaces get +2 ap at the cost of nora.

    font bonus could be the oldST one where they get +1 ap at the start of their turn (only if tort?)

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