What happened to all the BG's?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by st3ck, May 29, 2015.

  1. st3ck

    st3ck I need me some PIE!

    Throughout Pox's history it has had a wide variety of different competitive bg's. Combo/Control, Rush, Stall/buildup, Aggro/Pressure, Shrine Rush, etc.

    Somewhere along the line, it has seemed to wind up with Rush, and Stall/buildup as our only two bg types. Sweet, lots of themes, plenty of lore-tastic flavor, lots of runnable champs, blah blah blah. These aren't different types of BG's, they are the same playstyle, with different elements.

    There are no more really deep BG's that utilize combo's to control the board. FS/UD Fire volatlity with nora barriers and reinforcement salamans with crap tons of flamesiphon, UD/IS Barbs with exile/mercy one of my favs), IS/FW and IS/X AP lock BG's. The epitome of the control BG, completely gone. Darkness/Divine Dispersal, more combo control BG guttage.

    What is with this extremely hostile approach towards diversity in BG interactions? All my pox life, the fun/interesting BG's get gutted and nerfed, while the monotonous ho-drum of INSERT RACE/THEMATIC SIMILAR ABILITY ALL MY CHAMPS HAVE HERE, gets glorified as the way to play pox.

    News flash, pox had the most players when it was the most unbalanced, and "most complicated" When you could literally play almost anything, more people played anything. Since DoW, pox has hindered creativity with it's runes, all in the name of bg diversity.

    Ironic. But I'm a little in shock with having to have deleted several hundred BG's because damn near not a single one of them had any shred of evidence of it's original intent/design. In fact, I can't even "rebuild" most of my BG's because almost all of the mechanics are gone.

    So going forward, I would suggest more open-mindedness towards combo/control BG's. This game isn''t a race themed chess card game, so lets not try to balance it like one. It's ok to have intricate powerful combos like AP lock, or borghas nora bombs.

    Anyway, my rant, and hi everyone. I need bg ideas.
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  2. TheBulwark

    TheBulwark I need me some PIE!

    I only ever played tricks bgs but people always whined till my bgs got nerfed. Then they kept whining about trick bgs ad infinitum until the developers got sick of it and made everything aggro champ based stuff. If your wondering about it currently, just look at ipox. He is the only one who bothers with trick bgs any more and anytime he makes one that works people keep making new threads till some major part of them are nerfed. So if you want to know why we have a pretty vanilla game, its because people are sore losers and hate what they didnt create
  3. Garr123

    Garr123 I need me some PIE!

    Yeah, the drive to nerf everything is toxic for the game. General Discussion is mostly just people whining about things they lost to, has been forever, and unfortunately it works. Fixing things that are blatantly broken is fine, but people cry nerf for things they simply dislike.

    Should be focused more on buffing things and interesting mechanics instead of nerfing good stuff.
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  4. NiGhtMaRiK

    NiGhtMaRiK I need me some PIE!

    I'm always making new creative BG's.
    They are rarely competitive.

    Some surprise me.

    I don't recall trick or creative BG's ever being very competitive.

    Ipox breaks the game and makes Rank 1 worthy decks with interesting lesser known interaction combos all the time.

    So i don't think much has changed.

    That said, im working on a Darkness BG and its been pleasently surprising despite its long set up.
    I also have a Journey deck that did very well before i stopped playing it.
    Shrine Kill is also still viable. They're all pretty much cookie cutter though.

    I'll keep my eyes open for other interesting Deck types that come to mind.
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  5. Baskitkase

    Baskitkase Forum Royalty

    People play what they want, the meta ebbs and flows due to design and development trends and over/under buffs/nerfs. All the BGs are still there, even if they are not played. Take Moga, for example, in the hands of a good player, they've pretty much always been a threat outside of their direct counters, but people don't often play them. The game got very very rushy back there about 2 years ago, build up decks became near impossible to put together. Now you can play build up decks, rush has been slowed and many decks have anti rush abilities available to them if they want. Trick decks are still there, just that Ipox is the only one making them. There are tons of different types of BGs being played, themes, splits and metas.

    Where have the decks gone? No where.
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  6. profhulk

    profhulk Forum Royalty

    Most of the bg you mentioned were cool I like the variety and I still try to fashion some of them in my own image from time to time. IS/x ap lock can burn in hell Firk that stupid bg. Glad its gone so broken and almost slim to no way to counter ap lock.
  7. Boozha

    Boozha I need me some PIE!

    Dunno, I have my witches, the old growth trick is still a thing, FS/FW is a bundle of fun ... stuff
  8. mortal ix

    mortal ix I need me some PIE!

    I make trick bgs all the time, but im not playing often enough or being good enough to retain rank, thus my bgs remain unknown for their entire existence (until I grow tired and start a new trick deck). I know about the pain of having core runes nerfed, my old trick deck was based on focused nexus and crystal dragon. I couldnt blow up a shrine with it, but I could blow up a board after fulfilling every condition to make it happen.

    The nexus would make the catalyst resonate off to anything within the nexus, and anything within catalyst range. By casting Northern Wind Discipline it resonated a count for each champion, making catalyst go crazy. Now catalyst only reacts on basic attacks. Wich im completely fine with, however an almost exact mechanic still remains in IS, the only conditions you need fulfilled there are geomancer and something to swap it in with and have gravity flux or strip armor on hand.

    However I prefer that they remove these kinds of mechanics when they become very easy to replicate. I think this is why Borghas got nerfed many times, due to it being abused by just about any UD player that were actively playing at that moment.

    To sum it up, yes im against simplifying the game down to play: x to buff up: y so you win by very crude mechanics. But I do understand why they do it.

    Hope this made any sense, im rubbish at explaining things :p
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  9. Ragic

    Ragic I need me some PIE!

    split decks are the reason. and the tcg business model. and trading.
  10. Rokkushun

    Rokkushun Devotee of the Blood Owl

    I blame it on the nerf/buff ratio
    buffs usually come in the form of +1 stat or -4 nora cost or "reworks" which usually just change a pile of crap to a slightly different looking pile of crap
    nerfs usually hit hard or hit multiple times on multiple fronts.
  11. soulmilk

    soulmilk I need me some PIE!

    The sole most important thing about Combo BGs is that they have to be both fun to use AND fun to play against.

    Powerful combos are good to have.
    Unfun combos are not.
  12. bagoftrick

    bagoftrick I need me some PIE!

    quite frankly I couldn't care less about splits. so im glad most of these bgs don't exist as a thing at the moment.
  13. Rokkushun

    Rokkushun Devotee of the Blood Owl

    Except people think "fun" has to mean "winning".
    So in turn they thing "powerful" means "unfun"
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  14. soulmilk

    soulmilk I need me some PIE!

    It's obviously more fun to win than to lose.
    That is healthy gameplay.
  15. kalasle

    kalasle Forum Royalty

    This one should just go in every thread, as a token of Ragic's presence on these forums.
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  16. Ragic

    Ragic I need me some PIE!

    aka the voice of truth
  17. Capitulator

    Capitulator I need me some PIE!

    Please elaborate on the growth trick. My only legendaries are two AoG gathering dust..
  18. Boozha

    Boozha I need me some PIE!

    FS/FW, you Repurpose a Wavecrusher onto an Aspect of Growth which then grows at a vastly increased rate. It doesn't work exceptionally well because the AoG has few defensive abilities and thus is still rather squishy, but if things go right you go nuts with a 50 damage 250 HP monster.
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  19. Anotherblackman

    Anotherblackman I need me some PIE!

    Naw bruh... You are honesty...

    I'm da truth.
  20. Authyrtyr

    Authyrtyr The King of Potatoes

    You know, some people prioritize other things than winning. Is winning nice? Sure. But I'd prefer to lose with a fun interesting innovative deck than win with a simple efficient aggro type thing.

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