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Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by super71, Jan 29, 2019.

  1. super71

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    Never thought I would see the day when this clown was the voice of reason, sad day.

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    Reality is that Cruz is not the voice of reason, but of hypocrisy. He's a man who will vote against disaster relief for someone else's state, but ask for help for his own. He's a man who will vote with his party against Obama's "agenda" and claim he is defending America, while telling people who vote against Trump that they are doing it just because they hate Trump.

    This is how the right operates though - instead of engaging with your arguments and reasons, they just claim that you are an SJW, you are being too PC, you just hate Trump, or you hate America... etc. None of which actually matters to the facts.

    It's funny. When someone even implies to a conservative that their POV might be based on racism, selfishness, or whatever, they balk and get outraged.

    But they have no problem telling other people that they should suck it up and saying, "you just hate Donald Trump."

    No, we don't just hate Donald Trump. Stop pretending that we'd support his ill conceived policies if he just wore a D instead of an R, or if he was someone else. We don't support his policies because we think they are stupid.
  3. super71

    super71 I need me some PIE!

    I think it's how both sides operate though, or are you going back on what you said in another thread about both sides being hypocritical ?

    Very rarely do I see people from the right saying sjws, I do see too pc often though because the left is known for being politically correct to the extreme, hence everyone is a racist, bigot, or sexist, which I don't see what their is to dispute as far as the left being politically correct, it's in the news a million times a day.

    The facts are that Democrats were for a wall in 2006, and now they are against it because the Republicans want it. That seems pretty straight forward to me, granted I don't really like Ted Cruz but it is what it is. He's also right about the media adding words to make it sound worse than it is, every major country has border walls, why would the United States not have one going the full length of our borders from a country that is infested with drugs, cartels, and murder ?

    You can google or ask basically anyone that is in a border state, that lives within miles of a border if their are problems with illegals. Their have been farmers, border patrol agents, families that have also said crime is going up, guns and drugs are coming across the border, and illegals are causing problems in their communities, god forbid Democrats want to listen to real people's opinions versus politicians. People have asked Nancy Pelosi personally to come down and visit these towns, farms, communities that are affected and she never says a word. Their is multiple videos of illegals crossing in broad freaking daylight, Democrats just keep saying nothing to see here folks, Trump is racist. It's silly, and comical at this point.

    The truth is, Democrats are losing their voter base, so they plan on staying alive by letting in as many illegals as possible for the votes.

    Not going to post a million videos of all this, because you either don't watch them or you see what you want, or you have an alternate agenda for what you think the United States should be.

    I did post in another thread how crime rates on the borders are much higher than States not on the borders, I don't believe that is a coincidence.

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