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Discussion in 'Ironfist Stronghold' started by Fesh, Sep 28, 2014.

  1. Fesh

    Fesh The King of Potatoes

    Hey I am a player from way back. I use to play trolls allot when they were new but havent played much since. Now that I seem to be back (I love the new reward system and how easy runes are to get with gold) I would love some help what makes up a decent troll deck. I am currently running 2x all trolls with euan and talgar because I have no idea what I am doing. Also just experimenting with spells/relics/equipment because I have forgotten everything. I have most IS runes, even the super hard to get ones besides the harb and angel of prot ( I had 2 of these but now they are MIA :( ). Just found my 2 AoP :)

    Help please?
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  2. Kraska

    Kraska Member

    Here's a BG that is a modification of one I use on occasion (I don't have all of the trolls in my BG).

    Basically, it's based around using Rock Defiance to buff/heal your champs. Your trolls are your melee damage (except for the Grintmaw Shamans, which provide your mass healing and alt/range damage). Some of the wings provide more range and alt damage (and the Ivory Wing provides cleanse and spot healing also). I put in one Dwarven King which I put one of the Stonearm Sash on so he can participate in the Rock Defiance bad-assery (you can put the other one on one of the Wings). Seeing DK with 70+ hp warcrying your trolls to 20-25+ damage is quite a sight. Silverclan Tinkerer is there for invig (mainly to get DK the ap he needs to proc warcry) as well as shatter. I also use the grant: fire trap on occasion, but his main worth is invig and shatter.

    Spellset is fairly standard and you can substitute there, although I put in two Grintmaw Hymns for you to benefit from (the original BG I use only has one). Also, I use a Failed Amp in my BG although it's not very popular, so I left it out of the BG, but it's nice because it limits the spell spam and forces your opponents to hit you with their champs more, which allows you to benefit from Rock Defiance.

    Try it out and let me know what you think. BTW, in my original BG, I used 2 Earthmovers instead of Grintmaw Magnificent (since I didn't have them). Also, I didn't put in the Grintmaw Rockslinger because his range isn't too helpful and I think the trolls need some alt damage which the wings provide.

    Best regards!
  3. Fesh

    Fesh The King of Potatoes

    Funny to see you just posted 5min ago since I just came on here before going to bed. I am making this bg now so it is ready for tomorrow and I will try it out then. TY for your help! I actually switched to pally when no one replied here but now I am going to stick with trolls until I learn the tricks of this game again. I will post back at a later time to update how things are going. Once again thank you! Spells/relics/equipment is also a HUGE help since I have forgotten so much.
  4. Kraska

    Kraska Member

    I think Paladins are a little stronger overall, but I've held my own in Rare and Exotic league (I know it's not Limited) with the rock defiance bg. Looking forward to reading your feedback after you give it a test drive.
  5. Kraska

    Kraska Member

    BTW, if you wanted to swap out one of the Grintmaw Hymns, you could put either Instill Panic or Might of Ironfist.

    Also, if you want to drop one of the Stonearm Sashes, you can put in a Tactical Manual (maybe for your Scarlet Wing). However, I would keep one for the DK. He wears it very well.
  6. Radan

    Radan The King of Potatoes

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  7. Fesh

    Fesh The King of Potatoes

    Well, sad to say but I am done with trolls. Thanks for the help @Kraska but after playing your bg a few rounds I realized I was using Wings way more than the trolls so I took them out and kept playing with ideas. However all my ideas made me realize I was no longer focusing on trolls so I just dropped them. They need some alt dmg options badly among other things :/ I picked up where I left off with my paladin bg and realized I really do like playing them so I am sticking with them for now. Here is my current bg however it changes everytime I play it lol

    Thank you also @Radan for other options.
  8. Cydna

    Cydna Forum Royalty

    You should definitely run an Attendant Squire in Paladins. With his Attendant ability and invig 2 he's worth it. Also, might want to try out Ironfist Minister. He's a Paladin with Battle Drum which is always good for power turns. I run him with Spellswallower. Also, you kind of seem low on range. Personally, I run 2 NCPs.
  9. Fesh

    Fesh The King of Potatoes

    I took out a Tactical Manual and added in Attendant but not sure what to trade out for Minister? Also I have two NCPs since I am running Aria correct? Thanks for the help btw

    Headed to sleep for now....head is spinning. Busy day and learning so much on here again. Takes a long time to get a grasp on it once you lose it.
  10. Cydna

    Cydna Forum Royalty

    Oh sorry, didn't see Aria. I'm half asleep so I'll post more advice tomorrow.

    eh, I don't even have my BG on Poxbase anymore, so I'll show you that tomorrow lol.
  11. Kraska

    Kraska Member

    My main bg is Paladins, so I can give my two cents too here. Looks good overall. Definitely put in Minister and I would swap out Northern Cross Fanatic. She's pretty good, but he's better overall for abilities. I put Favor on him instead of Spellswallower myself, but I think it's up to your preference as to which one is better. I figure he might get +2-3 damage from Spellswallower over the course of a match, but the extra nora is always good.

    Also, Attendant Squire is good...I actually run Silverclan Tinkerer until I can get a hold of Attendant Squire. That way I have shatter. Also, I run 2 DK's in my BG. I think Warcry is just too good even though he's not a Paladin.
  12. Fesh

    Fesh The King of Potatoes

    So here is my current setup:

    Skirmish takes no time to beat but I am still trying to learn allot of abilities before I play pvp. Let me know if you guys find anything else I could tweak to make this bg more efficient. Thanks again for the help.

    btw I am using spellswallower on minister since I try to never use spells and the AI uses them a decent amount. Also I was thinking of taking out Ironfist Inquisitor to put NCF back. I love that for 68 nora she can have Hunter:Wrath and Pounce. Seems like an amazing combo but its just a many thoughts
  13. Cydna

    Cydna Forum Royalty

    If you're running Bane Blast you should run Hammer Strike. Good spell combo.
  14. Fesh

    Fesh The King of Potatoes

    Ok I am pretty happy with this bg:

    I have Hunter:Wrath on both axemen and NCF. Two detection options. Lots of alt damage. Good mix of range and melee. Anti-equip is the only thing I feel weak in with only disarm and then summon axe for axeman on super rare occasions. Any better shatter options (since no paladin has shatter)? Anything else I should change/switch around?

    Edit: On NCP, is it better to go Mass Heal or Grant Magical Aura? I have been going with the heal but it just hit me that I would get a nora reduction and I have no other aura options right now.
  15. Cydna

    Cydna Forum Royalty

    Perserv counters are nice, but I haven't ran into any champs with it lately. I run aura.
  16. Gwyndionnz

    Gwyndionnz I need me some PIE!

    I'd like to add that I find axemen better with throw axe over hunter cause I find the def reduction and pseudo range to more use more of the time. Agent and collector are good anti equip options, as can be silverclan tinkerer, who also adds in some extra invig. I usually don't find I need more than one option unless I'm coming up against a neg-equip decks. In that situation the collectors snatch ability really shines.
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  17. Cydna

    Cydna Forum Royalty

    My anti-equip is blink (and spot removal) and Tinkerer. I like tinkerer as I usually put Holy Blade of Valdac on him then drop it/pick it up since all he does is give auras. invig, and the occasional shatter/craft.
  18. Fesh

    Fesh The King of Potatoes

    Just wanted to thank everyone for the help. I am very happy with this bg and I have learned allot (still have allot to learn though).
  19. Daerthalus

    Daerthalus Devotee of the Blood Owl

    What upgrades are you running on your Angels?
  20. Cydna

    Cydna Forum Royalty

    Mercy- Cleansing Aura, Heal Mass 1
    Protection- Aerial Supremacy, Trail of CtE

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