Top 10 things to watch out for per faction

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    As the title implies, this will be a list about the most dangerous spontaneous things the opponent can do out of nowhere or with enough setup that you can prepare for it and do something about it through positioning or whatever the hell. I'll start adding some off the top of my head but it could be a good reference cheat sheet for n00blords, returning or just plain lazy players who cba to memorize everything until it's too late.

    • Cleansing Mist: This is a relatively new tool for FS, but the hidden 8 heal and cleanse can really thwart a lot of stuff like aura, DoT or Manic kills if you're shooting for those perfectly math'd up surgical precision snuffs.
    • Backfire and Backfire Boon: These are basic counter-spell spells that cost 45 and 65 nora respectively. They last 4 turns so, I don't remember or care enough to look it up but the point is that if you play FW or SL, this thing can shut down the obvious DB/Quick/Mobi turns so watch out for that and specially account for Backfire Boon by casting before over committing to a power turn as to minimize the healing.
    • Temple of whatever global Impenetrable relic and Pulsating Globule: This combo is found in Salamans and is utilized to equip you with a 30 DMG thing while grabnting global Impenetrable ensuring you can't toss it to an enemy unit. This is a salaman trick so you should win anyway just because you're playing against salamans but it's something to watch out for, I guess.
    • Double Font Eruption: It's 100 nora but arguably better than a Millennial Icequake. It's sometimes spread over a couple turns but the bottom line is that the 24 magic damage can destroy most relics. For this reason, deploying relics outside of deployment zones against FS is advised.
    • Drown: You know that 10 SPD Hasten champ with 90 HP and 50 DMG you've been building up for 40 turns and kept alive for a while with healing? It's gone. It's donezo. You didn't give it Shielded and got Monsoon'd Drowned or maybe you were dumb enough to take it for a midnight swim. Seriously, never make a non spell protected superchamp vs FS.
    • Reverberating Blast:
    • Poison Trap:

    • Whispers of the Mind: This hidden spell will make you miss, lose all AP and become distracted after it's cast on you, if you happen to attack for the next 4 turns. Make sure to not overcommit to over extended perfect kills at critical midgame moments vs SP unless you have some kind of spell detection or cleanse insurance out in the board because this spell is unironically game-deciding and players will often run it 2x.
    • Avalanche: It's an amazing AoE with positional disruption and a potential 15 DMG through knockback or other convoluted terrain setups involving lava, deafening aura, unstable ground and so on. Always watch out for this spell when playing vs SP by not letting people knock your units into each other or staying a single space out of reach if your critical units.
    • Vicious Harpoon: Spot pull. One of the best all-purpose mid to lategame one-rounding and standoff breaking tools in the game. Always make sure not to isolate units from your main threats or you'll be setting up for an easy pull-kill that might go unpunished. Ironically enough, the little counterplay there is for this thing lies in SP through Crush and Pilfered Armor.
    • Vertical Push: Similar to Drown, you don't want to make superchamos against SP unless they are somehow protected from this spell. It will deal 20 physical damage to a unit for 55 nora and re-deploy it in a couple of turns, meaning it will reset any conditions or abilities gained externally. It also means you get pets and other stuff back on the plus side, but don't rely on damage buffers or condition-based protection against SP for this reason alone.
    • Paper Wings: Spot Pounce means a unit needs a mere 9 AP to pounce and doubletap your ass. It's also 25 nora so it's always readily available. Watch out for those heavy hitting melee units who are 2 attacks away from blowing up your sissy elf ranged backliners.
    • Rock Trap:
    • Thunderhead Totem:
    • Slaver's Whip:
    • Mobilization: Nu-Poxers don't always run it 2x and it's more expensive than ever, but global 4 AP speaks for itself. A lategame FW can end the game with this spell alone so time your counter-spells, prepare your Blockade champs, set up your Escape Magics but most importantly, clench your buttcheeks because it's coming.
    • Soulreave: It changes the attack type of all the stuff on caster's side of the board to LoL, allowing champs to bypass Impervious, resistances, immunities and the old SL bonus though I'm not so sure about the new one because this game is coded by understaffed and possibly highly inebriated underpaid peeps.
    • Steal Life: Like Mobi, it's be toned down but this rune can still revitalize a champion by 15 and weaken or straight up kill one of your 0 AP units. Always be careful with what you leave at 0 AP against FW.
    • Motherpoxing Bile Zombie: 2 Death Novas, one of them blinding, costs about as much as the standard AoE spell and he's here to rek your Bane Shift. While usually confined to the shrine zone and thus very predictable, it's a highly notorious unit in Worm decks so always space accordingly and never give them a triple unit nova.
    • Elzari Baazar:
    • Essence Drain:
    • Anathema/Decay:
    • Skull of Decay:
    • Draconic Benediction:
    • Quickening:
    • Enslave:
    • Purge:
    • Peridot Sphere:
    • Skywing Screecher:

    • Hamemer Strike:
    • Macadamize:
    • Instill Panic:
    • Might of Ironfist:
    • Morin's Corner:

    • Sacrifice:
    • Retribution:
    • Mindslicer Boomerang:
    • Maddening Echoes:
    • Split Personality:
    • Prize of Victory:
    • Masochism:
    • Inhibit Power:
    • Escape Magic:
    • Catharsis Bloom:
    • Horn of Order:
    • Reclaim:
    • Gale Force:
    • Swap:
    • Call of Tundra:
    • Cleansing Storm/Emerald:
    • Frigid Barrier:
    • Snow Blind:
    • Arctic Wail:
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    This is a really cracking guide.

    I have lost to every one of those things.

    Unshielded superchamps just die.
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    Brilliant stuff.
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    Is bz still run?

    Also, desperate heal, divine favor, and others are missing. Any good heal in this game should be on this list, since it has a potential to give nearly unending value. Also doom and ED from FW, as well as dark rising, bone circle staff and ennervating collar. I wouldn't even bother with BZ. It is so bad right now, even in worms from my experience.
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    Edited for you.
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    /Raises Hand

    Where are the rest of them? I expected 10 per faction.
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    FS: Reverb blast
    Poison trap

    FW: Domi (seems like there will still be 3 months or so where it's relevant)

    SP: Rock trap

    IS: Divinity's Touch

    SL: Skywing Screecher
    Ferocity of Kain Taris

    UD: Mandate

    KF: Protection

    ST: Snow Blind
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    Adding them. Busy with other stuff so who knows when I'll add comments to most of these or even spell check it but I figure there's no rush either way.
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    Had like 4 people ask the same thing. Read the dang post.
  10. Markoth

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    Wouldnt it be better to add stuff from what is in your head rather than what is on top of it?
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    Too long, didn't read.
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    You can't scientifically prove your ideas and memories are contained precisely within your cranium.
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    If there were larger maps in play, Grimlic’s Portal in KF is a tricky one to know about. Woodland Portal is a tricky one, too.
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    Good stuff.

    FS: Bubble and/or Font of Restoration

    SL: Cancel Magic/Scapegoat
    Forbidden Fruit
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    Biologist here.... so ummm what?
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    Cool siggy gnomes. +1
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    Thanks, wrote how i made it in off topic
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    can somone make an updated version of this
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    Say no more, fam. I'll do it during the weekend, this week is super busy.
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    Much obliged good fellow :)

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