Whats wrong with Pox and how WE are killing it.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Sinkia, Jul 2, 2015.

  1. Sinkia

    Sinkia New Member

    Here are some topics that I would like to discuss:
    1. How amazing is Poxnora.
    First of all I would like to say that I LOVE this game. Is the most impressive thing I have ever saw in my life. It has literally everything. It has strategy, amazing artwork, complex tactics, a LOT of champions. Literally the possibilities in this game are ENDLESS. I invite you people to think how incredibly ambitious this project is and give a lot of respect to the people that has it running.

    2. Balance.
    Taking into consideration the ENDLESS possibilities in this game is IMPOSSIBLE to get balance. There, I said it. The most OP rune can't do anything in some situations and the worst rune can shine in a specific situation. Get over it.

    3. Whats the real problem with POX?
    The community is Bane Shift. Everyone is talking about any of this things (pick your favourite):
    - How the developers don't know anything and are ruining this game.
    - How OP any rune in the game is.
    - Nerf everything and lets just have 2,000 champions with range 1-2, 6 base speed, and 50 HP.
    - How a faction is OP (everyone thinks that their faction is a poor forgotten homeless man with no support whatsoever).

    4. My personal experience with Poxnora.
    When I started playing I found it amazing how every champion was UNIQUE. I could literally use my Minotaur Battlemage to stand it in the middle of a bridge and fight. He deflected damage. He empowered himself and got defense and regeneration. He had a firking magical aura. He could attack with melee. He could attack from a distance shooting firing magic balls. If I wanted to push, I used dimension doors and he called even more minotaurs to help. Or the other way around, if I had to retreat, there was always a Minotaur Sentry that could put a door and help me retreat.

    On the other side of the bridge I saw the most impressive badass blocker I had seen in my life. It was Mosharn the friking Barricade. I read his flavor text and learned that he alone had killed a gazillion Kanens.

    I called 3 other minotaurs (plus the Battlemage) and started the fight in that bridge. I saw how each of my minotaurs was slain. So my Sentry made a dimension door for me to fleet.

    THIS WAS AMAZING. Every single rune had a purpose in the game. Every single game was unique, thus telling an amazing story each and every time.

    5. Where it all went wrong.
    Now my Minotaur Battlemage is a boring rune. Nothing magical about him. Nothing impressive really. Now Mosharn (remember this guy killed a gazilion Kanen) gets 2 Steal Life or Essence Drain and 2 hits and he is dead.

    6. Conclusion
    This game WAS AMAZING when every rune had a purpose. Every battle was unique. Every champion did a lot of things.

    7. Proposals (for the community)
    - Make amazing champions (over 80 nora).
    - Be a man and fight with your champions. Don't throw me stupid paralyzing hammers. Don't "steal my life" like a ******. Come and fight like a man.
    - Make spells something that SUPPORT. Not insta-kill, not insta-heal, not insta-anything.

    8. The proposal that will save this game. (For the developers).
    - Make all the BGS HIGHLANDER. Easy. This alone fixes balance. If you see an OP RUNE you blow it into oblivion with all your might. You remember that your faction also has an amazing McGyver guy and take him out. Now you take care of that motherFirker so he doesn't die.


    9. Proposals outside Poxnora gameplay.
    - Look for investment. HUGE INVESTMENT. You can't handle this project alone and with anything less than several million dollars.
    - If you cant get investment, partner up with some other game developer company.
    - Don't give a crap about the veterans in the game. Focus 100% on the new players. Give them free stuff. HELP THEM UNDERSTAND THE GAME. Its really hard!

    10. Discussion
    I would greatly appreciate a cool discussion. The first guy that says something like "you don't know Bane Shift", "you are a noob", or anything in that kind of things; first of all I send you an InternetPunch, second and most important: YOU ARE WHATS WRONG WITH THIS GAME.

    I made this post because Poxnora is amazing and we don't appreciate it. We don't help and we just troll. I hope that this posts helps a little for a discussion that help us see that the game is perfect and what really is killing it is our stupid reactions and apathy.
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    MEATMAN Forum Royalty

    I get it, spell spam sucks

    but battlemage is Firking awesome and there is nothing wrong with him
  3. Ifem21

    Ifem21 The King of Potatoes

    I play this game since octopus era, and I can sua one thing: this is one of the mostra impressive games I have ever seen. The potential is here, waiting to be used, but somehow its not that way. I came to this game cause I love MTG and tactics RPGs (like FF Tactics, Disagea, Devil Survivor). Finding a game that show something similar to magic in a strategy game, was love in first sight.
    Now, about your topic, I dont agree with everything, spells are fine, champs are fine. We do need some balance, and we also need more investimentos. DOG are making an great work, but need to stop focusing on old players, and try to attract new ones, spend more in merchandising.
  4. Leadrz

    Leadrz I need me some PIE!

    For the record, I love the greens working on this game, the impression they give me is that they are smart, active and have great expectations with plans. That they know what they are doing and where they are going.
  5. kalasle

    kalasle Forum Royalty

    Alrighty, I think your preference for champions over spells, specifically, more powerful single champions, applies to only a subset of the population. I do feel that it's a viable playstyle for some BGs out there right now -- UD, IS, and many variants there of come to mind. Just because you like it, however, doesn't mean much of anything for the rest of the game. In MtG, for example, you sound like you would have a lot of fun playing a mono green beaters deck; I prefer mono-white Stax. Different strokes. You establish your tastes well in the OP, but you could do a couple things to make it more helpful (and more friendly):
    • Give more concrete and realistic advice. Saying "Get a lot of money from someone else" would be swell, but that doesn't really count of advice -- more of a wish recommendation.
    • Don't insult huge swathes of the community. Even if you don't like them, focus on what they could be doing better, rather than berating people for doing things you don't like.
    • Be ready to accept that people have different tastes and preferences, and that's ok. People like different crap, but "different crap" doesn't just mean the look and lore of their units, "different crap" can run super deep down to "what I want to get from a game as a social experience," or "how I want a game to treat its players."
    It's great to show passion for a game, so do it in a way that can best help that game.
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  6. Bellagion

    Bellagion I need me some PIE!

    Yeah, I want to be okay with the original post, but the statement "don't give a crap about the veterans of the game" is too extreme for me to ever get behind. The only reason this game is here is because there is a loyal core of veterans who continue to put money in. One of our big problems atm is attracting and keeping new players, and that should be a priority, but it in no way proceeds logically to the conclusion that veteran players don't matter.

    Also, big champions doing tons of things at once is what the game used to be and moved away from. Every time the meta gets one way, there are always people who want it to be another way. If you're familiar with Wizards' design theory, not everyone is Timmy, so to speak.
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  7. Sinkia

    Sinkia New Member

    I admit that the statement "don't give a crap about veterans" was a huge overstatement and I apologize. What was intended to explain was the following:

    The primary concern of Veterans is really not a huge priority when we have 150 people online WORLDWIDE. If I was the man in charge of the game I would invest 95% of my time and effort in growing the player base, nothing else.

    Veterans love the game and understand that it will never be perfect, so I don't think that they would leave if their priorities are not met, only if they see that the developers are growing the player base, which them, as veterans as they are, will know that it is the most important road that Poxnora should take for the benefit of everyone (including the same veterans).

    I thank all of you for your discussion and hope we can generate some marketing strategies or bussiness model changes in the game to help the developers.
  8. StormChasee

    StormChasee The King of Potatoes

    There are many players that have more experience with this game than I, but I don't recall any spells that can kill a healthy champion other than sacrificing one of your own. I don't recall any relics or equipment that can do it either. These things can do some nasty things to champions though.

    I'm also a relatively new player that finds the game interesting. I like the art work. Somebody (rather several somebodies) is a tremendous artist.. The game itself works very well perhaps more for players on the low experience side than the higher experienced players who know the magic combinations that are extraordinarily powerful.

    I was looking forward to working my way up to the better runes and was disappointed that the design intention was for balance regardless of rune rarity. I had a thread on that topic. Even though I was disappointed by that I'm still here.

    Sinkia has a valid point in that 150 core players is not going to lead to a healthy future. New players are not going to be concerned about the history of a game. They will be concerned about how it plays. I don't have a problem with new or inexperienced players not being competitive against experienced players. Games need to be fun for the inexperienced players and that means they need to play other inexperienced players or the AI at easy to modest difficulty. I think the important thing is to feel you are making progress towards a goal.

    To me there's nothing fun about being slaughtered by a highly experience player while not having enough time to really see what I'm doing. All I learned in the couple pvp games I played was I wasn't quick enough to manipulate the controls to do what I wanted to do even when I had enough time to determine what I wanted to do. Other people like pvp fine. The game has viable play against the computer as well as pvp.

    The campaigns beyond the beginner campaigns need to be rated. Is each campaign aimed towards an inexperienced player or a highly experienced player? The campaigns that you have to purchase using in game gps or real money also need to be rated. Let's not have an inexperienced player stumble into a campaign they're not ready for. That will only lead to frustration.

    One thing that was very misleading is by winning each walk through the game said that you win the corresponding public deck. I interpreted that to mean you win the runes that makeup a public deck. That wasn't the case. All you win was the ability to play a public deck in any campaign or game. The latter needs to be clear from the start.
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  9. Goyo

    Goyo I need me some PIE!

    All I will say is I haven't played consistently before Owls. They open accesibility to a real free to play level. I REALLY APPRECIATE THAT!

    They got all my respect and support. The only thing that bothers me is their speed to bring patches.
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  10. TheBulwark

    TheBulwark I need me some PIE!

    I liked most of the post, but your fixing idea of highlander didn't speak to me. Like the nerfing spells idea tho. Champs are this games moneymaker.
  11. Atherhog

    Atherhog I need me some PIE!


    Powerful spells are good for the game. You have to think about counters, about positioning and about how you spend your nora.

    If spells were nerfed, I think you would accidentally nerf strategy.
  12. BigToastie

    BigToastie The King of Potatoes

    There is only so much SoE turd you can shovel out a day.
  13. BurnPyro

    BurnPyro Forum Royalty

    Stopped reading, these posts are always the same.
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  14. TheBulwark

    TheBulwark I need me some PIE!

    I disagree, chanpions were recosted and this meant a nora increase virtually across the board. Spells were unaffected there making them overpowered when compared to champs. Spells should be looked at or just recosted in general to restore that balance
  15. profhulk

    profhulk Forum Royalty

    Stopped reading thread when I realized this has nothing to do with what is wrong with the game. I get the feeling your angry because you lost. People have been spamming spells to kill champions since Octopi owned Poxnora. Try not to leave your champions with 0 ap against FW and 2x steal life will be avoided.
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  16. Atherhog

    Atherhog I need me some PIE!

    I take your point 100%.

    But if you hit spells then I think you open the door (even wider) to cheap champ spam.
  17. Pedeguerra

    Pedeguerra I need me some PIE!

    And the list gets thinner by the minute. Just saying.
  18. TheBulwark

    TheBulwark I need me some PIE!

    Dont be a doomsayer foot war
  19. Pedeguerra

    Pedeguerra I need me some PIE!

    Yeah, you are right. I was referring only about myself there and I should have made that clear.
  20. calisk

    calisk I need me some PIE!

    well they said we'd be happy with expansion 36 in these regards, but they also said we'd be happy with the new mid terms. honestly the new mid terms were iffy, the alt art was very nice but the difficulty in getting them was quite expensive and difficult, it didn't really improve anything just made it cost more.

    I hope what they have planned for 36 bucks that trend.

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