Surge and amp shouldn't exist.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Yourmom, Jul 23, 2015.

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    Yeah, really. It's so easy to be fooled by Surge imo. Because it's such a straightforward mechanic I feel that new players automatically pick it over anything and everything. The truth is you hardly get any benefit from it at all unless you're running a theme based around cheap meat. If you're not, you're better off picking another upgrade in most situations.

    Surge 2 is a different story.
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    surge 2 is a bit tuff.
    but when u play a surge theme, u are also bound to that race, so when building a deck, u may come across a champ thats strong, the mana is right, but if he doesnt have the surge ability , he may not make the cut , and instead u might have to put a champ in who's not as powerful, , mana not so great,, but he has surge, so u get the extra 1 dam,,,worth it?,, doesnt matter cuz he has to go in .,, it can be strong its true, but rune selection can be limited, prolly producing a very predictable bg at the least.
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    bog hopper spitter hitting for 19 damage, with the poison 3. omg.

    really any thing hitting for nearly 20 and causing life losing effects is omg.
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    Surge 2 is ridiculous.
    A Tidemaster reaching 25 surge dmg by turn 6 is not realistic at all. An ideal surge for a tidemaster will be for the player to draw 2 Spawnpool Guardians, a Darkmarsh Warsong, and Tidemaster. With banner out plus the runes I mentioned Tidemaster will reach 17 damage by turn 6. Not sure you would have enough nora to do all that by turn 6. Tidemaster has a base of 9 damage. I want some of what your smoking.

    As for the premise of this topic I disagree with the OP. Surge1 and amp are necessary in a strategy game that contains incredible defensive measures such as armor stacking(Scalemail+tough+SLbonus), tales of Valor + defender + regal presence, dread stacking still exists,and thirst for battle. Surge2 gets ridiculous at mid game when champions can reach upwards of 30-40 damage. Examples of this are: Frenzied Pirahnid + FeedingFrenzy, Skywing Rumbler, skeletal lerper, Ghern, and Skeezick netter(surge2 on range OP). What you consider lazy is what evens the playing field against ridiculous things like bodyguarded thirst for battle champs, protectorate heal spam bullshit(IS paladins), and buff stacking themes. I forgot about Adaptive bg's coupled with Hunter:Equipped(ridiculous).

    P.S. Choking aura range is too much and I think it should be lowered to 3 or 4.
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  5. Xirone

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    I apologize for not reading this whole thread but did want to chime in to say that there is a place for Surge: X in Pox but I think Rank 2, in any theme, can be problematic. I'd like to see Rank 2 go away.

    As for Amplify effects, I think they are fine in most circumstances. Easy amplification effects, like ones that automatically increase the damage by 25% or 50% with only one rune are the only outliers, usually. The abilities/runes that increase DMG by 10% are fine.
  6. mw24

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    boghoppers aren't even good. darkmarsh warsong might be broken though, for some reason the devs removed congregate from spells that summon multiple champs but didn't nerf the spells in anyway so now they deploy 3 units for the cost of 1 and a half.

    Can you guys please stop complaining about bgs that suck. X____x
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    Only if you stop complaining period.
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    Almost everything I complain about should be changed and are either too weak or way too strong. Complaining that tidemaster and spiders are too strong isn't going to help the game in a positive way.

    poison choking aura/howling wind aoe vulnerable is broken, sapper+juggler stacking death nova/fire volatile bg are broken, keg toss 100 status debuffs for 6 turns is broken, IS 26 nora a turn nora gen is broken, backlash against spells is broken, menace abilities are broken, bastion is broken combo devastate with access to 7 speed, flying, unstoppable, righteous deflection, might of ironfist, tough 3/2def, ap gen, and the best healing in the game is broken, skeezick alliance, skeezick synergy on ranged units, and skeezick revolt are broken, imp stealth/ap gen is broken, baby furbull at 31 nora allowing double deploys is broken, summon ant spot swarm is broken, groble rock eater physical immune with access to calcify, heals, and RD is broken, terraformer portable aoe spell for 60 nora is broken, stitched reconstruct unlimited champion reconstructs on 3 turn cd is broken, and 1st turn double deploy are all broken allowing auto wins is broken, swarm allowing you to spam spells to constantly gain full hp champs that also swarm is broken.

    Most of this stuff hasn't even been touched as I have been complaining about them constantly. Most of this stuff is absolutely ridiculous.
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    Maybe if you only have a basic understanding of the competitive game.
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    Not going to argue with you dude. I know...
  12. mw24

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    surge 2 might be a problem in some bg but surge 1 is fine generally speaking. darkmarsh warsong may or may not be broken though. tidemaster is fine, he isn't even that good of a unit.

    As long as amp is costed properly I think it is fine. aoe vulnerability is bs though, I think vulnerable should be changed to 25%
  13. Anima26

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    I am of the opinion that Surge rank 2 is a bit ott, especially mid to late game like someone mentioned, its kind of obvious when u see pirahnids and rumblers pushing 30 attack just from having half your deck deployed or using summon spam. I like Surge: x and Amplify: x though and would like to see them remain. There is nothing wrong with Tide Master, hes got a hefty nora tag for a dude thats really squishy, like u say he isnt even that great and if he didnt have the 6 range i dont think people would even run him tbh. He does work quite well with Drown though. Taking Leap 3 makes him more mobile but at 87 thanks. Warsong has been that way for a while, i used to run it in my Surge deck with Outlaws and Tide masters, but i dropped it as theyre classed as summons and can be severed or turned into pesky dark messengers.

    Tide Master would probably be insane though if he had Surge rank 2 instead of Surge rank 1. 6 ranged Surge rank 2 sounds balanced, Skeezick Netter im look at you.

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