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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by RPGForever, Feb 11, 2020.

  1. RPGForever

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    How can I beat a campaign in Legendary difficulty when my enemies multiply exponentially while I can summon one unit every turn? Right now I see 25 enemies on the screen and two units for me. After some desperate efforts I could positionate one unit next to the enemy shrine, but it is impervious!! So I assume I need to clear the map of enemies before attempting to destroy their shrine. It is not legendary, it is impossible. Were these campaigns expressly created to never be fulfilled or there is a secret to win? I was thinking in purchasing campaigns to get the rewards of the limited runes but if the situation is this 25 enemies against you as you only can summon one per turn I think I will pass, I just do not have the nerves to try the same encounter 100 times until a strike of luck helps me.
    So if there is a secret to beat campaigns set on this level of difficulty, tell me, I am eager to know.
  2. Extinctshun

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    Honestly with a good bg just kill one group of enemies at a time and try not use many spells.

    Some legendaries are harder than others so sometimes you have to make a bg to capitalize on weaknesses the opposing units have.
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    I'm amazed every time I discover that there are people who play pox as a single player game
  5. chickenpox2

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    Didn't they make all the campaign the same difficulty or is it just dailies?
  6. RPGForever

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    Some of the ones I try have three difficulty levels and the big rewards are in the LEGENDARY level.
  7. RPGForever

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    Playing the campaigns have several benefits:
    1) You learn to play the game.
    2) You familiarize with your deck and how to use it in the best way.
    3) You get rewards and everyone loves them.
  8. Zidiana

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    I would advise the use of mucker (FS champ with split and full heal) The computer isn't smart enough to focus so you end up getting 1 duplicate every turn which you can use to block while the rest of your BG does damage. I was stuck on the third beast encounter for ages, tried all sorts of regular BGs then I came back after a long time and decided to build a purpose built BG. The other thing that is good in such missions is surge enemy
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  9. Karmavore


    FW also kinda shits on the campaigns by virtue of being busted good against people who don't have a brain ;).
  10. RPGForever

    RPGForever Member

    Thanks for the advice but I only play with KF so if you have some advice with them I am all ears. Thank you.
  11. Karmavore


    You literally wont be able to do certain campaigns being only protectorate...
  12. pezvolador

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    Build a BG specially designed to complete that campaign:
    And swarmers, summoners etc can help you a lot too. AI in Pox Nora is quite bad, tray to exploit that, e.g.: they won't attack summons sometimes, not sure why.
  13. Xiven

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    Just waiting on something becoming broken so I can finally finish that new Boon's Eve campaign I bought in 2015...! :)
  14. super71

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    Super champs work on just about every campaign, k’thir has a spell that roots a champion in place and super buffs the unit, if you last a few turns you can make the unit invincible.

    The legendary spell called something thorns gives nora back and has a large aoe. Also I’d try looking at running a tree bg or fairy, trees are fairly tanky and have decent range and can tank many hits, fairies have good crowd control with force barriers, blind, swap, etc.

    Also pretty much anything st, and dwarves in ironfist will work. I haven’t played in a while, but nothing has really changed. Good luck man
  15. RPGForever

    RPGForever Member

    Well I do not know how to understand your words. I am totally aware certain campaigns cannot be played unless your deck is not Protectorate but if your intention is telling me I will not be able to beat certain campaigns since any KF deck is weak then you are telling me the game is unbalanced and being KF does not pay.
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  16. RPGForever

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    That is a "glitch?" I have exploited a lot but I am discovering the KF runes little by little and I am now getting acquainted with some runes that give you two units when deployed and so on.
  17. RPGForever

    RPGForever Member

    Thank you for taking the time to write some advice.
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