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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Saka, Mar 9, 2014.

  1. Saka

    Saka The King of Potatoes

    Old Slick and Buzz price: 8~12k gold

    New slick and buzz price: 500 shards.

    Old tide master/drown/kartch price: 2.8k~4k gold

    New tide master/drown/kartch price: 250 shards

    can someone tell me why this new system is supposed to be more accessible to new players, cheaper, and more awesome?

    Diablo 3 fanboys stay out! :D
  2. stfn

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    KTCAOP I need me some PIE!

    For the most part, if you are talking about new players, they will be making use of the pack and the runes that they buy when they get the packs. Furthermore, with the public decks, they will be able to have some good decks of power that they will be able to use and play with. When they get to the point where they want to create their own decks, I would hesitate to call them a new player. For the exotics they can grind to save, or get lucky trying to get packs. If the market gets flooded with exotics, which one can or cannot hope for, then I would be happy to expand the rune pool to allow players easier access to the exotics, though I would be more than happy as well to host tournaments to allow new players access to runes as well.

    As it is however, just poking and pointing isn't really going to help bring a light to your point and it is the first day of changes. Things may be present to change, but how you present your argument may be an important factor for how it is received. At this point, I can't give too much comment on the rune forger, because for me, it is far too early to tell what it will be like for the new player, because it is, after all, the first day.
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  4. LoganMkv

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    Making such threads before pb is opened is absolutely pointless.
  5. stfn

    stfn Member

    The rune forger allows players to sacrifice old and unused runes for new ones. This was the transition to a true free to play game.
  6. Saka

    Saka The King of Potatoes

    Good post. Excessive trading / the hassle of trading was one big deterrent for new players before relaunch, and I think if they make a system such that using the forge is crippling compared to using the trade market and therefore a player is 'forced' to trade, it does not solve the issue in which some players prefer to be self sufficient in what they want, as well as being turned off if trading was the only way to get around a game design flaw. I think the prices must be downed drastically for a lot of the cards in terms of shards, and if they remain unchanged, the future strategies would be to trade in the market or third party sites once the market is flooded. In any case forced "trade or face serious price consequences" is not healthy and did not solve one factor that contributed to the pre-launch game's death.
  7. ecoclone

    ecoclone New Member

    Not quite sure but I do know that having access to all the runes is really nice. Some might say its to farmy/grindy but its a viedo game not physical labor. At least you can now get a vast majority of the runes through playing where as before there were many not avalible without trade or an outside source. Im just glad this game did not shut down cuase I have been playing it for sometime ( old octopi days ) so Who Whooo ray for Desert Owl Games.
  8. Saka

    Saka The King of Potatoes

    It's not pointless, because 8~12k gold compared to 500 shards, and ONE OF their aims was to have a self-contained experience without excessive trading or 3rd party trade site usage. If forging is so crippling then it's along the same path is the old pseu-do free to play model where pox failed, so I think it's worth pointing out early that the system they have in place is way off of what they want to achieve.

    KTCAOP I need me some PIE!

    At the same time, Saka, trading I believe is an essential part of this game. I am sorry that you have had such a bad experience with traders and it is very easy to only find the bad in them. For myself, I have put in hundreds if not thousands of dollars towards running a Rune Pool, which was not active for the better part of a year due to both my own personal life, as well as technical problems. However, such a system is not stable, which requires me to continue to buy boxes to pour into the pool to try to keep it alive and viable so that other players can use it.

    As it stands, because I do not make profit on the trades, it comes at a very significant cost to me, but I do have some cash to try to help maintain it.

    Let's consider another player, perhaps a player like you that may have grinded the single player campaign and worked really hard to get a rune. You think it is a good and strong exotic, but I tell you I would give you maybe rare or two, maybe one exotic for it. Would you be happy for that trade? I would imagine because you invested so much time to get a rune, you would want to get the most out of it as you could. It took time and hard work to get where you did, if you are going to give it up, it may be hard to ask for something of "even" value, because then you feel like you lose.

    However, there are good players out here, some guilds have their own rune pools where you are able to freely swap in and out, but again, they depend on donations to keep alive. The stores, they are almost forced to make a profit to stay open, not only is there operational costs that come with maintaining a website etc., however, as I said before, simply asking for a fair or even trade often times means you come out at a loss, it in't really sustainable.

    I want to apologize again that you have found it difficult as a new player. For me, as another player, I would like to do what I can to try to help new players get into the system and I personally, also being a veteran of video games as well as this game am very happy and excited to see the changes that have come in. Does that mean that I agree with every single thing? Not necessarily, but I do feel like they are moving in the right direction and things still can change. Even if they don't, I am encouraged that they are looking to try to help improve what they have.

    Again, I should state, however, that the rune forge is only one aspect of the new player experience, and one that I feel is fairly advanced. Until I am able to really play more games, explore the public decks, measure gold income value, etc., I don't feel as though any global statement about new player accessibility can be stated, given that this is the first day, there is far, far too much that has not been explored for them.
  10. Boss

    Boss Member

    my concern now is the new players... forging for them as of now is a nightmare since they still collecting for new rune... they are starting from scratch...
  11. stfn

    stfn Member

    Trading is still necessary considering Limited and Legendary runes can't be forged. The rune forger allows us to exchange thousands of hoarded commons/uncommons into Exotics. Most Exotics will still have trade value considering sacrificing costs 5 to forge 1.
  12. Boss

    Boss Member

    the problem is they have no rune yet since they are still new... they have to farm gold gold gold...
  13. LoganMkv

    LoganMkv I need me some PIE!

    You are "analyzing" a single side of a complex change completely ignoring others. No one was buying tidemasters with gold, cause it was cheaper with pb. Someone who had 5 tidemasters worth 3k pb each now can craft a relatively new exo which was worth 140k. Someone who had 1k shitty commons worth 2 pb can now craft 2 good exos. And so on.
  14. KTCAOP

    KTCAOP I need me some PIE!

    Not quite, there are still the free battle groups out there. They seem to be relatively well received, but I can't really get a good grasp of them due to the current issues we are having. With that said, it may be possible that a new player might be able to get a good amount of experience just with these battle groups by themselves as they save up gold to try to get their own runes.
  15. Saka

    Saka The King of Potatoes

    The way right now though, is that it forces or limits a new player's choices. Having a better forge system still facilitates trading, just less crippling and won't be a deterrent like it is now.

    The whole point is to have a self-contained experience viable, put it another way, a player should enjoy the game without trading, without forced multiplayer interactions, however necessary trading may be. From the beginning they could have satisfied both playstyles....
  16. ZexuZai

    ZexuZai Well-Known Member

    So far I have seen no numbers of how much gold gain you get from matches. Not to mention the tell of getting core set runes sometimes as well. It depends on how much you get from a match or campaign that will determine how much of a grind there is and we don't have solid numbers yet. Also, adding to the necessity of trading, you can't rune forge the newest expansion. You have to trade for these as well, or wait for a whole new expansion to replace it and have it added to the extended set. Trading is a very important part of the game. I say give it a week after they have smoothed things out and take in some numbers, some time with the new system then come back with that new knowledge and then lets see if anything has changed
  17. Saka

    Saka The King of Potatoes

    To get PB credits you must have gold, on PB tidemasters were 2.8k PB credits, which was 2.8k~4k gold. And you had to option to buy off the website for 4k gold if you, as a new player, did not want to hassle with PB, or the old KTCAOP system before PB existed.

    And that's the whole point, being accessible to new player without trading, the old system did that a bit better for quite a bit of runes
  18. only

    only Active Member

    well, see new training grounds. 1k gold is 1 fully leveled deck with various rarity runes.
  19. Valkyr

    Valkyr The King of Potatoes

    Except I don't see any of the legendary/last expansions runes in the rune forge :/ (either for sacrificing my extra runes or for trying to create ones)
  20. KTCAOP

    KTCAOP I need me some PIE!

    You are not able to craft or dissolve LE/Legendary/newest runes at this time.

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