Voil Destroyer

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    Rune Name : Voil Destroyer
    Faction: SP

    Race: Voil , Class: Warrior/Brute , Size: 2x2 , Rarity: Exo
    : Extra Large Voil perched on a smaller Ledge howling as it's large Claws tears gnashes into the rock. Harpoon strapped to it's back.
    Flavor-Text: The occasional voil Runt Grows larger and stronger than his kin, this comes at the expense of his ability to fly for long periods. And his mind.
    Nora Cost:
    Champion Stats
    12, SPD: 6, RNG: 1, DEF: 2, HP: 55

    Champion Abilities
    Attack: Physical
    Temporary Airborne - Whenever this champion uses a non-basic attack ability, it gains flight for 3 turns.

    Upgrade Ability Set #1
    Pounce (2)
    Leap (2)

    Upgrade Ability Set #2
    Life Siphon

    HEY! let me know what you guys thinks. Also wondering if the flight granted should be for 2 turns? it may seem abit much to have 3 turns as he can potentially be flying all the time.
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