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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Nite2kill, Jul 29, 2018.

  1. Nite2kill

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    For the developers, DOG, SONY and anyone directly involved involved, comments from fan base welcomed but have no bearing one way or another.
    There have been a few posts the the Greens have suggested that pox will not proceed further than it is now

    So is this as good as it gets or do we have something to look forward to playing PoxNora as in days of old?
  2. JazzMan1221

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    The best we can hope for is Bondman's project getting off the ground somehow. DOG basically doesn't exist anymore, and SOE couldn't care less about this game. If something does happen with Pox, it'll be entirely player-driven.
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  3. darklord48

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    While Sokolov is a green, he is not a DOG employee. He is an independent contractor hired by DOG to work on the game. It seems like he has no more information than we do at this point. We've heard nothing from @Senshu, @Gedden, @Wraith, @Cortices, @Liquin_3rd, @LooseGoose, or @TheBeeKing. Most of their names don't even popup as suggestions anymore when tagging someone.
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  4. Bondman007

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    And I'm at the mercy of DOG so who knows. Here are facts that we do know though if this helps:
    1) DOG has been disbanded, read this thread
    2) Gedden is no longer associated with DOG or the Space Wars project (same thread as 1)
    3) The ONLY response from DOG came in the form of a co-owner PR/Marketing lady in this thread, and so far she has NOT responded to my further e-mails about purchasing Pox.

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