Summon Azathoth

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  1. Vorian

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    [​IMG] Spell
    Faction: UD
    Cost: 100

    Summon Azathoth for 1 Turn with 10 AP
    "Len was right we must prepare"
    The Throne of the Circle

    Race: Abomination
    HP: Infinite
    Defence: Infinite
    Speed: 6
    Range: 1-5
    Damage: 0

    Attack Doom
    Depths of Madness 10 ap - All opposing champions gain wondering for 2 turns, and incoherent babbling permanently if they do not have iron will
    True Illusion 5ap - All Peaks champions gain abash for 3 turns
    Doom Touch - Any champion this abomination attacks gains short lived 1
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  2. Markoth

    Markoth Lord Inquisitor

    How does it attack without a basic attack and how does it use its moves without AP?
  3. Vorian

    Vorian I need me some PIE!

    Thanks for that. I also moved it to UD as azathoth is meant to be the king of devils.
  4. sirvile

    sirvile Member


    begins the game asleep.

    if a friendly or enemy bard is not within 2 spaces. Azathoth wakes up, when azathoth awakens, the universe it created in its dreams is destroyed. That universe is ours.

    Old ones, not even once.
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  5. Xiven

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    Tastes universe. Smacks mathematically-irrelevant number of lips.
    "Needs more Servitors."
    Also, obligatory, "time-worn secrets of lurid revelation aren't sexy, but on Aklo they are."
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