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Discussion in 'Shattered Peaks' started by PurpleTop, Jul 9, 2014.

  1. PurpleTop

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    Surge: Bat is an ability on the first upgrade path for the SP Titan, Voil Progenitor. I just wanted to bring this to light..... correct me if I am wrong, but this ability seems to have absolutly no use.

    Desctiption: This champion gains +1 DMG for every friendly Bat

    Not only is there no champ with the race "Bat" in the entire game; the ability also has the same cost as Surge: Voil, which is on the same upgrade path.

    If the "Bat(s)" that the description is referring to describes only bats summoned by his Summon: Bat ability, then the nora cost for Surge: Bat should be significantly less than the cost of Surge: Voil, since the latter will give damage based on the number of voil champs as well as the summoned bats (summoned bats have race: Voil). But both of the abilities have the same cost associated, and this just doesn't make sense to me..... especially because they are on the same upgrade path. \

    Maybe if the Surge: Bat (assuming it is working only on summoned bats) could be used cumulatively with Surge: Voil, it would be a good upgrade choice for the second path (still probably with a reduced cost, though), but having them on the same path for the same cost is just silly.

    I think it would just be best if Surge: Bat were completely removed, as it has no profitable use as is, and that slot should be filled with something else that could give him more versatility. My suggestion would be to replace it with Overseer: Moga 2. He has Devour Moga and Surge Moga so having overseer would make him a better fit for the theme.

    Better yet, drop Surge: Bat (again), and put Surge: enemy on that upgrade path. Then put Overseer on the second upgrade path in its place so that he could have some real synergy in either moga or voil theme, and still have uses outside those themes in a more general sense. Essentially, it would allow you to pick between Surge: moga/overseer, Surge: Voil/protect or Surge: Enemy/whatever fits. It would up his useability and get rid of a sandbag upgrade path.

    Whatever direction is taken, Surge: Bat most definitely needs to go.

  2. theKraken

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    Titans (and dragons) need a flavor and function pass probably post cost fix patch
  3. allyorbase

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    I think summoned bats are what trigger Surge: Bat. ?

    At any rate: you're right. Surge: Bat should be, like, 1 nora -- not 5, compared to Surge: Voil's 5.

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