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    In st I ran trolls with x2 crystal phoenix, x2 jakei pilgrim, x2 ferren snow spinners, the pilgrim for his gift: pilgrim's blessing, and the snow spinners for heals, orb of frost fall and snow shroud. Basically makes the grints very tough to deal with because they then have purified, regen 2, and reflexes 2, and evasive 2. Blizzard cloak, fast friends, healing hand, frigid barrier and pilgrimage.

    In k'thir

    Memento for the extra defense
    petrichor for the heals
    protection to save any grints I can't afford to lose
    Verdant promise mostly use it on gravitone because the damage get's really high after x2 verdant promises

    In sl

    Mutate from the doctor
    horrific mutation
    taint if I wanna run them in tandem with draksar for all their nice buffs
    also sl bonus

    I also do a bg built around grints and a couple barbarians.

    My grint and barbarian bg

    x1 savage shieldman
    x1 bastion
    x1 babarian druid
    x1 barbarian guardian
    x2 bouncer
    x2 gravitone
    x2 maginificent
    x2 rockslinger
    x2 shaman
    x1 flame hurler
    x2 terra formers or x2 fury of the storm for knockback damage through lava or storm field
    x2 rock forger

    19 champs, it's lot but that's how I like it.

    x2 stone arm sash
    x1 rock collection
    x1 vial of holy water

    4 equips

    x1 disarm
    x1 desperate heal
    x1 hammer strike
    x1 hymn
    x1 macademize

    5 spells

    x1 banner
    x1 heartstone

    2 relics
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    vipoid I need me some PIE!

    Thank you very much, that's a great help. :)
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    vipoid I need me some PIE!

    Oh, one other thing - do you run any particular champions with them in KF or SL? (Aside from The Doctor.)
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    super71 I need me some PIE!

    In K'thir I like to support my trolls with good range typically and some heals, arrow singers, bow mages, centaur bolters, elven bard for the heal and hymn, elven tender for the heals, stone skin potion, nexus aura, empathy.

    Sl- Mutated doctor, draksar high priest, Taint+ high priest= super buffs, draksar morph for mutate and haste, dunes manticore to reduce enemy damage, heal or divert is good also. sometimes matriarch for cocoon for extra buffs, red temple guards for body guarding important champs.
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