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    Voodoo Shamfie
    Forglar Swamp
    Race: Mirefolk/Beast, Class: Shaman, Size: 2x2, Rarity: Exotic
    Nora Cost: 75

    Champion Stats
    12, SPD: 6, RNG: 1, DEF: 2, HP: 60

    Champion Abilities
    (Remove Soul Siphon)
    (ADD) Vitalize
    (ADD) Spellswallower
    Semi Aquatic (Replaces Amphibious)

    Upgrade Ability Set #1
    Ability #1 Logistics: Life Siphon (Replaces Soul Mason)
    Ability #2 Trail Water
    Ability #3 Iron Will

    Upgrade Ability Set #2
    Ability #1 Power Attack 3
    Ability #2 Detection 3
    Ability #3 Charm 3 (Replaces Fear 3)

    This still gives Shamfie that late game play style but for about 15 Nora less plus a buff to his mobility via Semi Aquatic. I think the abilities still fit his vibe as a Voodoo Beast and Babe. What do you guys think?

    Soul Mason is a waste, i think the blood coming from Voodoo Shamfies mouth indicates he Siphons some life and with Logistics: Life Siphon its different from the other Mirefolk so the play style is slower and less Nora.

    Charm is also a few Nora cheaper then fear and doesnt change the play style to much either. I figure the Charm is coming from the Babe on his shoulder. She can charm the enemies with her voodoo ways.

    Please let me know what you guys think, i have been playing Voodoo Shamfie since 2008 when i started playing Poxnora and i would love to see him back in more battle groups!

    Cheers, Noshua!
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