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Discussion in 'Training Grounds and Game Guides' started by KTCAOP, Feb 27, 2014.

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    Don't feel lonely. I got stomped in a training match and defeated handily in a unranked game. The short turns are way too short for me. I'm still feeling my way around the runes and what there is. With 105 second turns there just isn't time after the first few turns. At least in the game against the AI the turns are 10 minutes and I can pause it.
  3. fattyy2k

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    The best way to learn this game is to jump in and lose 10/12 matches. As long as you learn from each defeat, you will get better and continue to have fun
  4. StormChasee

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    Unfortunately the only thing I've learned so far is the 105 second turns are too short. Against the AI I'm usually taking 3-5 minutes. I'm not really interested in pvp. Epic Arena had 2 extremes for pvp play. One with 60 seconds per turn and 900 seconds for the entire game. The other was 1 turn every day unless the opponent was on line the same I was which wasn't the case.

    In the training game my champions were losing 8 hit points nearly every turn and I couldn't figure out why. As near as I can figure it was either related to the opponent's avatar or they were in some field, but the field seemed to be the entire map. The champion cards that could detect invisibility didn't come up for several turns and by then it was over. I can't recall a time I felt that helpless in a game.

    In the unranked pvp game I joined(thinking it was a training game) I wasn't doing too badly initially, but the short turns and not getting my bard show up in time caused things to go downhill. At least that one wasn't a total disaster.
  5. fattyy2k

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    Well pvp isn't for everyone, but even for those who it is, it's a steep learning curve. You learn the hard way about stuff
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    Sound like it could have been Head of Osarius that was doing this, it's a shadowspawned relic that deals 8 fire damage to enemies within 2 spaces at the end of the owner's turn.
  7. StormChasee

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    By 'shadowspawned' do you mean invisible? I don't remember which deck I was opposing now. I've seen that relic in Fires of Sheoul deck.
  8. SPiEkY

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    Yeah, it comes into play stealthed.
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    If I encounter something like that, I'd ask the opponent what is going on.
  10. StormChasee

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    I did and he mentioned that I needed Detection, but none of the cards I had available to play had that and I didn't get one until a few turns later.
  11. jumjumlp

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    Hello guys jumjumlp here. i'm pretty new to the game and is looking forward to playing with you :)
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    It is great to see new people trying out Pox Nora. Have fun playing :)
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    Hi everyone! Start a few days ago and having a blast so far. Cheers!
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  15. ormen

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    I suggest watching other players to find good runes you think you might like! Good hunting!
  16. Ifem21

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    My tips:
    Watch other players (specially the higher ranks) play will help you to understand the game better. Always read the log of the match. Search help from Guilds and other people in Forums.
    Greetings, and good game to everyone, we hope you all guys like it :D
  17. 0ryuk0

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    Hi, Poxers! 0ryuk0 here! SP forever! :D
  18. Saprophyte

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    Sup. I'm not new, I'm just coming back from a long hiatus. I started out whenever PoxNora came to Steam the first time, when SOE ran things. IIRC PoxNora actually got taken off of Steam for a while when SOE was shutting down like 90% of the IPs it owned.

    But that's neither here nor there. I just wanted to drop in and say hi ya'll. I play mostly Sundered Lands. I used to play a Sand BG, a Myx BG, a Draksar BG, and a Kanen BG. I haven't touched any of them in a long time so they're horribly out of date, since DOG started running things and nerfing everything if I understand correctly.
  19. ormen

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    Check out the sl forums!
  20. Saprophyte

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    Already 18 steps ahead of you, but will do (again).

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