Where have all the Skeezick Gone?

Discussion in 'Sundered Lands' started by MrCharles, Jan 5, 2018.

  1. Voidtrain

    Voidtrain I need me some PIE!

    Magnetize sucks now because you have to target a champ and it has a small radius from there.

    You wont really need anything outside of Tornado for relic tech when you have Trigger
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  2. Anima26

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    This is my old Skeezick deck, was fun with all the Initiative and Reinforcement. Havent played it since i stopped playing, been about a year i think. Probably could do with updating a little.

    What upgrades do people run on Blackguard? He has good options. I take Relic Guardian and Skeez Rebel for cheap build personally. Reflex and Counter would make him almost immune to melee. Glorious Leap seems aight. Regen 3 is a viable option too. Im always conflicted about what to take.

    Edit: @MrCharles If you like stealth shenanigans then run a Skeez Filcher and a Forbidden Fruit. Can win you a game with a well timed Fruit kill.
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  3. Voidtrain

    Voidtrain I need me some PIE!

    I like relic guardian and glorious leap on him. He becomes very difficult to kill this way.
  4. MrCharles

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    I usually run one of the Blackgaurds for the cheapest and the other with a glorious leap.

    I like your idea. Filcher/Forbidden Fruit cheapo kills coming up soon.

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