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    Tribute rank x: When this champion is deployed the nearest x friendly champions is sacrificed.
    Faction ST/FW: Race: spirit, Archetype: Giant

    Flavor text: The Northern Mountains of the ST are revered by the Jakei. If only they knew the evil that lurks there.

    Nora cost: 20
    size: 2 x 2

    DMG: 0
    RNG: 1-3
    SPD: 6
    DEF: 0
    HP: 100

    Attack Physical 0
    Strength of body 10 Nora
    Ponderous -10 Nora

    Ethereal being 15 Nora
    Ethereal -5 Nora

    Tribute 1 -20 Nora
    Tribute 2 -40 Nora
    Tribute 3 -60 Nora
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    Knew* means past tense knowledge
    "If only the jakei knew"
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    Woffleet I need me some PIE!

    yeah thnxs! :)

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