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    So the Voil Progenitor and Voil Queen have a new ability, "Voil Caverns" which spits out mini Voil whenever an enemy campion is killed within 5. At the same time the Voil Caverns relic got a 5 point stat reduction. What do you guys think? Is this the sort of change that that pushes Voil back towards potentially being good enough? What about the good 'ole Voil mountain? Worth running?
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    "Good enough" is a weird think to say, imo. I always thought they were very good, just not played? You know, cuz of the whole lack of shiny or OP stuff?

    And now they... well, they get the OP stuff so they get dubbed "good enough".

    but just barely.
  5. doubtofbuddha

    doubtofbuddha I need me some PIE!

    "Good Enough" means I can play it against top level (not god level) players and feel I can give them a run for their money. So yes good enough means that they hae some OP stuff that means they are pretty damn competitive.

    Anyway, I spent an hour looking through and trying to put together a Voil bg I was happy with and mostly came away thinking they are not actually good enough. So I am going to stick to other SP themes when I play them for now unless something changes or someone shows me how I am wrong.
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    You are right DoubtofBuddha Voil are actually as about competitive as slags atm... Anyway what was the deck? What Voil need are abilities like healing wind, or to get the full bonus of flying for casting spells... A buff to unstable ground or tigerseye would be great!
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    I think what voil need more than anything else is one more decent long range unit. skyhowler is mediocre and sorcerer is above average, but thats not enough ranged. after that they could use a decent commander or defender. So buff infernal, cause it doesn't fit in the way it is. maybe a ranged nerf across the board would help voil some, sounds like something like that might be coming.
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    Voil >> slags (pwer wise)
  9. doubtofbuddha

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  10. doubtofbuddha

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    This is what I am running now. It is actually pretty strong, and it focused on maximizing cavern triggers so you can flood the board with Young Bats. Only thing I am not really sure about atm is Slaver's Whip. I am like two games away from BM, so I am going to stick with my FS Junk until I can hit that, but after that I plan to put this deck through a true test rather than the handful of ranked and large number of unranked games I have had with it so far.

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