Sundered Lands Patch Notes: February 9th, 2017

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  1. Senshu

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    Sundered Lands

    Draksar Gunner
    • Default Cost to 69
    • Defense decrease (-1)
    • Min Range increase (+1)
    • Starting Abilities: Attack: Gun, Precision
    • Upgrade Set 1: Detection 3, Regeneration 1, Punish (default)
    • Upgrade Set 1: Piercing Shot 1, Piercing Shot 2 (default), Piercing Shot 3
    Draksar Explorer
    • Default Cost to 64
    • Upgrade Set 1: Regeneration 2, Sand Veil, Desert Front (default)
    Sand Scorpion
    • Default Cost to 64
    • Upgrade Set 1: Stun (default), Poison Sting
    • Upgrade Set 1: Sandstriker, Domain: Sand (default)
    Draksar Doomsayer
    • Default Cost to 70
    • HP increase (+9)
    • Starting Abilities: Attack: Magical, Doom, Faithless
    • Upgrade Set 1: Stun, Fear 3, Conqueror (default)
    Draksar Augmenter
    • Default Cost to 70
    • Upgrade Set 1: Channel: Damage (default), Cull, Empowered: Offense
    Draksar Marine
    • Default Cost to 68
    • Upgrade Set 1: Charge 3, Sapping Strike (default), Dive 3
    • Upgrade Set 1: Sweep (default), Entangling Attack, Pin Down
    Draksar Legionnaire
    • Default Cost to 74
    • HP decrease (-1)
    • Defense decrease (-1)
    • Starting Abilities: Regeneration, Attack: Gun
    • Upgrade Set 1: Battlemaster 3 (default), Block 1, Hold the Line
    • Upgrade Set 1: Defender, Enduring Aura 3 (default), Shroud
    • Default Cost to 83
    • Starting Abilities: Portal, Attack: Gun, Relic Guardian, Broodcaller
    Demonic Sandclaw
    • Default Cost to 67
    • Upgrade Set 1: Domain: Sand (default), Counter Attack: Melee, Creep and Crawl
    Draksar Flashblade
    • Upgrade Set 1: Punish (default), Shred Defense, Sundered Exploit
    • Nora Cost increase (+5)
    • Cooldown increase (+1)
    Draconic Pulsar
    • Nora Cost increase (+5)
    • Cooldown increase (+1)
    Skeezick Blade
    • Nora Cost decrease (-5)
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    Game Server is back up!
  3. Kampel

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    So you swapped "sapping strike" from gunner to marine so marine has a cooler build and a place in AP draksars, and at the same time gunner now has attack gun so "Thunder" can be equipped in it, keeping its place in AP draksar. good call.
    Thank you for SK Blade cost decrease.

    With Legionnaire change the champ seems better for phalanx tactics but SL lost nexus aura which was prty unique on this champ, hope the other half of the patch shows Nexus aura moved to another SL champ
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    My job here is done. HA HAH TIME FOR DAKKA!
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    Glad you liked those :D
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