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Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Pipster, Aug 4, 2014.

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  4. PurpleTop

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    btw googling "Double D" is nsfw
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    Now for some Weird Al

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    Lately I've been listening to Memphis May Fire's "No Ordinary Love" album, Of Mice & Men's "The Flood", and The 1975 (because they're catchy as hell).
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    Saw the Glitch Mob at Electric Forest this summer. It was my second time seeing them.

    The above song is my favorite by them. It's not on their newest album tho which was released this summer which was amazing

    If it doesn't make you jam, then you need a rythm-bone transplant
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    Oh btw, my music is in Spotify if you guys want to listen for free. Search up Empire Pursuit.

    *EDIT: the style of rock is very similar to Anberlin, Emery, etc. - bands in that specific sub-genre of rock.
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  12. Tarabostes

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    More indie rock

    Modest Mouse has the best album names.

    And some Ska (the only Ska band I like actually)
  13. PurpleTop

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    Saw modest mouse in SLC for a free concert series. 40,000 people showed up. The entire downtown was full
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    Is it just me or would this music go really well with a kind of trance attitude?
  15. Boozha

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    I actually understand the Lyrics of Selig. Cause I'm so bloody badass
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    Some foreign things that you might not heard yet:

    Japanese + Guitars

    Russian ~80s pop XD

    Germans pretending to be english
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    Apparently you can only embed five videos per post? So you get a double post. :/

    Germans pretending to be english II

    Germans not pretending to be english


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    First off, hey there, hope all of you guys are doing well. PurpleTop, I don't know if you remember me, but it's Noobieman. I can't believe you're still around man, haha. Desert Owl Games sucks and I couldn't confirm my account in the migration, so I settled with making a new one while I wait for them to fill out my support ticket :c .

    Anyways, down to the music. I've come to listen to a little bit of everything, and I would like to contribute as much as possible to this thread.

    For starters, I'll link a group that's a hearty blend of near folk and rock- The Lone Bellow.

    I love their sound, and you can tell that every member is passionate about the songs they write. When I get done listening to a few songs, it picks me right up and I feel like I could hug every leader of the Axis powers.

    Moving on to something more bluesy and rock-focused, enter Chickenfoot. This is a super-group composed of Joe Satriani (A superb guitarist; look up "Crowd Chant" if you want to get a taste of the mighty Satch), M. Anthony and Sammy Hagar (both from the well known Van Halen), and Chad Smith, the drummer for The Red Hot Chili Peppers.

    There's a few other supergroups that I keep up with, like Them Crooked Vultures or Bad Country Communion (Who'd be the other band I'd recommend looking into), but Chickenfoot just catches me up with their tight bound riffs, killer backing vocals and groovy steps, like "Big Foot" and "Up Next". My favorite song from them, though, is a culmination of all their musical influences, and is called "Future in the Past". Everything about it speaks to me, and from the moment at 3:20 when the song rips off in to a 3 minute "solo" of sorts with Sammy wailing away soulful words, I lose myself and get crazy.

    Here's the last "soft" track I'll recommend before I delve in to a few of the many metal bands I listen to- spoiler, Symphonic Metal is my favorite Genre- and it's from a small-time composer known as Peter Crowley. Again, I'm trying to give different suggestions for every track so that perhaps everyone can benefit from this short, 5-song list here, so I believe this is the perfect angle to hit y'all from when I'm looking to share composed, orchestral music.

    Now, nearly every song from Peter Crowley is an adventure in and of itself, but there's one that really picks me up on to my feet and makes me dance around like a lunatic- Medieval Anthem. This one has a very strong Celtic vibe to it, and has a very bright tone that I can't get enough of. Also, bag pipes.

    Oh wait, did I say bag pipes? Then I just have to include one of my favorite metal bands, who happen to use a bag-pipe in their Celtic Metal music. Triddana. There's also another band composed of half the members of Triddana, and their name is Skiltron. If you like this song, then I would encourage you every bit to look up both of their catalogs.

    And finally, to wrap up I believe I have to throw in a band that embodies metal to its fullest, and that's Turisas. Hailing form Finland, these guys are classified as Folk Metal, but have actively rejected the label, claiming instead that they are merely pioneers for the new genre of "Battle Metal". With a line-up consisting of members who play the violin and even the accordion, the 5 men of Turisas go to battle every night as they take to the stage, singing tales of heroics and brotherhood amidst fans who have painted their faces to match the band's war paint.

    I can not praise Turisas enough- I love their sound, the fact that they're one of the only folk metal bands who don't scream, etc. And I hope you guys like them too. Here's the first song I ever listened to when I discovered them.

    If you guys want me to suggest anything from specific genres, I have loads more and several notepad documents dedicated to music c: . I didn't hit up Electronica, EDM, etc. this time, so I can do that too.
  20. darklord48

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    Finally another that appreciates Joe's guitar play. He is my favorite part of chickenfoot. Great all around, but his guitar seals out for me.

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