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    Today's interview is with @Boozha an outspoken community member, and Forglar Swamp player.

    What is your name or nick name in real life?
    Jonathan. Does this make me happy? No.

    Johnathan sounds like a strong name. Is there any reason in particular you don't like it? What would you like to have been named?
    It's kind of clunky, but then again maybe I should be thankful that I've got a somewhat uncommon name. There are few names that I'd really describe as "beautiful", and I've heard somewhere, sometime that most people dislike their own names (remember kids, sourcing your claims in this rigorous manner is important for a scientist). "Finn", for example, is a name I'd describe as aesthetic. Or maybe Philip. Ramon? What do I know, any other name I'd have I'd probably dislike, too.

    What is the origin of your game/forum name(s):
    The Korpiklaani-Song "Happy Little Boozer", which people should totally check out. I'm neither happy nor little, but I do drink a bit. Why is the name misspelled? I guess back in the day I thought it was a moderately cool way to misspell it.

    Where are you from and where do you live currently?
    I'm from Hannover (Germany) and live close to Bielefeld (Germany). Terribly exiting, isn't it? My father was born in Uruguay, but he moved here before I had a chance to be born there, so no exiting stories from the land of legal weed from me.

    Germany's a beautiful country from what I've heard, and seen on the internet. Do you have a favorite place, perhaps one you just go-to to think?
    The place the picture of me I once posted was taken in probably qualifies – the Kaiserstuhl ("Emperor's seat") in the southwest, where the people are friendlier, the sun shines more, the villages and cities were less bombed to the ground by Britishmen envious of our good looks, where there are wineyards with the greatest grapes the earth ever brought forth (Muskateller, ooh, I want your children), and where there are wine feasts almost every day of autumn in one village or another. Also, the only Sequoias in Germany grow in the Liliental ("Lily valley"), a gorgeous park there.

    oops, wrong picture, that is Freiburg after some allied cosmetic corrections.

    They tried hard to rebuild it nicely (not so much in my town, Bielefeld, where there's a lot of spectacularily ugly post-warbuildings. But hey, it's still better than Berlin.).

    The German language has always intrigued me, and I'm sure others. From what I understand the language is similar to Legos™. So long as you can keep finding a way to describe something there's really no limit to the word size. Is this true? If so; what is the longest word in German you can use to describe Poxnora?
    Ultimately you can try and create very long words, but you might run into certain particles which don't play well with other words and force you to break up your wonderful Bandwurmwort ("Tape-worm word"). The longest you could possibly get away with to describe PoxNora ... Hm ... Mehrfraktionenelitefantasywirtschaftsstrategierollenrundenopaspiel? That would translate to something along the lines of "Multiple faction elite fantasy economy strategy role playing turn based grandfather game". I had to cheat a little because turn-based should become "rundenbasiert", and rundenbasiert can't really work in a compound noun because it just forces a break after itself. Also, multiple locations in the word would probably be separated by dashes in practice. And nobody would use such a monster. But that never stopped us from creating them for fun!

    What do you do for a living, and do you enjoy it?
    I'm studying chemistry and not liking it. Why do I spend four years on something I don't like? I guess because being a Master of Chemistry tells everyone who employs you that you are A) Smart, B), A good learner, C) At least moderately good with fragile and dangerous stuff, D) resistant enough against frustration that you actually pulled through.

    Let's see if D applies to me.

    At times I earn a bit of money by translating from Gemran to English or vice versa, but people are stingy shits, so I generally only do a few jobs and then take an annoyed break because I'm hardly making minimum wage.

    How old are you?
    23 or something along those lines.

    How did you come across Pox Nora?
    A banner ad on Armorgames, back in the day when I was poor and couldn't buy a bunch of games on Steam. Heck, I didn't even have Steam back then. It was one of maybe five banner ads I clicked on in my life because the artwork was so good and the taglines of online turn based strategy captured me. They would still do so today.

    How long have you played?
    ... When did Brood Call come out? I didn't buy andything from the first expansion that came out while I was playing, so I guess I started when Rise of Serkan was pretty new.

    Brood Call was quite a long time ago. '09-10 I think? Did anything memorable happen from back then? Any players in particular that you watched/learned from?
    Back in the day? Tortuns were runnable, that was memorable.

    Hm ... I beat either BurnPyro or Dagdapede in a tournament! I think it was Dagdapede, and I won Inquisitor Isran, and I was incredibly proud! Still got her, too!

    People I watched? iPox. When I was offline and I heard somewhere that iPox was trying new tricks I'd come online and watch. He's the spirit of German ingenuity. And TinyDragon of course, to admire his disgusting metadecks, his impeccable math, his far-reaching decisions and stellar win rate ... That guy ...

    What is your favorite faction and why?
    Forglar Swamp (... duh). They have the best music, the best races, the least offensively teenage-focused chest, some of the coolest lore. Also Firk Mind Shredders. Coolest artwork in the game, and such a slick champ design.

    Favorite part of Pox Nora and why?
    Winning after a long, hard game with a immensely complicated deck that took a lot of thought to build and play. Least liked part? Losing. (Even worse? Losing to FotM that you never had a chance against anyway.)

    What is the first rune you remember seeing and immediately wanting to have one?
    I guess Firk Prophet, because I loved Hydraxor so much. (He sucks so hard, and kind of always did, but I love him. My only named rune - the first exotic I ever got - my Hydraxor "Rampant Rage". Love you.)

    Is there a rune that you feel isn't utilized as much as it could be?
    I have hardly any idea about game balance, but I wish people would play Hydraxor. They would lose, yes, but he's so cool ;_;

    Your fondness of Hydraxor sound like true love. Surely you've had at least one amazing game in the past with him. What was the winning combo with him that devastated your opponent?
    I still remember a map on that giant four-font lost city map (was it three-font back then? I don't quite remember) which was kind of a stalemate between two rag-tag groups, until I invigorated my Hydraxor four times in one turn and came crashing through! He never could tank much, but with three heads and rampage (now cleave) he hit nice and hard ;)

    And another game against FW attrition on the IS pass map, in which I deployed Hydraxor twice, and each time he beat back the undead hordes in most valiant fashion ... I still ultimately lost, but it was a good fight.

    What is your best tip to give to new players?
    New Players?

    Uh ... Watch the top players and don't start playing a faction that isn't continuously amongst the top ones. Prepare to spend a lot of money. Buy a little thing that you can beat up when you lose to FotM crap.

    Besides Poxnora, do you have any additional hobbies?
    Currently I'm playing a load of Overwatch, a bit of Hearthstone, and about one hour a day I stare at the Blizzard shop and consider buying Legion. I'd read a lot if I hadn't devoured the best books in existence already (please help), I try to paint (and suck at it), occasionally, when the Muses bite, I try to write a little. They rarely bite.

    I also watch MLP, partly because it's good, partly to mess with haters, and partly because the positivity feels oddly good. No other shows or anime though, I've always detested television.

    Is there anything else about yourself that you would like to share with the community?
    Uh ... Please answer, should I return to Pox and why? I'm not playing a lot atm. Do you miss me? :3 (No you don't.)

    Please give DoG your money, I would if I had it spare, but I can only buy so much stuff on what little money I have.

    Another thing, you know how I always sound really negative? That's because I'm really negative. But I like you anyways, especially Sok, iPox, Burn, Dag, Comissar and IMAGIRL (for his ceaseless community work, mostly) <3

    Speaking of the community. You've been very vocal about your opinions in the Off-Topic section of the forums. Whilst not delving into anything in particular, could you give a one to two sentence description on your world views? (You could even spice it up, and say it in German)
    My world view ...
    "Gut ist der Schlaf, der Tod ist besser - freilich
    Das beste wäre, nie geboren sein."
    - Heinrich Heine

    Cynicism aside, I'm kind of classically left-wing, convinced that the world would be a lot nicer if individual people could try to see the big picture and stop acting as if they were more important than anyone else. (They're not, they're just being ****s.)

    There's a lot about the world I don't really understand, maybe because I'm pretty clearly someone with Asperger's syndrome (and even some other facets of autism, damn shifty sevens, noble eights and cool-ass nines ...). I try to make out rules in the world that people should adhere to for everyone's benefit, and then they don't for some insanely stupid reason.

    I certainly won't get politically engaged, though - I'm not a people person, I hate crowds, I'm so abrasive that people don't want to believe me even if I have the better arguments and I really don't want to lead people anyway. I hate ordering people around, and I hate being ordered around, leading to a somewhat complicated relationship with hierarchies.

    ... Long story short, my world view is that I probably should have been born on a different planet or something, because this one isn't mine. Hate it here.
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    Great interview, thanks for doing this @IMAGIRL. @Boozha I'm sorry I didn't get to the interview, but I found it very interesting. You're not the only one with Asperger's syndrome that I know that feels that way about the world. One of my best friends and his wife both feel the same way.
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    What a way to set the tone. <3

    Great to hear from you.
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    Yo hydraxor is sick... with Talisman he heals 11 a turn or so, and thats howmuch damage he can take if you double tap him for 20... he deals loads of dmg heals like a beast. and is only 70!!! nora!!!

    Gut von dir zu hören, komm mahl Berlin vorbei und ich lad dir zu Bier ein. :D
  5. Boozha

    Boozha I need me some PIE!

    I considered uploading a picture of Hydraxor biting the crap out of Oltok, but I kinda forgot about it. He does hit really nice, but he can't stand much punishment (okay, spontaneous regeneration helped a lot ... I gotta play around with him some more, really)

    Was Berlin angeht, komm doch lieber du rüber nach Bielefeld - oder nach Ghent :p
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    stopped reading right there. good day to you, sir.
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    I am sorry I skimmed through this. You are in misery. Cool...

    that being said, petition to change pox nora to Mehrfraktionenelitefantasywirtschaftsstrategierollenrundenopaspiel?
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  8. Boozha

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    Woo, way to ruin the mood.
  9. Boozha

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    Are both of those Aspergers? I've met some, and most of them were so much more relatable for me than your average guy. And I guess I'd look less weird to them, too.
  10. darklord48

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    Yes, they met at an Aspergers support meeting.
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    I suggest the Holy Bible...fantastic book that.
    I've always thought Hydraxor was cool as well. Too bad most of those dragons are bad.
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    I found Aesop's Fables to have better lessons, but both have their merits.
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    I found Aesop's lessons easier to understand, but not necessarily better
  14. Boozha

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    I've read pretty much all of the Bible. Not much of Aesop, but some classical state theory, and an itty bitty of Kant, and Thus Spoke Zarathustra, and a bit of "Das Kapital". Very little of the last one, though, it's drier than the Atacama desert. Very reasonable, but dry.

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    Bondman007 I need me some PIE! weren't kidding when you said you have read a lot!

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