When was the last patch?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TeaNinja, Jan 21, 2020.

  1. TeaNinja

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    patch notes section last updated 2 yrs ago - that accurate?
  2. chickenpox2

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    Yep there hasn't been patch since DoG did last expansion
  3. Ballballer

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    who r u?
  4. TeaNinja

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    Just some guy who first played Pox 13 years ago.
  5. PoxBot

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    About 2 years ago sounds right. I left when it became obvious ST was too strong once I went on a 30+ winstreak with it in ranked and the game has since then been basically SP/ST, FF SP and FF ST curbstomping everything with a random Skeezick deck here and there. Some lunatics running Bane Shift like aidspool, AoV and other trickdecks have remained around to alienate new players as usual. It's a shame because IIRC there was a good patch coming to get rid of swarmfest and other broken Bane Shift plus an entire expansion that was already done, but judging by the state Icefang was released in, I think that expansion would have probably been pretty half baked, balance-wise.

    You're better off playing casual normal unranked matches with people on discord if you can tolerate the unranked map rotation. That or organizing deckbuilding challenges because the meta has reached the point where there can be 0 innovation until a patch or new release happens.
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    Lol you still here
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