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  1. Kampel

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    I will be adding here a list of things i find in the new client about its design and overall experience with it.

    Some of the things i list here are purely cosmetic-related, others are about how information is presented for the users.
    The goal is to give usefull feedback and in the best scenareo to inspire a positive change for the new client.

    Things i like:
    -The overall new look, it feels fresh.. after all this years
    -You can now see which equip is in a champ easyly because it displays its art on the champ info in the UI.
    -Fully Integrated Rune Manager, Checklist, Forge, Market in the client. It finally feels "full".
    -Extra animations in the Campaign map. Every little effect is a big plus.
    -Background Arts when in lobbys are awesome. Great choices.
    -New pack openning.
    -Game loads x1000 faster now.
    -I like how the decks are displayed with their faction icons.
    -I like how "active" deck is displayed.
    -We have a terrain type display box in-game now.
    -Runes display the Art instead of a small icon when deck building and checklist. Love that.
    -Runes on cooldown are now next to the non-cooldown runes top left screen.
    -Nora gained per turn display.
    -The "You WIN/DEFEAT" screen is awesome, i would add the deck i used that battle to this screen too but its awesome.
    -Game now supports different resolutions
    -Game sound works properly

    Things missing/problems:
    Tabs, menus and information missing:

    -There should be a button directly to the forge under "marketplace" on the main screen when you enter the game, right now its in the runes info page. I feel its too hidden for new players.
    -No Poxanthuru World Map page. That thing is awesome, it should be available somewhere in the client. (right now its only visible behind the single player quests and you cant "move it" with a controller)
    -No Lore page, i think that should also be available and integrated in the client as a new tab, its just the web's text and images to read the story.
    -You still have to click champ by champ to find which champ is equipped, still missing a visual indicator on idol(ingame sprite).
    -There should be rank display (TOP 10) in the first screen, this is a competitive game, should emphasize that (it will also give the impression people play this game seriously).
    -Currently there is no way for new players to know what the current expansion is, the "Expansion Banner" is missing from the front page.
    -There should be a "Patch Notes" Tab on the client, PS4 players wont be visiting the web or forums to check what was changed.
    -The "Rune detail" looks empty, it needs something in the background, squares under the sprite to show the size, the Lore boxed somehow, something saying "Level up the rune to unlock upgrades"(that info is nowhere for new players)
    -In the following screen i can select the runes in the bg but i cant enter the detail screen. There is no button or option to do so.
    -When you start the new client the first display is the Launcher, then a Login page, then you enter the game. The Login page could be merged with the Launcher to avoid that unnecessary step.
    -There is nothing telling new players how to "unlock" upgrades on the normal information screen.
    -Rune Checklist/Catalog could be in a separated Tab insted of only being able to see them when creating a bg.

    -Filters on the client are not "easy to find/reach", they shouldnt be "a tab away" from the main rune display page, they should be available in the same screen.
    -Filter buttons (clases, races, etc.) could be prettier with icons, not just check boxes. (feels empty)
    -Filter's still missing "nora cost" search.
    -There is currently no way to "sort bgs".
    -"unowned" runes should have a clearer indicator and the filter "show owned runes" should be ON by default.

    -No "Quit Game" button on PC client Full Screen. Currently to close the game i need to Alt+F4.
    -Ugly text fonts on the stats and Nora cost of newly adquired runes in the marketplace:
    look at that Nora cost number
    -Ugly text font and size in-game displaying dmg, nora captured, healed, etc.
    -PS4 controller key reminders everywhere should be hideable or have a keyboard reminder counterpart for PC client.
    -There is no UI size change option for PC client.
    -Animations missing for actions in the client (buttons being pushed, things highlighted, stuff like that).
    -There is no background music for the lobbys
    -The position of the "AP(0)" display on champs is ugly and makes no sense to have it in the middle of the art. I personally prefer where it was before.
    -When editting a bg, "save and exit" should be two separated buttons.
    -When using the Forge, Forging or Sacrificing a rune does not display any confirmation, animation, rune adquisition text nor "new rune adquired" effect like when buying a pack. The screen just refresh and you have to guess if it worked or not.
    -The rune manager should show more runes than just a line of 5.
    -When trying to sacrifice a rune from a free bg (locked rune) there is no error message saying why i cant, and there is nothing marking that rune in the information page as "unsacrificable"
    -Charged abilities should say the charges needed in the same place as AP needed and charge count is ugly in the art, i liked more where it was:

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  2. Gnomes

    Gnomes I need me some PIE!

    ye, i also thing the ingame displayed dmg/heal/noragen is to large and to artsy

    Also where is the player counter? and the names of the other players that are online ?
  3. Kampel

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    I think the size of the numbers would be ok when played on PS4 or Vita but for PC its a bit too big
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  4. MaruXV

    MaruXV Corgi Lord of FW

    me too. on pc numbers too big and font too "different" from the rest.
  5. Lushiris

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    @Kampel @Gnomes @MaruXV

    Agree 100% with everything. Also, don't you guys feel the damage/heal/nora number fades too quickly? Sometimes I think it could last half a second longer(and no that's not what she said).
  6. Kampel

    Kampel I need me some PIE!

    I agree.
    I have a list of a lot of problems with animations/timming/effects that need an adjustment but i wont post that yet because i think the programmers have other priorities with the mechanics and core spaguetti code
  7. Kampel

    Kampel I need me some PIE!

    I keep adding stuff.
  8. Kampel

    Kampel I need me some PIE!

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  9. Kampel

    Kampel I need me some PIE!

    Edited, added 5 items. removed bugs from this list and added those bugs to bug forum.
  10. nitebane21

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    I'll add to this instead of starting my own thread:
    Stealth runes aren't translucent, so very hard to tell at a glance if stealthed.
    When I click on a rune in my bg in game, it doesn't appear in the description area. I have to click+hold and drag slightly to the play area to get it to be "selected"
    When in windowed mode and viewing a detailed description, I have closed the client so many times by clicking the X in the upper right out of habit. A confirmation warning please?
    Really don't like how 2x2 are moved, much prefer current method
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  11. Kampel

    Kampel I need me some PIE!

    Oh this forum is the Client Beta Discussion, you will have to make a thread in the Client Beta Bug so the devs see it
  12. thegne

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    nobody discuss the fact that thwe game makes you feel that you are by yourself? you cant chat while in que,there is no way to know if your guild mates or friends are online unless you type extra keys,nobody chats in the lobby,i have been a poxer for almost a decade or since guru chosen was hot and the game feels lonely now, at least we should know how many people are actully in the game like old times ,guilds are useless now why?
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