Trump: Dawn of the 3rd Party

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by DarkJello, Dec 8, 2015.

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    so I assume someone is paying you but are you being paid per bad post or per bad thread?
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    He wont run as an independant. What he is doing is a classic business technique. The republicans dont want the democrats to win. They also dont want Donald to win. Donald is currently winning so the republicans have been bashing him, hoping that hos supporters will shift to one of the other republican candidates. Donald realizes that the only thought they hate more than the thought of him winning is the thought of Hillary winning. So he threatens to run as an independant saying that 68% of his supporters will still vote for him as an independant. The thing is is that 68% of his supporters is a lot less than Hillary has. He is essentially foci g the republicans hand by saying "Either you shut up and leave me alone or I will throw this and we both lose". Trump has a lot less to lose.
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    He did not pay for the poll. But he is happy to use it, just as you declared.
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    Less educated Americans are in the greatest competition with illegal immigrants for gainful employment, so it is logical that they are drawn to a candidate that genuinely places them above non-citizens. Immigrants, legal and illegal, are more likely to use welfare than established citizens. Thus, less illegal immigrants equals more money for non welfare programs. Finally, the vast majority of universities are extremely biased against republicans, conservatives, libertarians, and tea party supporters. Those with less exposure to such a biased environment are gonna think and vote differently.
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    The question is would he really run as a third party candidate given that he has stated that he views Clinton winning the White House an unmitigated disaster. Certainly if he runs as such, he would split the anti-Hillary vote and she wins easily.

    Right now he's winning the republican race so he hasn't really had to face the question. We'll see if the recent rise of Cruz and Rubio will overtake him. The fact is Trump is tapping into a view that's very strong in the country, a view the establishment republicans better quit ignoring.

    BTW I was recently polled on the question of who would I vote for if the primary was held today. I chose Cruz.

    Trump has done a major service in that he's bringing these important issues into the pubic debate and presidential race. We better do some serious thinking about how we need to adjust our immigration system to minimize the risk of terrorists coming into the country. We also need to do some serious thinking about how we identify home-grown terrorists before they can commit their atrocities and without damaging our Constitutional liberties.
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    The whole was dug deep before Trump declared his candidacy, 6/15. It will be interesting to see if American Muslims become even more monolithic in their voting patterns, due to Trump's recommendation to temporarily halt any new Muslim immigrants. Never a dull moment with DJT in the mix.

    If Trump does become the nominee, will Muslims vote for the guy opposed to war in Iraq or will they select the woman that agreed with GW Bush and formally cast a ballot for invasion?
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    It just speaks volumes about the trust in the current Republicans/the party if a guy can just come in and spout a bunch of profanities/fantasies and get first place.
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    I know this is a popular idea on right-wing radio right now, but I've heard zero actual evidence for this claim.

    By the way, since the rest of the world is generally more liberal than the US, it almost doesn't matter WHAT refugees/immigrants you support, it's going to "stack the deck" towards Democrats.

    I mean, you could literally have said:
    "Republican politicians want to stack the deck by preventing left-leaning migrants."

    Zero % surprised you chose to attack it from just one direction though.

    Not just illegals, that group responds very well to general anti-immigrant and refugee rhetoric. It makes perfect sense that these groups gravitate towards a candidate like Trump because he is offering solutions to their problems (even if I feel it's mostly just empty solutions).

    And yea, when people aren't exposed to new ideas via education and are insularily-biased, they are going to think in a very specific way and not be receptive to change, new ideas, and other cultures.

    People need to learn more, and be exposed to how other people live and think, instead of thinking their POV is the only one that has any kernel of truth.
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    Is this a serious question?
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    This seems to depend on who you ask:

    "Low-income immigrants use public benefits like Medicaid or the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly the Food Stamp Program) at a lower rate than low-income native-born citizens."

    "In 2012, 51 percent of households headed by an immigrant (legal or illegal) reported that they used at least one welfare program during the year, compared to 30 percent of native households. Welfare in this study includes Medicaid and cash, food, and housing programs. "

    "The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) released a new report this morning on immigrant welfare use. CIS found that immigrants use far more welfare than natives do. CIS’ methodology, parts of which are suspect, is what produced this result – as we’ve pointed out to CIS multipletimes. They also omitted a lot of information that would make for a better comparison between immigrants and natives. Simply put, the CIS study does not compare apples to apples but rather apples to elephants.


    The first issue is that CIS counts the welfare use of households, which includes many native-born American citizens, rather than individuals.


    The second issue with the CIS report is that it does not correct for income.


    The third issue with the CIS report is that they omitted the cash value of welfare benefits consumed by immigrant and native households. CIS only analyzed the use rates for each welfare program but they do not tell you how much welfare was actually consumed. Furthermore, CIS does not report how long immigrant households are in these benefit programs compared to natives.


    The fourth issue is that this CIS analysis necessarily excludes the largest portions of the welfare state – Medicare and Social Security."
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    Two things

    • Calling other people filthy rich and then praise trump in the same line, comedy mate
    • linking me to Rush Limbaugh's site, arguably one of the biggest biggots out there, just increases the velocity with which your reputation goes downward
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    Vote for the guy who wants to deport me or vote for the woman who supported war in a country that happened to be muslim?


    Quite a predicament indeed. This is quite the mindbreaker.
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    I am explicitly stating that universities contain way too many professors with the same extreme biases. As a young man, I was befuddled by their angry hate America/God/capitalism rants. Years of study led me to conclude that they honestly believe humanity is best served with a few overlords that will force everyone to be "good".

    University professors are also very insulated from the real world. Tenure, for example. Little to no competition from immigrants for their jobs. Plus they get to spend their day browbeating students that are often much, much younger. So daRn glad I avoided most of the toxicity by focusing on STEM.

    I 100% agree that everyone benefits as we learn more about other cultures and other countries and new philosophies. Learning from history is vital. The vast majority of my wisdom and knowledge has been acquired from other women and men. May the best culture eventually be embraced by all humanity, says I.
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    Surely the problem for the republicans is that in representing the bias and prejudices of their core vote (less-educated, white, male, christian) they have made themselves toxic for hispanics and blacks, and for many women. Trump takes this to another level.

    If I was of a minority group in America, it would be obvious which party to vote for - the one that doesn't wish i didn't exist.

    So Republicans have done this to themselves, they have tied themselves to a declining population, and unless they leave the bigotry behind their economic ideas will decline with them.
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    When did Trump recommend deporting all Muslim citizens? Or even one?

    Iraq has been a huge cluster fudge. Hillary voted for invasion.

    The only predicament is getting u to stick with the facts.

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