Tips for building a Draksar BG?

Discussion in 'Sundered Lands' started by sirvile, May 11, 2021.

  1. sirvile

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    I'm kind of lost, as far as I know they seem to focus on overlapping buffs and sticking close, but I've got no idea what exactly to put in or build toward.
  2. GabrielQ

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    hey, just so you know, most active people is now in the poxnora discord:

    now as for draksars: your analysis is correct, they are a mid range battlegroup with several buffs and most of them grow their DMG with violent. I'd say that archers and judge torien should be on every draksar bg, the you might want to include 1 psion to have access to backlash and shatter summoned. draksar pursuers are really good standalone units and have detection. for tanks/beaters you have a lot of good choices, draksar hunchback, draksar lord, blackscale centurion, draksar shifter, temple guard, dreadnought. High Marshal, High priest and consulate are good magic damage choices and they have nice supporting abilities.
    If you want a starting point I would go:

    2x draksar archer
    1x draksar psion
    1x judge torien
    2x draksar high priest
    2x draksar pursuer
    1x draksar lord
    2x blackscale centurion
    1x draksar high marshal
    1x draksar hunter (because of drudgery mostly)
    1x temple guard
    1x draksar charger
    1x skeezick drummer
    2x quicken
    1x quicken
    1x channelled violence
    2x tornado
    1x purge
    1x forced transfusion
    1x planar dissonance
    1x enslave
    1x cancel magic
    1x hive
    1x phalanx marker
    1x sundered warbanner
  3. Drache77

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    Thats my BG. 2 times Draksar Lord is a Must! Great in a group cause of guarded but also a great stand alone unit with amazing stats for not too much of a high cost. Centurion, Torien and High Marshal should be in there at least once but dont have to be in there twice imo. Everything else is pretty much a matter of taste or a matter of playstyle in that regard. Draksar have so many options to chose from and offer plenty of options regarding tanks as well as ranged champs. As for spells definietly two times channeled violence, I found myself using it more often than quicken/quickening but that might just be my style of play. Tornado as well for anti relic and rest is pretty much up to you.
  4. LadyJava

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    oh dang its been a goodwhile...
  5. Bushido

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    Just pick runes at random from the sl checklist and more likely than not ull win a lot of games since SL is overturned rn

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