What's a good paladin deck right now ?

Discussion in 'Ironfist Stronghold' started by Rynkar, Aug 28, 2015.

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    You really hate the devs xD. I understand euan but i still see taglar run, is he actually bad?
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    No, he's not bad at all. I said he cannot survive his cost. This means that he gets gibbed and the ~14 nora globe gets collected and you cannot recover the 108 nora swing.

    Euan worked really well at range 1-2 since he was battle master, he'd be in the middle of the group, he was able to walk up from behind and attack. He also had range 1-3 magical attack, which was great, especially combined with surge enemy. Now his ability is not only capped at 10 damage, it also knocks the target back which is rarely useful when engaging with melee combat. There was a reason that no one ever ever ever ever took impact strike on the old Euan.

    And I do not hate the dev's. I used to work alot with Sok and this bland neutered stuff like "Euan's Failmer" is below him, imo.
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    Not to mention with Sac Altar running around, it's better to have cheap champs out.

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