The Seelie Court - a Fairy Primer

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    Well, still nobody did it so...lets try. Please send me our ideas/changes so i can implement

    THE SEELIE COURT - fae guide

    Faeries BG are made up of small-winged-cute looking-annoyingasfirk units.
    this primer will be just about FF Fairy BG.
    Not wizards with faeries, aurora with faeries or similar bgs.

    fairy flight
    : This unit has Flying and 2 ranks of Sentry while it has at least 15 HP. When this unit has less than 15 HP, it gains Defenseless.

    The racial is on all the fairies (except corgis), and makes the fairy bg really mobile, but even more squishy when they start to get low on hp.


    1. a HUGE amount of CC (stun, blind, force barrier, pacify...)
    2. a lot of mobility. The race ability, FAIRY FLIGHT, makes 90% of them flying at low cost. also almost all fae are 6 base speed becoming 7 in FF.
    3.A lot of racial equipment/relics/spells support.
    4. when build up battle leader /adaptive on fae oracle/ encouraged on starlight sylph, you can pull out an impressive dmg output, great snowballing potential.


    1. still no hero (not a big deal).
    2. very low HP, so you have to rely a lot on boost/banner/chained fae.
    3. Slow build-up, prone to rush. Super-vulnerable to melee ones in particular
    4. difficult to keep fonts contested in long term because lacks real tanks/melee champs that can stand in safely, compared to other themes.
    5. all your high damage units rely on magical dmg. you need to rely on equips for alt dmg.


    CHAINED FAE: rating 4+/5
    suggested build: portal and adaptive (if in a spellfocused bg, she can stack quite a lot of dmg) or nora vitality if a more balanced bg( it procs on a fairy deploy so she lasts quite a lot.)
    If you want to run with swap instead of portal, adaptive should be the way to go, the keep her utility high when she reaches the fight.
    The small masochistic fae is really a must in fairy and wiz decks, has to be played carefully. it can get from a big boost all match long to a lost font for a late deploy in the first turns. Always play it, but with care. ITS NOT COMPULSORY TO DROP HER AS FIRST DEPLOY. 1 is perfect, 2 is too much (usually)

    conclave warden.jpg
    CONCLAVE WARDEN : rating 4-/5
    suggested build: BOOST. then warding because you use a lot of spells so book burn might be anti-synergic. If you play an equip heavy bg, you might consider it.
    The warden is very important to keep faes with some normal HP value. Drop her , defend her. Entangle is a nice utility. definetly 1x has to be in. She also has alt dmg. recently she got a little nerf losing guidance and some range, but still its very important for the bg. Nice alt dmg from psy attack + entangle.

    corgi knight.jpg
    CORGI KNIGHT : rating 4+ /5
    suggested build: I personally like it with mobility and crazed charger, to max out charging potential, but it can be a little tankier with block. Also the other options(pounce etc) are viable.
    One of the only 2 not flying fae units (plus chained fae, who is almost a relic not a champ).
    Really tanky (def 3- more than 50hp) for the small ball of fur he is. Also the high mobility will help him to get in position to pathblock and defend your squishy flying faes. His damage output is not even that bad, considering he can double-charge. Now he got even cheaper so at 70ish nora (69 with my suggested build) he is a really good champ. Do not forget that thunderous charge slows all champs in aoe when you charge, and thats an important part of its skillset, even more than damage.

    PS. A lot of players are outraged by his presence in this game. They will rage against him(and his fluffy ranger friend). But he will just smile back at them. Really, he has one of the happiest illustrations i have ever seen in a game.

    corgi ranger.jpg
    CORGI RANGER: 4.5+/5
    suggested build - anything you like+Battleleader. I have seen him run in any way and he was good. I think the most common build, after the hinder movement CD nerf, its with arrowshot to max out range dmg.
    The other fluffy one is a must 1-2x in the BG. He has range, can drop into melee and bite out dmg from opponents, if you are careful while playing him he will build out a strong late game for your bg with battleleader. Him supported by a starlight sylph can delete damage of any UD rusher and keep a side just by themselves.

    FAE ADVOCATE: rating 2.5/5
    suggested build: flourish and swap. flashbomb also is good.
    The small rogue is very cheap and stealthy. can go contest fonts easily and be annoying with flourish/flash bomb, so the opponent will have to use a lot of resources to take him out of his font. Bubble is also a nice addtion to our squishy champs' HP. Its useful, but sometims he has to be cut to make place for other champs. 0-1x usually.

    FAE BLOOMWALKER: rating: 3/5
    suggested build: force barrier/logistics barrier. then heal mass or grant reflexes. illuminate just if you lack it (you shouldnt, anyway).
    This fae has a lot of utility. force barrier grants time and an opposition to melee engages. dreamblossom is a very nice relic: it heals, damages and distracts. CD is quite high.
    Low dmg but high range, with grant reflex on corgi knight he will be a smiling ball of tankiness. one of the best flex spots, can go out if you dont have space, but its a good choice when you can afford her.

    FAE DREAMER: rating 4/5
    suggested build: dreamstate and blockade. or stealth/dmg. if ap gen is not a thing in meta, shatter summoned and dreamstate should be the way to go.
    When it came out in visions of amareth it was so strong almost everybody used her, because she was quite undercost. After a bad 2016 she is back in Winter patch 2016, gaining blockade in the supportive dreamstate build, and falling back again to 53nora. I think there are no reasons now to prefer sprite to her, unless you really need another forcebarrier for some knockback tricks.

    FAE ENCHANTRESS: rating 3/5
    suggested build : anything seems viable now.
    This Fae has always been an enigma for fae players. Now with the recent boost she got a raise in playability, but still struggles to find a place. Soften, range 5 stun, fairy dust+prism are all nice tools.

    FAE ORACLE rating 5/5
    suggested build: force barrier 3 and serenade
    reveal runes, adaptive for late game, barrier and serenade to block rushers. She can even make you some coffee if you ask politely. Before last patch she was a little overcosted for that low HP. Now she got HP, less cost and even became a wizard. She is a very good choice for adaptive bgs, fairy bgs, tricky strange split bgs.

    FAIRY TRICKSTER: rating 4/5
    suggested build: shatter and either pin down or entangle. personally prefer pindown but entangle gives her an alt dmg (psy, pindown is magic).
    The trickster got love back. She is now our bg's shatter option. But she also has hex. and pindown. and she stealths when she uses on them. and then she shadowshifts. She will pass more time stealthed than not. Did i say she is also a wizard? 1-2x in any fairy/(or wizard even) deck.
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  2. MaruXV

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    MOONLIT FAE: rating 3+/5
    suggested build: evasive 3 and multiattack 2 for highest dmg, evasive 2 and multiattack1 for less nora investment.
    The trio is a hard hitting unit, when supported by some buffs. Eventually, i find it better in non-faeries decks than in a fairy one, where we have better choices for hitting and other illuminate choices. Its worth a spot, but usually you will need that space for other units.

    NECTAR FAIRY: rating 4.5/5
    suggested build: abash/shroud to make her more defensive and stay under 60 nora, or stun/divert-shroud.
    Great support unit for such small nora amount. She lost heal mass but got utility in stun or survival power in abash. at least 1x in bg. Give her crown of petals or honor coin to max out utility, expecially in shroud abash build.

    NYMPH: rating: 1.5-2.5/5
    suggested build: possess and abash to keep her not too expensive in nora.
    the half elf fairy is a nice alt dmg font + possess. with the big amount of force barrier we have, its easy to pullout a full AP possess that can get to a cliffjump or doubletap attack. This "trick" is not unknown to players so they will play around it when they see a full AP nymph. I think she is good, but not autoinclude. 0-1x is ok.

    RASCAL FAIRY: rating 1.5/5
    suggested build: init 2 and shadowspawn? i like shadowstrike too but its quite expensive.
    The rascal does his job nicely, but its a flexspot so it suffers from lack of space in a really tight bg.
    with shadowspawn and init he can knockdown on deploy. Maybe better as a scout unit in an archer bg than ina fairy bg. Still lacking a real reason to be played at the moment.

    SNARE FAIRY: rating 3/5
    suggested build: snow strike and iceguard
    Good choice if you think you lack alt dmg. snow strike slows nicely normal bgs, and iceguard is a nice defence.


    SPRITE: rating 3+/5
    suggested build: stun/force barrier 3
    If you dont want to run dreamer but you still want favor in the bg, here's your best choice. She has barrier and stun to slow down rushers, and even stealths while doing it. Very nice unit, i think its a 1x either of her or dreamer. From patch winter 2016, fae dreamer got really cheaper so maybe sprite falls as second choice.


    STARLIGHT SYLPH: rating 3.5/5
    suggested build: starshine/encouraged
    One of the hard hitters of the bg, but got hit into range going down to 5. 1x is good, because starshine helps our fluffy corgis to held the line, while encouraged/starlight hits REALLY hard. Not really easy to position for starshine, needs some care.

    SUN BLOSSOM: rating 3+/5
    suggested build (in fairy bg): detect and burn/magic aura (illuminate if you dont run conclave concordance spell...fool.)
    Blind, detection, illuminate, alt dmg. so much utility in one small (cute) blossom. Run one for detection if you dont run dreamer or aurora banner, so you lack detection sources. You will get others from the conclave spell. Run none if you have alternative detection sources and you are tight on bg spots for champs.

    WISP: rating 3.5/5
    suggested build: with prismatic crystal, phase/magic acolite and fascinate . evasive too makes it cheap and resistent.
    The wisp is in a strange position. he is a must in wizs/ magic amp bgs. He can be a really good unit in fairy to tank what corgis cant tank. with one with nora, evasive/phase shift he is a really good font contester, and faeries always have problems contesting fonts. If you play prismatic crystals fascinate can be a good way to proc it , and get enemy units away from your squishy fliers. depends on builds, if you play him he will be worth the spots, but i dont think its a must 2x, expecially now that there's a lot of non basic attacks out there to get rid of him.
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    CONCLAVE CONCORDANCE: our last toy. It is good. Like really good. Procs adaptive on oracle, refunds up to costing 25 nora(20 with favor) and gets you a sunblossom with potential 11AP that means blind + doubletap. or roadblock. or go up to 20 squares far to drop a relic and contest a font. Just put at least 1 in your fairy bg, or shame on you!

    STELLAR HORIZON/NATURE'S WRATH: magic dmg in a big area, and we have quite a lot of wizard to target and heal for the horizon, smaller aoe but defense debuff and better targeting for wrath.

    RECLAIM: Spot pacify is good, to engage or defend our fragile fae. Still the spell is expensive and most of the times it becomes a 1 turn pacify, so use with care.

    LIVING VINES: nice interaction with amareth lexicon, still worth even if hunter got nerfed. negative equip+ obstacle is good. no more 2x i think, but 1 is worth

    OCCLUSION: last patch made this spell non fairy. Now its definetely really worth 1 spot in the bg. it can block powerturns, or block spell support from noisy font contesters.

    INHIBIT POWER :just take it. 4 turns distracted and confused in aoe. really, just put 1 in bg.

    PETRICHOR: in phalanxstyle its surely worth a spot to keep up champs health in aoe.

    SWIFTWIND: is in good place because on spot ap gen is always nice, and unstoppable cleansing stun also is a good thing. do no underestimate sinergy with ancestral anger for berserker 3 without losing ap.


    BRIDGE TO NOWHERE: Lost phase shift , so now its cheaper but gives only +1spd and mobility to faes. Can be worth a spot, not as strong as before but still +1spd mobility, relocate and only 20nora cd4.

    PRISMATIC CRYSTALS: this relic has so much potential, but so much counter plays. In combo with wandering means a melee champ blocked and pacified for 4 turns. still this relic is in a hard place because
    1. seism 2. they can shoot it from range. I still think it can be worth 1 slot even only as a contest relic. it is also one of the reason we get a bonus for playing a full faeries bg, instead of a wizards hybrid bg.

    TOWER OF AMARAETH: 2 DMG to closest enemy every time a friendly fairy attacks. for 30 nora.I think we have better choices. Its not bad, but not good enough to find place in a wiz or fairy bg.

    THORN TRAP: got cheaper , deals dmg and slows. its worth a spot as defensive, contesting relic.


    AMARETH'S LEXICON: +2 DMG,hunter equipped and deflect. even with the hunter nerf, i think its worth running 1x, for the on spot dmg boost, and sinergy with living vines. also deflect can help protecting squishy dmg dealers.

    CROWN OF PETALS: loyal and impenetrable if used on a friendly faery, confuse and ponderous on an enemy. Just play 1. you must. even 2 is good. On an enemy with annoying upgrade abilities, it shuts them down. on friendly units it replaces commander and is an on spot dmg buff. Best equip in fairyland. Buy it.

    LOST GRIMOIRE: this equip never got that much love. Now it gives you suppression, that is good to slow down rushers, and portent, that can be a good buff on our fluffy tanks or wisp to shut down surge units. not an autoinclude, but sure a worthy choice in a meta full of high damage champs.

    HONOR COIN: not a fairy equip, but can be a nice substitute for the second crown of petals. Nectar fairy with coin and cleanse will grow in hp quickly, and buff our dmg dealers.

    ELITE BLADE: If you run corgis (knight and ranger) its a very nice tool to make them harder to kill+ spot dmg. like frostcall quiver, but even better

    BURNING OAK SEED: cheap and useful alt dmg + inhibit touch.

    CENTAUR BANNER: very useful as spell hate to protect fragile faes.


    MaruXV fae bg

    ETHERIELIN's phalanxstyle [​IMG]

    Gutsa's faes and wiz-heavy faes


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  4. Elves Rule

    Elves Rule I need me some PIE!

    Gunna be honest, sorta CBA to read this whole thing. Maybe I will at some point, seems like you put loads of effort in.

    What I have noticed from skimming, you don't rank any of the fairies lower than 2.5. Apart from being dubious about this (nymph/rascal/snare/advocate) why does you rating go from 0-5 but you only use half of it?
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  5. MaruXV

    MaruXV Corgi Lord of FW

    Thats a good question. Let me think a good answer ^^. Mainly for two reasons: 1. the scale is not on a "global" level, like comparing with all the champs in the game. its a rating based on playability of faeries in this bg.
    2. maybe i've been a little too "high" in ratings, and i'll try to adjust, but i don't think there are completely rubbish faeries right now. like completely unplayable. advocate could be worth a spot, rascal and snare too, but usually they don't find place 'cause the champ spots are all taken. if you have time to read all, i would be happy to hear your suggestions and adjust the ratings. @Etherielin i saw you played the bg a lot recently, do you have any suggestions for changes?
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  6. Etherielin

    Etherielin The Floof Cultist

    Just leaving this here for now. The idea here is to hold the line with tankier corgis and maximize the benefits of Phase Shift until you can reach critical mass. It kinda works like KF's version of Phalanx.
  7. MaruXV

    MaruXV Corgi Lord of FW

    thanks, i'll put it in the guide. if anytime soon you have time to give your opinion on the guide to make it better, i would be grateful. you are surely more experienced than me.
  8. Etherielin

    Etherielin The Floof Cultist

    Just a quick note: you're overestimating Rascal Fairy and underappreciating Snare Fairy. The former is simply outshined by other options, while the latter is completely unique and offers powerful tools as both alt damage, movement restrictor and DoT applier. She's one of the better fairies out there.
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  9. Tweek516

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    Hm disagree with a fair bit of this. Chained far should be 4.5/5 at least I feel - kinda makes the theme. I also feel that, even in a spell heavy bg, she should be run with vitality. Just outclasses adaptive.

    I, also, prefer corgi ranger with elusive leap - hinder movement already gives him a ranged attack.

    Furthermore, I definitely rate lost grimoire over lexicon - portent is an incredible ability on fae, especially wisp.

    I rate sprite over dreamer, I see her as trickster 2.0, no hex but has favour. Ranged stun is super nice. Favour also procs vitality Nora on chained fae which is cool :)

    Wisp I run with acolyte and evasive, because healing on one with Nora champs is OP, and it gets phase shift from bridge to nowhere anyways.

    Oracle I'm split on the upgrades. I run one with soothing, and one with weaken. Even with centaur banner in my bg I'm still so scared of aoe spam late game, and just feel more comfortable with another source of weaken spells.

    I think you underestimate fae advocate. Bubble is cool, especially in standoffs so you can bubble up all your champs. Flourish is amazing, and so is swap. Mark is kinda eh but can be useful. She, additionally, can let you double deploy turn one a bunch of times.

    I like sun blossom with burn over illuminate. You can get illuminate from conclave anyway, and burn boosts her dmg a bit. Aura is definitely the wrong choice.

    I'll post my bg and go into depth to my choices and what I didn't include at some point.
  10. MaruXV

    MaruXV Corgi Lord of FW

    thanks for the suggestions.

    Chained , as i wrote, is more "standard" with nora vitality. I think it could be run with adaptive in a spell heavy bg , because she can reach really critical dmg outputs, with turret range of 7.
    Ranger i also used to run him with leap, but hinder movement has a 3turns cd so arrowshot makes him more reliable on range (and cheaper).
    i'm trying lost grimoire too, and i suggested it on wisp too. its a very nice equip now and helps our small tanks vs surge and similar high dmg units. I still think also lexicon is worth a spot, for the on spot dmg boost and deflect. deflect + divert = a lot of fun.

    i think sprite and dreamer are both a good choice. dreamer more of a passive one, while sprite a more utility one. Sprite has more CC, but we already have quite a lot, and has favor. Also trickster helps her to stay protected. Dreamer has not only favor but also spellswallower, council spells etc. I think they cover the same spot for "favor" slot, but one being more of a disruption unit (sprite) while the other being a moving supporting relic with an attack value and divert. I will adjust rating to make them similar, anyway.

    I also like fae advocate, and i run him a lot. But he is an utility rune, surely the 13-14-15th pick, so if you go low on champ count he will get cut off, i think.

    let me check, but i think that the conclave blossom doesnt have illuminate...EDIT ok checked, it has illuminate (how could i forget...), so i think she can be run with burn or grant magical aura. maybe aura can be better dmg output, but burn makes her cheaper. I think she has to be run with detection, expecially if you dont run dreamer so you lack detection sources.
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  11. Tweek516

    Tweek516 I need me some PIE!

    Oops for some reason thought she just had aura, not grant. Take that back then both are valid, although I probably still favour burn - we don't have that many front liners to grant aura to.
  12. GemmaXylia

    GemmaXylia Forum Royalty

    if you are running 2x ranger/tog and kaiya you should take grant aura, it triggers battle leader which is always good :)
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  13. Tweek516

    Tweek516 I need me some PIE!

    Great thing about portent with fae is that it procs virtually every hit (not just vs surge etc) giving it huge value.

    Of course I'm not saying you're wrong about anything really just instigating discussion :)
  14. Tweek516

    Tweek516 I need me some PIE!

    Can't wait for amareth to be made though :D

    Oh, and a weakness I think you forgot to mention is their lack of indirect damage - I find this a real problem.
  15. Etherielin

    Etherielin The Floof Cultist

    Another thing not mentioned is their lack of melee - technically there are corgis, fae mantis and wisp but they're nothing compared to other melee champs out there.
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  16. Tweek516

    Tweek516 I need me some PIE!

    Yep for sure. Three main weaknesses are definitely lack of indirect damage, lack of melee, and an over reliance on magic damage.
  17. MaruXV

    MaruXV Corgi Lord of FW

    i think i wrote somewhere about the fact its difficult to contest fonts for the lack of real melee champs...
  18. Etherielin

    Etherielin The Floof Cultist

    Contesting fonts and lacking real melees are 2 different things though. Fairies are pretty good at contesting fonts between barriers, serenades, charms, blinds and whatnot - the issues arise when you're unable to deal damage because most of your stuff is ranged.
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  19. ChiaoLung

    ChiaoLung I need me some PIE!

    Yep. I miss the magic bomb on Wisp, not that I don't really like the new version...just harder when going against Arrow Eater and Absorb than it used to be.
  20. Xirone

    Xirone I need me some PIE!

    I've been playing an interesting version of a fairy deck which only has x2 Conclave Concordance, x2 Hurry, and x2 Recall as the spell selections. You can pretty routinely have those annoying summons out. I've lost more games than I win but it can be fun! The deck would be so much better if Recall and Hurry were cheaper.

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