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Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by darklord48, Aug 5, 2016.

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  1. Saandro

    Saandro I need me some PIE!

    At what point when constantly insulting people you've never met over the internet are you supposed to think "Wait, what am I doing with my life right now?". Are we in middleschool again?
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  2. potatonuts

    potatonuts I need me some PIE!

    Well drinking less water could potentially be unhealthy depending on the circumstances, most people don't drink enough water to begin with.

    I was just taking issue with the fact that it's achieving nothing. Water retained in the body is so temporary that all you'd be doing is losing weight until you next got thirsty, it really would be a pointless effort.
  3. Geressen

    Geressen Forum Royalty

    don't dehydrate yourselves. it is bad for your kidneys.
    don't overhydrate it is bad for your kidneys.
    Don't have too much salt... kidneys.

    just .... just drink water and eat salt in normal amounts ( more water and less salt than you probably do now)
  4. Lushiris

    Lushiris I need me some PIE!

    It's not driking less water, it's doing it in a smart way. You need 2L a day and you'll be more than fine. if you drink a 300mL glass an hour you can easily cover that, not to mention that you're supposed to be eating fruits and vegetables which also hydrate you so you won't be thirsty doring meals if you eat correctly, and that's even more evident when you consume less salt. And no I'm not converting units.
  5. potatonuts

    potatonuts I need me some PIE!

    So you're literally suggesting not to drink water before and after meals?

    I'm just not really sure what this is achieving.

    Btw try doing Cardio up to three times every day on 2l, not happening.
  6. Lushiris

    Lushiris I need me some PIE!

  7. potatonuts

    potatonuts I need me some PIE!

    Looking at those sources and the background of the author does not instill me with confidence for this article.

    Edit: Yeah that article is a load of Bane Shift. The writer has no academic education or professional experience in this field, the first source has been deleted, the second source is just a different article making the same unverified claims and the third source is a link to the same website, you can't cite your own website as a source.

    Where did you originally learn about this?
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  8. Boozha

    Boozha I need me some PIE!

    One way or another, what has indigestion to do with absorption of nutrients? If anything, you should strive to suffer from indigestion to avoid your metabolism metabolizing things, no? :p
  9. BurnPyro

    BurnPyro Forum Royalty

    I've been super tempted lately to go back to the gym. Got some time on my hands, chick im into/seeing is doing that sorta stuff.

    So I hope I don't wake up as the piece of Bane Shift me tomorrow and go get breakfast and work out. High hopes. High hopes.
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  10. Geressen

    Geressen Forum Royalty

    I took the easy route and just took a glance at the article and realised it wasn't credible.

    ...it was not incredible, I just couldn't believe it.

    ... because it was bad, not because I was awestruck.
  11. Agirgis1

    Agirgis1 Forum Royalty

    Eh well i'm no expert but i can share how i dropped 25 kg in 2 months (eh? 25x2.2 for pounds i think). I stuck to my classic 3 meals a day , i stopped eating rice/bread/ basicly white carbs ( Note before i started seriously weight lighting so the carbs weren't necessary). Reduced the amount i ate ingeneral for the meals, focusing on eating proteins; NO SNACKING AT WORK/UNI UNLESS BODYBUILDING, Drink water all day long instead of snacking. In fact , all i drank was water , no juice , nothing but stupid water.

    It'll suck for a few days but than your stomach gets literally smaller from the inside and you aren't really hungry anymore.

    I was jogging almost daily while doing this as well (before i go to uni early morning, sometimes late at night after work if i missed my chance) (pre-use of any weights), i now mostly only weight lift, but you feel much healthier on moderate jogging ( Even though all studies say spiriting is faster weight-loss, its agreed jogging is simply much healthier for the joints/bloodflow/etc.)
  12. potatonuts

    potatonuts I need me some PIE!

    I always check the sources first, if the sources aren't reliable then you can usually bet the content won't be.
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  13. Boozha

    Boozha I need me some PIE!

    One look: Tabloid-esque or serious-esque. If it's tabloid-esque, disregard. if it's serious-esque, read and consider sources, then disregard.
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  14. Geressen

    Geressen Forum Royalty

    you did everything right, you decreased portions, drank more water, and instead of eating carbohydrates you used all them C's and H's trapped in what we call FAT

    and yes, the stomach adapts to portion.
  15. potatonuts

    potatonuts I need me some PIE!

    Another good sign is if the wording hurts your brain, I've rarely read scientific journals that were enjoyable to read in any way.
  16. Geressen

    Geressen Forum Royalty

    that's because it is fun to write like that... I did my best on what you wrote but couldn't be bothered to look up a thesaurus so meh;
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  17. potatonuts

    potatonuts I need me some PIE!

    that was pretty epic.
  18. Axeraiser

    Axeraiser I need me some PIE!

    First things first, losing weight is simple. its not easy but it is simple. Its a case of how many calories you burn on a daily basis vrs how many calories you are taking in through your food. Consume less calories than you are expending = weight loss.

    So your basal metabolic rate is the amount of calories you use on a daily basis, this is a pretty good calculator for determining what your BMR is.


    This is obviously not 100 percent accurate as people have varying metabolisms etc but its good enough to get you started.

    Some general guide lines :

    1.) Stay away from heavily processed foods and drinks. ie anything that comes wrapped up. So no breads, pizzas, junk food take aways etc.
    2.) Drink Firk loads of water. As someone else pointed out people often mistake thirst for hunger, drinking lots of water will not only keep you hydrated, it will also satiate you and help you metabolise fat better as well as keeping your skin in good health.
    3.) DO NOT CHEAT ON YOUR DIET. People who are overweight generally have a reliance on food for one reason or another, they use it as a way to make them feel better, food is comfort and you need to break your attachment to it. If you can go a week without cheating your cravings go away. The nature of sugar is that the more you have the more you want, so as soon as you cheat, even a little, you will crave more and more and it will set you down the wrong path.
    4.) You have to want to lose weight. I mean really want it, not kind of, not you would like to, you genuinely want it. If you arent committed and truly want to make the change it wont happen, losing weight isnt a fad diet it isnt a short term solution , you have to make life changes.
    5.) Exercise and weight loss go hand in hand. Join a gym, yes you CAN afford it if you really want it and yes you DO have the time to go. Be stronger than your excuses.
    6.) Do not overdo it with exercise. If you are someone has has to lose like 50 pounds or more, going to the gym and doing cardio for an hour a day 7 days a week is going to negatively impact you in the long run. Your body is not going to be used to exercise and so a minimal amount will be enough to trigger change. The human body adapts very quickly and so it would get used to doing that 1 hour 7 days very soon and then you would have no where to go. Start off with 3 times a week 20 minutes and up it by 5 minutes every 1-2 weeks.
    7.) Count your calories and prepare your food in advance. Cook all your meals the night before or in the morning, if you dont have them precooked you will be more likely to snack or grab something convenient and thus fall off your diet. Fail to prepare and you are preparing to fail.

    These are the key tips I can give you if you follow these you should do alright. Other than that its just getting a diet/exercise plan in place and being consistent with it. I offer online coaching for people of all fitness goals if anyone would like some help feel free to contact me : sambutler93@hotmail.com or send me a DM on Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/saminnerstrength/
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  19. newsbuff

    newsbuff Forum Royalty

    Thanks Axe!

    Any ideas for how can we support and encourage each other here on this forum in an effective way?
  20. Dagda

    Dagda Forum Royalty

    hotmail still exists the Firk
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