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  1. 24wellred24

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    Ok, so i played this game before a bit, in about 2014, then leaved by some reasons.But right now i decided to try again)))

    So right now i have some questions, to make my "to-do list", here it is:

    1. Is common only deck is still useable? I see that topic with examples is abandoned and no examples of such decks in topics. Where i can find examples of such decks? Or its better now to start with premade deck and expand it by new runes?

    2. Is there some kind of list of interesting strategies/decks/tips etc except those mentioned in sticky topics here? They seems a bit outdated....

    3. What should i do after getting all avatars and premade decks? what should i buy for gold on this point?

    4. Pretty common question for newbies, what is a cheap and good deck for each faction can be built to understand differrent mechanics of factions? The reason im asking is that i feel that im not enough good with FW/UD factions that considered to be harder to play than usual IS, ST and SL that is ok to me (except some tricky mechanics that heavy relies on player skill).

    5. What location/map is best suited to test deck/new unit? Well id like to just test some particular units before actual battle in order to do less mistakes due to new mechanics or something else i dont know/understand/etc.
  2. Etherielin

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    1. Yes. Don't have one on me right now but @attio26 can show you a few.
    2. The tips in the stickied threads are pretty much still valid, although I'm working on a document that should also help.
    3. You can keep buying the premade, 5k gold decks for shards. The ST deck is worth the most shards. See here for reference.
    4. I'll get back to this in a few.
    5. Custom games, along with asking people for help on Discord, are the best. You can use this thread for reference when setting up a match so that you know which maps to play on if you wanna play ranked later on.
  3. 24wellred24

    24wellred24 New Member

    1. That would be very nice, because i like the idea of such decks, but the sticky topic with examples has all the broken links.
    2. IKR, but its just not so many, as i wish to)))
    3. So its better to get shards and get a deserved unit than purchasing a packs?
    4. I think that would help a lot not only to me, but to other new players as well. Thanks!
    5. Okay, will keep in mind. Thanks for answers!
  4. Etherielin

    Etherielin The Floof Cultist

    3. Correct - the decks offer a lot more in terms of shard value than the packs do plus you don't have to gamble and hope you're lucky.
  5. 24wellred24

    24wellred24 New Member

    Hmmm, should i pick something particular, for example Ferrens to fill the faction for more options, or better to get the example of good deck and follow it buying exactly the runes whick is reqired for that deck?
    My plan is to cover smaller factions one by one, and then shift to bigger factions(undead, elves). I personally liked Voils, probably cause i never played them before. They have a not that big pull of units, so I probably will start from them))
  6. Etherielin

    Etherielin The Floof Cultist

    Voils are a good place to start from because most of their champs are self-sufficient and can pretty much stay alive on their own for a very long time. Make sure to create a thread in Shattered Peaks forums to get extra advice about them.
  7. 24wellred24

    24wellred24 New Member

    Well, despite the topic sayes that ST is pretty easy to play, it isnt that true. This faction heavily depends on tile and unit management, plus not every unit have immunity to ice, which is very punishing, if you decided to hit some foes with spells while your units in range. Also there is a playstile that relies on know what unit skills to use(still wondering for what purpose ice caster spawn ice bricks)

    Ironfist inquisition is a very simple and not that punishing in term of mistakes, but i managed to fail vs a bot using magic immune firks because i didnt deployed physical dmg units. But overall, this deck is cool
  8. attio26

    attio26 Lord of FS

    Full Faction Beginner FS BG (5 rares and 1 banner only)
    Uses no exotics/legendary other than banner and can definitely break top 200;

    2x Tortun Fishkisser - Tough 2, Manic - 80 nora
    2x Darkmarsh Enforcer - Tough 3, Leap 3 - 72 nora
    2x Jellebrium Lightbringer - Illuminate, Multi-attack 1 - 73 nora

    All difficult champs to kill, used to stall opponent. Only deploy Lightbringers before other two melee options if your opponent deploys multiple 1 range champs as he has majestic 1. Jellebrium are better late game as their racial ability grants them teleport if your opponent has runes on cooldown.

    2x Firk Mindshredder - Shatter Summoned, Amphibious - 65 nora
    1x Boghopper Shaman - Divine Favor, Heal Champion 3 - 65 nora
    Ideal targets for Horn of Order. Deploy when facing champions with abilities that get in the way of basic attacks such as One with Nora or Oblivion Shield. Boghopper Shaman is a simple and effective healing champion.

    2x Firk Mindcaller - Distracting Blows, Shadowspawn - 72 nora
    2x Jellebrium Darkweaver - Sands of Time, Shroud - 71 nora
    1x Jellebrium Mediator - Distracting Blows, Detection 3 - 69 nora
    2x Salaman Hunter - Piercing Shot 3, Bounty Hunter - 72 nora

    Mindcallers and Salaman Hunters especially are the main sources of damage in the BG. Keep them back and protected by the tough melee to pick your opponent off. Darkweavers have shroud to help against range heavy opponents and the Mediator is another source of anti summon and it has detection to for just 59 nora. They're good font grabbers on large maps and have distracting blows too which is always nice.

    Offensive Spells
    2x Font Eruption
    1x Lost Echoes

    Font eruption is a solid AOE damage spell and Lost Echoes is a very cheap way to finish off an opponents champ with those few bits of hp you missed.

    Defensive Spells
    2x Bubble of Protection
    1x Backfire
    1x Corrode
    2x Murkwater Weakness

    Bubble is one of the best spells in the game, beware of dispel, it removes it. Backfire can save your life and using it is a good way to develop your skills at reading your opponent. Corrode is generic anti-equip, switch it out for erode it you prefer which is anti-relic. Murkwater weakness is a very cheap and effective debuff, it can also be used offensively as a defense reducer.

    1x Font of Restoration
    1x Spirit Altar
    1x Tortun Land Cannon

    Font of Restoration is further healing and useful for contesting fonts too. Banner is banner, swap it for Sacred Temple if you want to keep the BG entirely exotic/legendary free. Sacred Temple is good for contesting fonts. Tortun Land Cannon is all about font control too. Getting a Salaman Hunter and a Tortun Land Cannon to have most of a middle font in range safely really spells out danger.

    1x Horn of Order
    1x Tome of the Arcanis

    Horn of Order is for powerturns, when you're going in for the kill. The Tome of the Arcanis grants wizards (of which there are plenty in this BG) metamorphosis which is a perfect way to handle souped-up champions.
  9. attio26

    attio26 Lord of FS

    This is a BG you can forge incredibly cheaply - if you need any help getting the runes drop me a message.

    The BG is very good but very cheap and it's completely up to date - I made it very recently. It's made to be used by beginners in the way that it's extremely cheap and also it has counters to almost everything so the BG doesn't really have any exploitable weaknesses. If you get enough shards together and want to upgrade the BG go for a pair of Snaptooth Dusk Shamana first as the BG's only flaw is a lack of magic damage. In the mean time get shroud up on those Salaman Hunters and some meat in between them and your opponent and then laugh and snipe :).

    The BG is amazing for the early ranks because Enforcers and Fishkissers are an absolute nightmare to deal with for any BG and any player never mind newbies. Also new players very often struggle against Salaman Hunters, the stars of the deck. It is also extremely adaptable to almost any situation. It's designed to help you feel that if you lose it was your own fault and not because you didn't have the runes you needed for that match which is the biggest sign of a good BG.

    Hope that's useful for you! Any more specific questions don't be afraid to ask! I can help with common only decks too but the rares and uncommons are so easy to get it seems a little like a waste of time.
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  10. Imba

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    I like this deck, my only reservation is that shaman is terrible
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  11. 24wellred24

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    Wow, thanks so much for example! Id like to try it.
    The reason im asking about common only decks because i just want to get an example of how to use most of the benefits of units in deck.
    Also, its pretty fast to get a full pool of commons, so id like to know how to use them all just because its fun. I dont mind to use uncommons and rares, but the main idea why im asking for is to get a way to make every unit in the game at least playable for fun.

    Thanks a lot for help, and hope to see other factions)))
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  12. attio26

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    agreed but others like him so i put him in there, he's simple to use too

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