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    I guess this is going to be a multi-purpose thread for video games.

    What thoughts do you put into a video game when purchasing it? It's cheap? It's replayability? Reviews? Aesthetics? Genre? Ect...

    What games have you played that you would suggest onto others? The AAA games are rather well known, and there are some definite indie gems. What games would you share?
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    As this list becomes bigger, I will move on from just alphabetizing it, and sort by genre as well.

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    I'll start off by suggesting

    Dust: An Elysian Tail
    Action Side-Scroller, with a very good narrative story, and a beautiful landscape. Seriously though, The landscape is what sold me on this. (Highly suggest a Xbox 360 computer controller, or similar.)

    ENSLAVED: Odyssey to the West
    Post-Apocalytpic, Action, Adventure, An endearing, story with an attractive landscape that'll leave you glued to your computer. Long story short, world got wrecked, robots roam everywhere, society is ruined, and you were captured, and on your way to slavery. You escape only to find yourself irrevocably bound to your traveling partner. Eh? It could be worse. (Again, Xbox 360 controller suggested.)

    It's a lovely top down, space, sandbox. You control ships, venture, and explore. (There's more to it, but I'll let you find out the rest.) The story is near linear, but lets you choose when you complete it's goal. Not really any sidequest to speak of. S.P.A.Z. 2 is due out later this year, and has evolved from its previous form.

    As for buying games, my way of choosing them is hard to explain.
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  4. Boozha

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    Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

    Warhammer 40k: Space Marine


    Dawn of War II

    Aside of the first one they are a long-term bundle of fun. Brothers is just depressing. And good, but mainly depressing

    Edit: Woop :p
  5. Geressen

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    Metro 2033 and Metro last light are post apocalyptic shooters with a very good atmosphere.

    I like most total war games but concede that the AI is easily beaten once you know how it acts and reacts. higher dificulties just make it cheat to gain massive numerical superiority. don't know about atilla yet but if you like grand strategy and tactics go for total war.

    Xcom Enemy Unknown and Enemy Within are fun and can be made to be highly challenging in higher dificulties. punishing you for all mistakes.

    I also recommend the Jedi Knight series and jedi academy ( wich I feel is in the same series)
    and the X-wing and tie fighter games and freespace for space combat.

    I also own a lot of smaller indie games trough humble bundle and those are often fun but short.

    this is my backloggery and steam name:

    I am actually playing Napoleon total war right now because I am reading a book called 'voices from the napoleonic wars' wich is a collection of diaries and letters written by infantrymen cavalry and officers accounts of battles and campaign. so no grand overview of battles but only what they saw and heard. like these bits from a rifleman benjamin harris during the devestating retreat to corunna;

    "I now soon sank down in the road and lay beside a man who had also fallen, and was apparently dead, and whom I recognized as one of our seargents, names Taylor"

    --*some other stuff, then the rearguard arives a seargent badgers him to get up and keep walking, their luitenant disagrees.*-

    '"Let him die quietly Hicks" he said to the seargent. "I know him well; He is not the man to lie here if he could get on. I am sorry harris" he said "to see you reduced to this"

    ----* Rearguard leaves and Harris starts feeling better, * ----

    "After a while, I found that my companion, the sargeant, who lay beside me, had also recovered a little"

    ''The sargeant consented to make the effort, but after two or three attempt to rise, gave it up. I myself was more fortunate'

    ---* Harris decides to save himself , skedaddles off to some spanish hovel wich he breaks into rifle first. old spanish people speak spanish. Harris is annoyed by this*----

    "Where I found my companion, the sargeant, dead, and lying where I had left him the night before. "

    so you know the atrittion you get when you keep a stack of total war troops in an enemy teritorry? yeah.
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  6. Dagda

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    crusader kings 2

    europa universalis 4- gonna put the summary for this and ck2 here, they're made by the same people and are fairly similar overall. they tend to be called grand strategy, i think of that as a pretty obnoxious genre name but hey. the basic idea is that you pick a country (or landed dynasty, depending on which game) in the world, any country or dynasty, and then navigate them through the next few centuries. it starts out about as historically accurate as they can make it, and some key historical events will pop up if they're able to, but it turns into alt-history real fast. very engrossing, don't play them unless you wanna throw a lot of time in. decently large learning curve compared to the rest of what's on this list.

    fire emblem (most of em)- good starter turnbased franchise.

    brawlhalla- fighting game, still in beta i think. i like the direction they're going with it, and it's basically like if SSB was on the PC and not at all nintendo

    then there's this new game coming out called no man's sky, i can't tell you much more about it than their site can

    looked hype, we'll see. there were some others i was curious about, but i dno really.
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  7. Boozha

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    XCom punishes you either way, mistakes or no mistakes. Oh, enemy is out of cover and you are in hard cover? You miss, he one-shots you! WoooOOOOOOOOO!
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  8. Geressen

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  10. kalasle

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    Some cool ones:
    Ain't played XCOM in a while, but yeah, blast of a game. Played a bit of Long War, wasn't a huge fan of some of their underlying decisions and haven't played in a while now. Beaglerush always put out great content for that game.

    Dark Souls (and 2, I guess). Put over 1k hours in that game, plenty of PvP. One of the best games of the last decade. Brilliant. There's this broader sense of a Souls community, which is its own weird entity and inevitably gloms to the game because of the built-in online stuff. Damn solid game either way.

    Planetside 2. Played a ton of this, was a Vanu pilot on Waterson. Ain't picked it up in a long time (thank you, Pox, for consuming all videogame time), but always was fun, even as just a puby.

    USF4. Street Fighter is the best fighting game out there, whatever high-speed, low-skill scrubs like @themacca might tell you. Never been very good, but play Makoto and Chun-Li. Keyboard warrior all the way. Follow the competitive scene a bit.

    EU4/CK2. Also fantastic games, doing fun stuff with emergent story. I think the coolest part of these games is actually comparing their mechanics and assumptions to see how those form different values of the player, and portray a different structure of the world. (Sometimes those are anachronistic -- the concept of an abstract "state" apart from the ruler didn't really exist until at least the 17th century, at least 200 years after the start of EU4.)

    Skyrim. Played plenty of this. Done with it now, but still does what it does really well.

    FTL. A great game for a ton of reasons, even if the emergent narrative isn't as strong as XCOM (which is a hard thing to do, and happens here for very different reasons than those in Darkest Dungeon). I've watched a ton of Star Trek, both TOS and TNG, so this game is a special favorite. Still haven't done any Hard No-Pause runs, but may do that eventually.

    Risk of Rain. Breaking this one with my buddy was a thrill, and we still kick it around sometimes. Quirky, and with great visual style and music.

    Dragon Age: Origins. From what I've seen, still probably the best of the Dragon Age games, despite its problems. Was super late to the party on this one, but still a great time. Story is ok, pretty standard high-fantasy stuff. Couple cool characters.

    Glitchhikers: A tiny, free indie game, it tries to do something different and succeeds, despite some problems. It's about 10 minutes long tops, 30 if you want to play through it a couple times to get the feel. My recommendation for people trying to peek in on less conventional games -- ones that don't necessarily push the envelope, but are also trying to be something other than Hero Man the Adventure 2015 edition. It's free, it's quirky, it's got a good atmosphere, and for those with a literary bent, it provides great material with which to analyze games as an artistic medium.

    One bad mention:
    Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. This game is a joke, in a lot of ways. Don't pick it up unless you find it on sale for <5 USD. The story is shlocky as hell, and the combat breaks in half once you get past the early game. Good game feel, though, and the Fae people in this have a really cool core idea.
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  11. darklord48

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    I just picked up Legend of Grimrock, Enemy Mind, Brothers a Tale of Two Sons, and Defy Gravity on Steam. Grimrock I got because a friend beat it and he rarely completes RPGs. Enemy Mind reminded me of Gradius and R-Type. Brothers I heard had a great story. Defy Gravity was 14 cents, and came with steam cards. I sold the cards for 18 cents and I like the game.

    As for games I've played that were great: FTL, Bastion, Xcom, and Shadowrun
  12. themacca

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    well i love my fighting games. and will buy almost any fighting game that comes out except for street fighter cause literally the only person who still likes it is @kalasle
    Outside of that i want my games to have a good story and be challenging without pandering to a specific gimmick like the recent witcher 3 has. Just like kalasle i have put in over a thousand hours into both dark souls games and it has one of the best and worst communities out there. I also love my multi choice stories so im a big fan of Bioware games like mass effect and dragon age.

    As far as recommendations go i have 3 major ones. The first is anything from the souls series if it has souls in its title buy it you wont regret it. The second is dragons dogma dark arisen though most of you have probably heard of that the game has a kinda cool story though it is told through horrid voice acting and ambiguous hints throughout the game as well. This one most probably havent heard of unless you are from japan. It's called armored core and the game has so much depth in technichality in it that i have never seen any other game match. You build your own mech and literally every part of it affects how it runs from weight requiring you output more energy into your boosters to taking longer to turn cause of asymetrical design and just a whole bunch of stuff that i dont have the energy to explain. But its a seriously fun game if you get into it and i highly reccomend it to anyone
  13. Leadrz

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    I like an odd collection of games.
    I'd like to talk about FTL.

    As a turn(ish) based randomised game. I find it goddam fun to play.

    I also play Kerbal space program, just want to say. It's hard-(ish)(depending).

    Pox Nora is one kick ass game obv, well when people play it. I know at least 1 poster here has not played a game I a while >.>

    FFIX (final fantasy nine) is one of my childhood loves <3 vivi
    Another is dark cloud, (never got to finish brother broke disc)

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    did you get xcom while it was on sale or did it you get it right before sales?
  15. darklord48

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    X-com enemy unknown I got a while ago. Enemy within went on sale a few weeks ago.
  16. Boozha

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    Kerbal Space Program is THE Bane Shift if you like being somewhat serious about your gaming. Just fantastic. And basically about as much content as minecraft (albeit in a different way) for a very timid price per content.

    Age of Wonders 3 is really nice turn based strategy.

    FTL I wasn't so hot about. Damn it, could you leave the decision whether or not I want to save scum up to me, please? Restrictive bullshit. Also random as hell, ultimately, and you know my utter love for randomness.
  17. Morfeas

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    If you haven't played these, try them.

    Heroes of Might and Magic (3/5/6/7) - turn based
    Age of Mythology - RTS
    Oblivion - RPG
    DotA 2 - MOBA
    Dungeons and Dragons Online (if you like DnD) - MMO
    War of Omens - CCG
  18. Dagda

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    has anyone tried Life is Feudal?

    MEATMAN Forum Royalty

    if you've played space engineers, it's basically that but in medieval times.

    Edit: NVM was thinking of a different game
  20. Fentum

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    Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic. For epic turn based fantasy strategy.

    Jade Empire: for old school D&D style adventures in Asia.

    Freedom Force: still the best tactical squad game ever made. Superhero theme.
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