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Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Varthas, Oct 23, 2018.

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  2. Sokolov

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    It's fine as long as someone got rich from it

  3. Geressen

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    this was expected.

    now we need to wait for plastic eating bacteria to adapt to living in guts.

    or stop polluting, heh, fat chance.
  4. Varthas

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    Sad but true.

    Yes i have been waiting for these findings. I want to spin further on your positive attitude; Even though we can`t get any nutrition from this right now, this might be essential in a hundred year or so when we have robot limbs and plastic skin.

    I agree that stop polluting is less likely. Us humans we don`t care about anything but ourself @ the present day, and we do that pretty well.

    Personally i have a plastic bag with me when i walk the dog, and i pick up plastic from the sea side. I find something new almost every week; plastic bottles, isopor, plastic caps, melted plastic pieces, plastic toys, plastic balls, and i even found the ac/dc module for a laptop, wich isn`t boyant but sea creatures with too high boyancy use stuff like that to control the sea drift and then drop it when they get stranded.
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    Saw a couple the other day in a Starbucks parking lot, they dumped out old Starbucks drinks, and then set them outside their car doors and drove away. The garbage can was 20 feet away, I had to stop and park after going through the drive thru and throw the cups in the recyclables.

    Our food has been poisoned for decades, hence the extreme uptick in more and more people with cancer. Feed us poison for profits, and then get profits by supposedly curing the poison we received from the Bane Shift food with radiation which to me is just concentrated poison. What a ****ed up world these days, all for cash which is made from the very trees that keep us alive and it’s only value is what we give it .

    What a joke
  6. Alakhami

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    you can't really blame people. we are after all very habitual creatures. we've been used to dump Bane Shift wherever we go for hundreds of thousands of years, consuming Bane Shift that is hazardous to the environment is something very new to us and requires an extra bit of conscious everyday effort. Only the most conscientious can do that. Don't expect countries like India or China caring about pollution any time soon -- not implying that their national character lacks conscientiousness, i just think that MASS societies have less of that to begin with, especially if they're poor.
    The rich and the individualistic types are the one priveleged enough to think about the environment, no matter how paradoxical (and probably absurd) that might sound to you guys.
  7. Sokolov

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    Plus there's a legitimate argument that these concerns are "first world" problems and first world countries historically benefited from being Bane Shift to the planet (and to each other), yet all feel mighty and superior now trying to tell other developing nations what to do. I am not against trying to elevate global conscieouness and awareness, but I also understand why these countries will just look at the first world and go, "Screw you guys trying to tell us what to do when you weren't (and in other cases, aren't) any better."

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