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    First of all warning- explicit- it is how I express myself, but I'm sure most of you don't give two hot ****s about it.

    Hell, most of you care more about the color of my text than the text itself.

    But judge me not by the color of my text. But by my content, and be amazed- at how inappropriate I am.

    The Playlist Of ALL TeaScholar Games (Updated everytime new content is uploaded)

    The First video, TeaScholar vs Zeya231 (FF FW vs FF SL)

    (And now a commercial break from our sponsors...)

    3 Games Vs. H0Spy:
    Games Vs. The Master Kiwi. One, Kiwi. One.
    TeaSchoolar Vs. Turbanman (FW Vs. ST)

    TeaScholar Vs. TrevDaGamer (FW vs KF)

    TeaScholar Vs. NoraThat (FW vs IS)

    TeaScholar Vs. @chickenpox2 (stitched vs. UD)

    TeaScholar Vs. @Covah ( He quits like a *****)[don'tevenwatchthis]

    TeaScholar Vs. @Karmavore (Stitched Vs. the Dugon race)

    TeaScholar Vs. Hermaios (FW vs. IS/FS ) [1 hour + ranked game]

    TeaScholar Vs. McGeeee (FW vs. IS/SP)
    TeaScholar Vs. Markus (Good ol' Classic FW vs. SL)[in my dojo]

    TeaScholar Vs. Bjergenson (FW vs KF on SL crappy map)

    TeaScholar Vs. Heroics (FW vs IS on SL crappy map!!)

    And a SECOND commercial break from my sponsers
    Shouts out to @Anotherblackman on that vaporizer tip. You know I influenced you on that one ***** Ive been vaping forever
    TeaScholar Vs. Taylor (FW vs FS)
    TeaScholar Vs. Wraith (FW/SP vs SL)
    TeaScholar Vs. @Ujelly (FW Execution Order + Choppin blawk VS KF)
    TeaScholar Vs. resolved
    TeaScholar Vs. Chickenpox (2)

    TeaScholar Vs. WTFn00b
    TeaScholar Vs. Akreliu
    TeaScholar Vs. Bzodiac

    TeaScholar Vs. Potatonuts (Tea Fails w/ UD vs his own faction)

    TeaScholar Vs. WarFoot (Foot lags out and it's an FQ)

    TeaScholar Vs. Devilsrath (Tea gets owned and proves UT isn't OP)

    TeaScholar Vs. Dinao (FW Vs. SL and he will "die nao")

    and then there were many more videos made. to see them refer to the ultimate green link at the top of this post
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    I thought trying to read your purple text was an ordeal. You speaking trumps that idiocy though.
  3. TeaScholar

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    Yeah well how about you go play in traffic, mr bull man with your bull Bane Shift.
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  4. Leadrz

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    (pretty sure plaugebearers drop real units just fyi)

    edit you noticed it
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  5. Tricky1

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    That was enjoyable to watch on the commentating aspect, I feel you found a good balance of preaching and entertaining.
  6. 19madfox95

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    More pls
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    Thank you. I appreciate that.

    MEATMAN Forum Royalty

    can't tell if black

    or just a wigger
  9. TeaScholar

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    Are you on crack?
  10. OriginalG1

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    nice scholar. nice.
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  11. TeaScholar

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    Arigato Gozaimasu
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  12. OriginalG1

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    In this video Teascholar talks a great deal about needing a dead fairy at various times of this match. That is a really good point when you use FW. You want to include as many initiative champs in your bgs that support your theme as possible. I always find my self needing to bring the heat, or threat sooner then later and initiative really helps. I use 3x lichings with soul collection in my spirit bg. He is awesome, and multi use.
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    I Laughed loud and nice, lol
    Thanks a lot @TeaScholar :)
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  14. OriginalG1

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    @IMAGIRL this video confirms the tutorial problem we where talking about.

    IMAGIRL Forum Royalty

    I saw it.
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  16. OriginalG1

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    Creating multiple threats often wins the game by dividing the focus, this is an excellent video that showcases creating multiple threats, and one of the threats ended up being ignored, costing the player the game. (The base assualt threat was ignored.)
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  17. TeaScholar

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    Ugh. :eek:

    You guys make me want to cry tears of joy lol

    IMAGIRL Forum Royalty

    Surprisingly enough, I actually sat for the whole 35 minutes. Was a pretty good vid.
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  19. OriginalG1

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    i re-watched the part where tea adjusted the sound and it was unchecked, but how...

    IMAGIRL Forum Royalty

    On the main site after you log in. There is a Game Preferences section. I assume. (Because it happens to me) that when you edit anything it Dsyncs.

    I turn, my Effects on/off depending what I am doing in the background. When I do this it resets the Display Resolution, and Aspect Ratio. As I have the game preferences set to Auto. I have since changed that, and fully done the tutorial. (Why not, 15-20 free runes, 7k gold.) I no longer have issues with it appearing.

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