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Discussion in 'Training Grounds and Game Guides' started by KTCAOP, Feb 27, 2014.

  1. Valriel

    Valriel Well-Known Member

    Hi! im kind of new here, looking for good advice, trying to play skellington.
  2. Saprophyte

    Saprophyte Member

    I would advise against trying to make a skeleton deck. I've tried, and it's not all that fun or that good. Despite how many skeletons there are, they don't have as much synergy with each other as you'd think, and leave a lot to be desired. With that said, if you're still curious about them, I would check out the FW section.
  3. Valriel

    Valriel Well-Known Member

    already done, I might want to watch some recent replays, are there any on youtube? I've seen a few from 2014 but i think they are outdated.
  4. Iceblade13

    Iceblade13 New Member

    Hello, I'm not new but probably not familiar to most. I started around the time SP was released and abit before they stopped having credits. Most of my champs used to have alot of cp back in the old system where you could raise stats or buy abilities when the upgrading was in text w/out pictures for the abilities etc. I only logged in a couple times after sony took over and stopped playing. My champs seem to have lost their old cp since I didn't do any upgrades during sony's era so after my account has been recover I'm an old player with level 1 champs that forgot some of their abilities while they were collecting dust.
    I swear some of them used to be alot cheaper in nora cost though O_O
    I was in a guild before but it was too long ago to remember the name.

    Hello to everyone thats been playing since and any old players still out there :)
  5. Lushiris

    Lushiris I need me some PIE!

    Welcome back bro! Yea, now that champions have their costs based on a formula, they did end up costing more. But this is closer to a balanced game than we've ever been, trust me.
  6. Gaedel

    Gaedel I need me some PIE!

    Welcome back @Iceblade13 and welcome @Valriel. I hope you enjoy the game. I've been playing for many seasons, but 99.9% single player. I love making and trying new and different themed decks. IS is my main and favorite faction (Dwarves, yeah!), but I really love the fact that there are so many options out there, and have played all 8 factions. There are many helpful people, many helpful posts (and many not-so-helpful), ignore the drama, but if you have any questions, feel free to post. If you do end up diving into PvP Ranked, don't worry too much about losing at the beginning, that's how you learn. If you have a way to record your games, play them back to see what you might do to improve. I used to play competitive chess and used to do that all the time. Good luck.
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  7. FastThickPants

    FastThickPants New Member

    Hello all. K'thir Forester here, and having a good time with it too.
  8. R3dLockz

    R3dLockz New Member

    Hey guys, R3d here. Just started my journey into poxnora since a week and I'm really excited for this game :).
    I was wondering about rune trades because I really like the Sundered Lands faction but not much variety in my runes yet! Haven't figured out how that works though.
  9. xaznsoulx

    xaznsoulx Supreme Dream Team 夢想 隊

    If you are on PC then set up a trade. I can give you my spares.
  10. DukeofDunks

    DukeofDunks I need me some PIE!

    The gold purchaseable bg's they just put out are insanely good deals that are so good theyre almost assuredly going to be changed, id jump on those while you can
  11. Lluis83

    Lluis83 New Member

    Hello. I am Lluis83. I am new to the game. Looking for good advice. Now trying to do a budget BG.
  12. TeaScholar

    TeaScholar Better-Known Member

    Hey and welcome to all new faces, especially those from the playstation world! Feel free to pm me on the forums for Forsaken Wastes advice.
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  13. Belthoron

    Belthoron New Member

    hello together , i would say i am a new player, compared to the old playerbase with more than 5-6-7 years playing it.

    somehow i found this game on steam, because i was searching for a card game for pc , like the good old mtg - and here it is maybe late but in 2017 i found PoxNora which combines best graphic , best UI on/ for Pc :D and best price free to play :)
    so i decided to give it a chance, now iam playing this wonderful game for nearly 6 months +- spend more than 600hours on steam oO grinding collecting learning , escalating

    wow such a great great game , with so many possible tacticts to build and try. building decks with so much possibilities - this alone consumed and consumes many many hours

    and it seems i will stay for a another while , many many cards are not forged already, so something is to do and finally ..... so i thought i say hello to the pox community.

    and a short impression:
    wtf these ranked games, so many looses, so many "highendplayer" with years on experience, thats truly the hardest part on poxnora for new players combined with the
    necessity of good card awarenes champs/abilitys/spells, and so on, those opponents wont forgive mistakes and they do no mistakes for themselfes, so most matches ends with 1-2 mistakes, because not all cards are 100% known champion down, game over, next round...

    iam not really sure if the problem is a less playerbase or "bad ranking" system .
    so i must say it would be a help and a better fun factor to get some more similiar "opponents", maybe to have a "balanced" chance to win some games.
    sure learning from the best is nice and good, but..

    And thats for today. maybe not the correct intruduce post, but i see even in 2018 a huge potencial in that pox nora game.

    so greetings
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  14. xaznsoulx

    xaznsoulx Supreme Dream Team 夢想 隊

  15. Senshu

    Senshu Administrator Octopi

    Welcome to the forums.

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