Tome of Faded Souls

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by belalugosi, Oct 13, 2020.

  1. belalugosi

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    I'm sorry to make a nerf thread but please think about how broken Tome of Faded Souls is. If there has ever been a rune that should be banned from ranked this is one of the worst offenders. It just makes for a really miserable experience playing a game that can be very much fun. The person playing it is just going to deploy as many riftlords/archmage clay form them put out any relic or champion that they can to make as many crappy little free summons as possible, this process is slow and miserable and yeah you can rush but think about how tanky the riftlords can be plus think about how much ap/hp/damage is in these summons then with battle harden and battle drum its not like they are really vulnerable at all to build up time to get this combo off and get around 1000 nora worth of free champions. The whole time its really (if you could think of an experience that's the opposite of fun) this is it! Lets say you get to the shrine vs 20 or more free summons that turn in to 1000 nora worth of stitched, hey just cast intimidation and deploy defender of chaos. Even if you could win a game like this, having this type of crap in your game, I guarantee, this is the type of thing that makes people just go play something else, then whos left to enjoy this game? It needs to go.
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    The Tundra Yeti Man. 70hp Yetis no is funny.
  3. Bushido

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    I dnt think there is be anyone be work on the game or this wud b the first thing they fix
  4. serxic

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    Is working in mini fix. Exist a sheet in google cloud

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