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Discussion in 'Forglar Swamp' started by Elric, Jan 30, 2017.

  1. Elric

    Elric I need me some PIE!

    ...is an old rune that needs a serious revamp to be deck-worthy.

    Any ideas on how you would fix this old exotic?
  2. Elric

    Elric I need me some PIE!

  3. profhulk

    profhulk Forum Royalty

    Voodoo shamfie did get a mini buff. It received soul siphon a while ago. I know it isn't the major over haul you were expecting but it is a slight change from it's vanilla release form.
  4. Keku

    Keku The King of Potatoes

    just remove the massive sandbag that's soul siphon and start from there, the rune has decent upgrades and nice stats, it's just soul siphon being useless in a deck like mirefolks
  5. Elric

    Elric I need me some PIE!

    Thanks for the responses! :)

    Oh wow! I just looked at LoganMkv's database, http://s-qpoxdb.rhcloud.com/, to find out how much Soul Siphon is adding to Voodoo Shamfie's cost. It is adding 20 nora! That is HUGE!!! And a ridiculously useless sandbag!

    I was wondering why Voodoo Shamfie was costing 84 nora for a basic build!

    Please please please remove Soul Siphon from Voodoo Shamfie, and then, it actually would be playable!
  6. 4NIK8

    4NIK8 I need me some PIE!

    Srsly the rune is fine. It's one of those runes where it really doesnt need to be changed at all since not all runes need to be meta material... it can be run in mirefolk and fits a a different type of bg like death benefit. It's not often seen because it's not an obvious choice in FS but it can be a pretty decent and fun deck to play.
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  7. GoldTiger

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    Yeah I run it in mirefolk sometimes. Decent synergy, fairly tanky, and nice water source.
  8. Elric

    Elric I need me some PIE!

    It can stay in the shoebox and just be used for fun, but not competitive decks then. I'll use another champ for detection in FS.

    It just seemed like such a cool rune to be left in the shoebox.
  9. noshua

    noshua The King of Potatoes

    I love Voodoo Shamfie..
  10. free20play

    free20play I need me some PIE!

    its a good rune.
    my only problem with voodoo shamfie is that its 6 speed while having 1-1 attack range.
    if it were like say 7 speed it'd be near perfect.
    to me voodoo shamfie seems alot like mairdeth before her 1 speed increase. ( atleast thats the feeling i get )
    so how about giving voodoo shamfie scorn and 1 + base speed? (shamfie has soulmason available so scorn wouldn't be too much of a drawback)
    if thats too much how about 1-2 attack range and scorn?

    or best of all give it 1-2 range,1+ speed,scorn,and some other negative ability. (maybe a vulnerability?)
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  11. themacca

    themacca Master of Challenges

    wait dafuq, how in the hell is soul siphon a sandbag
  12. free20play

    free20play I need me some PIE!

    my guess its because fs lacks ways to take advantage of soul siphon the way fw and ud can.
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