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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by KingJad, Aug 31, 2019.

  1. KingJad

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    Hey guys! Decided to pop back in after a couple years and check the current state of the game. I see the game is clearly dead which is a shame considering I’d played it off and on for 10 years. Is there another pox-esque game everyone is playing?
  2. MogaBait

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    You can still get in a game as some of us are still playing Pox. I don't know why, but we're here still.
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  3. aseryen

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    Imo PokemonTCG as of late is the best as far as numbers are concerned, I took a look at the game recently. Worlds just took place and the rotation changed for 2020; kind of an interesting scenario going on. That being said, the HP on Pokémon is much higher than the average Pox-Champion about x3 with Tagteam, x2 with EX/GX&Evolutions, while Basic Pokémon are typically under 100HP. The DiscardPile/UncoveredDeck has more play considering there are no cooldowns. Although, you have to play cards that directly influence the discard/graveyard/deck/hand. New cards can influence how large your draw count/hand size can be which can be seen as a pseudo-cooldown/graveyard mechanic. I think a runepool of 30 was unique for Pox in that timers could be placed on every card entering the discard/field. 1hitting is a large part of the Meta but with UltraBeast/EX/GX/Tagteam and now V Pokémon, these can be viewed as Factions with their inherent pros/cons - all of these types directly influence a KO and Victory. These PokemonFactions dictate the pacing of the game for each player, in conjunction with the PrizePool this makes PTCG more novel but the most Pox-like.

    AP and Energy have a lot of differences but I kind of see them as the best version of how AP&Charges were supposed to function. Maneuvering is more focused, similar to a font battle. Pokémon mechanically is in a different setting but still tells the same story as PoxNora, the difference being the tactics on the field are sometimes translated into the cards instead. Where the card is physically such as the Deck/Discard/Hand/Field/LostZone/PrizePool are how cards are maneuvered around the board/gamespace.

    Cards may be played in multiples of 4 and there may be any number of unique cards that interact with specific mechanics of a 60 card deck, the inherent differences are obvious between the two games' playstyles but I have found a few mechanics I like. I also like deck theory so the gameplay is less important for me at the moment.

    Pokémon Sward&Shield with Gigantamax/Dynamax being introduced looks interesting as well. Avatars/Titans(Heroes?) from Pox can be looked at as Dynamax/Gigantamaxing, considering the game will be new and collecting was an essential part of PoxNora. Everything on a PoxNora-Pokemon scale has to be taken with a grain of salt obviously...I like what I've found in PTCG to test some mechanics out, maybe FireEmblem for fluid RTS but I haven't looked into that franchise yet.
  4. Bondman007

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    Go play what everyone else is playing that's new...
    DOTA Underlords and Minion Masters
  5. aseryen

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    I agree with Minion Masters; Beta Dwarf is doing things right and getting things done.

    I played with the Steam Controller which brings an interesting twist.
  6. Sokolov

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    TFT is better!

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