The Poxnora Spotlight: h0spy

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    Full list:

    Today's interview is @h0spy, not to be confused with hopsy, who has not transitioned to Pox under DOG's rule. Please post any questions you may have for him.

    What is your name or nick name in real life?
    Names Justin, but Moles seems to enjoy calling me JDogg for whatever reason.

    Do you have a nickname for him?
    Well he has his nickname Moles as you all probably know but he has another that we use on skype that I'd rather not share.

    I thought skype was just for video calls, it sounds like you use it almost like teamspeak.

    What is the origin of your game/forum name(s):

    My name originated back when I was still playing on a guest account. I used to 2v2 with this guy called Hopsy and he thought it would be a fun idea to confuse our opponents. I regret it now and would have got a name change long ago if I were able.

    I've always read your name as h0psy. What would you change it to?
    Originally I wanted to get my name change to Athanasy but Senshu changed the name of my alt by mistake. So I don't know what I would want it to change now, I just don't want to be confused with hopsy (Apparently he was a scammer).

    You could go with Thanatos, the greek god that Athanasy is derived from.

    Hah, thats a good idea. It's just a shame I don't have a cousin called h0spy to permit the name change.

    Where are you from and where do you live currently?

    I was born in Chicago but I've spent most of my life in York (England) where I currently reside.

    When did you move there? Do you like England, or do you plan to move somewhere else in the future?
    Moved back to England at 3 years of age when my parents split. As for England I like it somewhat but the food and weather is incredibly dissapointing so I'm hoping to move back to America in the near future.

    I assume you mean the USA when you say America. Any particular part of the country?
    Probably Cali but New York and my birthplace of Chicago would be a pretty suitable option.

    What do you do for a living, and do you enjoy it?
    Currently I'm not doing anything for a living but i'm hoping to change that in the near future when I go to college to study a sports leadership course.

    What will that allow you to do, become a professional coach?
    Yeah that's the main thing, it also opens up paths for being something like a PE Teacher, Personal Trainer, PE Assistant etc.

    How old are you?

    How did you come across Pox Nora? How long have you played?

    I honestly have no idea how I originally came across Pox Nora, I can only remember playing it briefly a good 5-6 years back when I visited my grandparents. I then got the urge to check up on it 3-4 years ago while I was at school and I've been playing and paying ever since.

    What is your favorite faction and why?

    My favourite faction is probably FW. I don't really have any specific reasoning for it being so besides the fact that they probably have some of the best artwork in the game (Venger, Magnus the Fallen, Lamia, etc.).

    I live, I die, I live again. Is there a theme you enjoy more than any other in FW?
    I hate FW themes with a passion as you may recall from the forums. Worms and Witches have always been a huge problem with me because of their obnoxious mechanics. So I guess rather than saying which is my favourite I'll say which of the themes I hate the least, which in this case would probably be Lich.

    What is the first rune you remember seeing and immediately wanting to have one?
    First rune I remember wanting was Defiler Knight and I was planning to buy them from whatever store was around at that time. However due to the kindness of the community a guy called Thrasher17 gave me a Defiler Knight and Obsidian Venger to help get me started on pox. So big thanks to you if you're still around.

    What is your best tip to give to new players?

    My best advice to new players is for them to get themselves posting on the forums. Once they realise they can get passed all the bullshit the forums becomes a really enjoyable part of the game. It's a great place to discuss bg's, themes, what they feel needs a nerf or a buff, have a laugh, and by you all posting your criticisms and suggestions it allows the game to adapt and improve.

    Are there any improvements you've suggested that were done?
    I've given my feedback on various things which generally seem to get changed, but I doubt I was the key factor in the matter (Most recent being Necrosis and worms).

    Is there a rune that you feel isn't utilized as much as it could be?

    Well as every UD player would probably agree, I feel like Bloodgaurd doesn't say nearly as much play as she should. For her being such a nostalgic rune that was run 2x in every FF and Split UD bg, it saddens me that I haven't seen one deployed in well over a year.

    Are there any changes you would make to increase her utilization?
    I would probably just cut the cost of Pet: Screaming imp. Maybe make it 25 rather than 35 allowing her to be run at 78 nora for the default build.

    Besides Poxnora, do you have any additional hobbies?

    When it comes down to hobbies the only things I still currently enjoy doing is sports (Mainly Basketball and Track), going on holidays to all the various places in world, oh, and I'm a huge movie Junkie. Every relatively big movie that gets released you can guarantee I've gone and seen it at least once within the week it's out.

    What's the best movie you've seen lately, and why is it Mad Max: Fury Road?
    Haha, I will admit Mad Max was one of my favourites but probably not the best I've seen. Personally Pitch Perfect 2 was a really great film (Yes I know, I watch some pretty camp films and everyone on skype reminds me of that every other day), but the newest Avengers movie had to be my favourite film of this year.

    You're 18, you didn't grow up with Mad Max, so I can forgive your mistake. :p I haven't seen the newest Avengers. Do you recommend that I see Thor Dark World and Captain America Winter Soldier before Avengers Age of Ultron?
    As far as I can recall the Newest Thor didn't really add that much to the avengers storyline and it was a pretty forgettable film, so I would probably give that a miss unless you're a fan of the Thor movies. As for the newest captain America I would definitely watch that before hand, it seems to have a large affect in the story line and it's also a really great film!

    Are there any good horror movies you would recommend? I just watched Sinister after seeing the trailer for Sinister 2. Now I need another horror fix.
    Not a big fan on horror films but Babadook, Woman in Black 2 and Ouija were pretty good. I would recommend everyone see's them if they ever get the chance.
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    aww hospy is such a young-un!
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    Babadook was trash man.
    I didn't even wanna watch it past 10min cuz that kid was Firking annoying.

    Then the ending was awful.
    It didn't have a compelling narrative, no reveal, Bane Shift scares, the 'monster' was barely seen.
    It was suppose to be eerie and psychological and it ended up just being empty and excessive.

    Its decent background noise at best.
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    Yeah shame he doesn't have that cousin huh, @covah @Cydna
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    I could of sworn hospy was azn
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    yess jdog
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    Now about that rename for him...
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    Jeez, I had no idea Hospy was that new to the game. Cool dude one way or another
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    @h0spy You missed a question.
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    It was a statement, not a question.
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    This made my day.
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    Dang kids these days
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    so hospy= hopsy? wut.
    i knew u were from new york.
    great inverview. 10/10.

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    Ah, I thought you were being inquisitive instead of just making the statement.
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    Old York innit
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    Ya know, that cousin actually visited recently.
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    Jace is confused.
    He's so confused that hit himself
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    No, he picked the name hospy because he used to 2v2 with hopsy. Also York is a city in England.
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    now england is copying our cities. gg. make up your own city names england stop taking american ideas. :p

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    We the same age d0ge
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