What is your Favorite Anime/Manga?

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  1. dunk455641

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    My Favourite anime is overlord and My Favourite manga is sozai saishuka no isekai ryokouki manga. I read sozai saishuka no isekai ryokouki manga at mangazuki. Both are my favourite.
    What is your Favorite Anime/Manga?
  2. Sokolov

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  3. darklord48

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    I'm not big on amine, but I do love Cowboy Beebop
  4. Geressen

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    Im currently following the promised neverland

    it's pretty good.
  5. JazzMan1221

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    All-time favorite is Steins;Gate, no question.

    Top 10 would probably go something like:

    Serial Experiments Lain
    Ergo Proxy
    Clannad/Afterstory (can't really include one without the other, so this is one total entry)
    Your Lie in April

    Aside from Steins;Gate being at #1, the rest are in no particular order (though I would probably rate Lain, Monster, and Afterstory specifically a bit higher than the others).
  6. Sokolov

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    So there's a bunch of anime with this kind of setup/idea, what makes this one better than the others, you think?

    I did like it, but not enough that I remembered the anime til you mentioned it.
  7. JazzMan1221

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    Hyouka does borrow a lot from other anime in similar genres, but I think what really sets it apart is the interaction dynamic between the main cast. The four leads play off each other's personalities extremely well, creating a very balanced and natural flow to the dialogue that keeps you interested without the complexities of an overarching plot line to bog the show down. You're not required to suspend disbelief as in Classroom of the Elite, and the mysteries don't have the same Deus Ex Machina-littered exposition dumps that Death Note does. I would even go so far as to say that Hyouka is one of the most authentic slice of life anime that's been made. Houtarou isn't a master of logic and reason like Light and L were, nor was he as cynical and unlikable as Hachiman (though I would say Hachiman's anti-hero status is part of what makes Oregairu great, but that's another argument). He was simply an average guy who had a knack for critical thinking. None of the other characters were overly tropey, and even Chitanda's child-like naivety was endearing in a way.

    The art style was also rather pleasing to me, and its use of imagery to help people visualize Houtarou's thought processes was a nice touch that I feel is often lacking in other mystery anime. A lot of the time we're just supposed to accept the fact that the protagonist is some unparalleled genius who can solve problems without breaking a sweat using items and ideas that we never even got to see. It's always seemed rather demeaning to me, as if the shows are just trying to ridicule the viewer for their stupidity while placing their protagonist on a pedestal of logic. Hyouka does none of this, and actually challenges its viewers by including all the necessary materials for us to solve the mysteries ourselves. For example in the first episode, there is a scene only a few frames long that shows Houtarou walking down a hallway around a corner. As he turns the corner, he passes a janitor going the other way with a ladder. The whole thing lasts about 2 seconds. Later in the episode, Chitanda challenges Houtarou to find out how she managed to lock herself in the club room when she didn't have a key, and Houtarou deduces that the janitor he passed in the hallway earlier must have come and gone from there, since he is the only other person with a key to that room.

    It's an extremely simple answer to an extremely simple mystery, but this pattern often repeats throughout the anime, where all the pieces are presented to the viewer beforehand, and we're perfectly able to solve the puzzle before the characters do. Personally I find this style of storytelling much more satisfying than a Kirito-esque protagonist simply pulling the answer out of his ass trying to wow us with his/her knowledge.
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  9. Morfeas

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    Honest question, how come Death Note almost never appears in these lists?
  10. JazzMan1221

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    Because after L dies it becomes rather mediocre, and there's still like 20 episodes, which is a lot of mediocre to sit through. It loses a lot of points because of that IMO.

    It could also be that almost everyone who has watched anime has seen Death Note, and people would rather rep their favorite hidden gem than one of the most well-known series in the anime world. Kinda like how FMAB never appears on these lists either.
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  12. Geressen

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    some nice ones are:
    youjo senki
    kill la kill
    Castlevania ( Netflix)
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  13. soulmilk

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    Favorite anime: Monogatari Series. (About a boy who sacrifices his life to save a vampire, but the vampire takes pity on him and doesn't kill him. He then spends his life helping cursed people.)
    Favorite manga: Otaku no Musume-San. (About an otaku who suddenly gets visited by his 9 year old daughter he never knew he had.)
    I also really like ST&RS, a manga about meeting aliens. It's short and good, but turns amazing by the last chapters.
    I have also been into light novels lately and since Monogatari Series is my favorite there too, I have a few recommendations.

    Isekai Warning.

    So I'm a spider, so what? (About a girl who gets reincarnated as a spider in a fantasy world and have to learn skills to survive. Also have a good manga.)
    I've been killing slimes for 300 years and maxed out my level. (About a girl who reincarnates into an immortal witch and the people who start living together with her. Very easy reading. Also have a manga)
    Reborn as a Vending Machine, I now wander the dungeon. (About a vending machine who sells modern day products in a fantasy world. Doesn't have a manga.)
    Risou no Himo Seikatsu (About a guy who gets summoned to a fantasy world to marry a queen, but gets 1 month to prepare what to bring with him. Only have online fan translations. Also have a manga.)
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    I read tsuyokute new saga manga online [all chapters] - mangazuki and I think this is one of the best manga. This is one of the best manga.


    Do you like Tsuyokute New Saga Manga?

    source: https://about.me/youtubeconverter.to
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    - Vampire Hunter D was lit , does the original Dungeons and Dragons cartoon count? ... yeah I don't really watch anime
  16. Baskitkase

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    Ruruoni Kenshin
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    Anime is Full Metal Panic and manga is Re:birth
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