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  1. skix21

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    Can anyone help me with a lightning themed deck i dont have an SP doom bringers.. i have 300k+ points in POXBOX.

    :p please help me SP is <3
  2. GabrielQ

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  3. Vorian

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    Try this out! It includes all the lightning tricks you need. You could drop a voil jester and firebomber for barbarian bolts, and drop a peaks tactics for a VP. Cyclonic Fesh would be the only expensive addition I would make. Chaos braves are the best value for money sp legendary atm, you could drop the mud elementals for some!!/deck/CiXC3nCaGC5TcynC4PC5dCw8cgJCwHS3tS7yS6Yr2YR2ZrOE2W
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  4. Creosoto

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    There's no place for an Aspect of Chaos?
  5. Nebron

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    fk AoC
  6. Creosoto

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    A very helpful and constructive comment o_O
  7. Raikan

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    If you use 2x stormcaller, AoC might make sense. Otherwise he's kind of a very slow champion-1 charge per turn. And considering that most decks have a way to take him out pretty easily, reset his charges, or make him useless (soulreave for FW, fading recollection for UD, vertical push for SP, drown for FS (assuming he gets grounded), blink for IS, etc.) you're taking a nora hit for a champ that's not doing much for a long time. And then, when he finally gets rolling with enough charges, your opponent gets rid of him. Spends less nora to take him out or reset the charge counter.
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  8. skix21

    skix21 The King of Potatoes

    thanks for the help guys appreciated :)

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