Which runes to sacrifice for nora shards

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by S.W., Mar 27, 2019.

  1. S.W.

    S.W. New Member

    I'm a new player and I understand that which runes are "good" is up for debate...but how do you choose which to sacrifice so you can get "better" runes?
  2. 19madfox95

    19madfox95 I need me some PIE!

    Basically just runes you do not want to deal with.

    Also, I hope you are not paying for anything in this game! If you want some Legendary runes to use or sacrifice I can hit you up with something when you make a trade and link it here, and if I notice it!
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  3. Etherielin

    Etherielin The Floof Cultist

  4. Morfeas

    Morfeas I need me some PIE!

    Tell us which factions you prefer and I'll give you some runes too.
  5. S.W.

    S.W. New Member

    I've been playing most of them - I like ST and FW so far the most I think.
  6. Morfeas

    Morfeas I need me some PIE!

    I'll send you lots in approx 2 weeks, if you need any particular runes before that then make a list here and I'll send them as soon as I see it.
  7. Morfeas

    Morfeas I need me some PIE!

    Aight, give me a confirmation that you're active by replying to this and I'll put your trade up shortly.

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