Why I hate the players from each faction: game ending edition(lots of hate)

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    FS:I hate SALAMAN hero guy and his stupid potions. I hate salaman sniper players. I hate poision trap. I hate how you saw undertow coming but there was nothing you could ever do. I hate the fact that no matter how much nora you guys got, no matter how easy your spells were as long as you had water, I hate the fact that your point and click kill never got changed, and I hate the fact that no matter what era of poxnora existed.... If Foglar swamp had water and more than 110 nora, which was every 2 rounds literally they would double summon fishes or hippos, and thats just lame.

    FW: I hate that fact that forever, until the entire game was nerfed, your nora generation and shrine regeneration was insane! And While fighting Ihad to slog through the same simple, but extremly potent effecneint champions. I hate that if they got near your shrine one time with thier horde, and mobilized their only goal wasn't to kill it, it was to force a transfigure, after that, its just a math equation to find out how many rounds they gotta have a unholy tomb and tome of hate. I hate tome of hate and how it would kill your rush after 2 rounds of clicking end turn. I hate how everyone had rare damage types and yall still had counters to everything for no reason. I hate how all of your units had long range, built in healing and vengeful. I hate that stupid crow for making champions just for getting nora globes. I hate that magnus Hondor was a split champion because FW is the 2nd most expensive faction behind IS. I hate that fact that if you ever saw immune, or resist, anything to keep people alive, blah blah blah, you would just go straight to the calculator with loss of life. I hate that decay existed and obliterated angels forever just because you played unholy tomb. I hate how decay was stupid powerful forever when skull of decay is like the ultimate healing counter and never was changed, ever. I hate how 1 attack from a unit with disease or poison(or both was your unit losing 30 health). I hate how because of two runes, you couldn't leave a unit with any AP an if you did it was dead or resulted in something dying, or if you drained a units ap that then they would drain 30 life off your unit and heal their tank.You make one mistake your units dead, and the FW player just "re-adapts" cause the real FW player NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER Quits. Yall was almost lame as FS.

    KF: I hate how all and each and everyone of you played. I hate how you all pranced around with withering ferns being little nora making cowards running all game to contest and play cat and mouse while pelting you with some high ranged 8 unit with an absurd amount of damage. I hate how that one sentence described 80% of the games I played. I hate how none of you used the frond till thered used it. I hate how all of you played colorful elves but dont have colorful imaginations and make simple mistakes even though yall got units with 13-14 ap on deck. I hate how reclaim was basically you admitting you have no tactical skill. I hate how pacification was proliferated in this faction and no one gave a damn. I hate how Metamorph went through impervious forever and because all of you were so dishonorable dirty players you all abused it, and never reported it to the developers. I hate ancestral bear mufo. I hate how vortex was the precursor to the worst spells in Poxnora(blink, vertical push, doom, fading recollection) I hate how none of you played decks that made me go "wow this player has chest hair" I hate how all of you ran protection and never took it out your decks because it was that powerful. I hate how mindless yall would send your units into combat because it was a 15 damage tank that had 70 hp and you had it nora shielded so you didn't give a damn if it lived or died, you just wanted to gain nora for a turn. I hate Aspect of life and how it was the biggest cheese of a healer ever. I hate how IS was called the healing faction but 1 regeneration ring would outheal my whole army on a elven ranger with 8 speed and 1 relic would propagate until it covered the whole map with stacking AOE healing STRICTLY FOR THEY TEAM and HAD Aoe STUPID cleanse.

    UD: I hate how much hate wasn't in your faction. I hate how the most demonic faction was alot less demonic to play than their protectorate counter parts. I hate demon shield. I hate fading recollection. I hate fiery ambush. I hate borghas bomb. I hate AMp borghas bomb. I hate all of you who used firewisp asfter you saw caine1198 winning games with morghas and firewisp 2x. I hate how you always had to either kill or get, but i loved it at the same time. I hate how stupid you were when you were the top faction though...(UD range spam never forget). I hate how you had that one relic that made range cost a ton of AP. I hate how fading recollection was like getting pants in poxnora. I hate how powerful set ablaze was if you knew how to use it. I hate summon trap spider ALOT, like that crap was insanely crazy. I hate eye for an eye spam days. I hate how despoil is loss of life. I hate how your rush deck splits were the most insanely cheesy and annoying. I hated how OP stealth was forever and how you just at one point had on demand triple damage with shadowshift.

    SP: I hate that stupid whip. I hate VP. I hate voil. I hate slag. I hate hyanids, I hate slags. I hate how incredible all your best spells were. I hate how your equipment made out of peak slavery was always better designed that dwarf armory. I hate how all the kanens had paralytic feedback. I hate how you all used that stupid totem of lightning and then would find a way to use the paraylze to deal 40 damage. I hate crowded forces. I hate magnify beast. I hate hyanid witch doctor, and the exiled deep wounds ranged OP'ness. I hate clay form which allowed that deck to exist. I hate how yall never cared about anything that was deployed after it had outlived its nora cost and how the cheapest unit could carry a game(moga friggen slinger and cannon). I hate onus of keirgana. I hate how no matter how many times you fell for it, you would friggen get rocktrapped without detection cause they had so many units and ways to get them where they wanted it. I hate the corrupted cyclops. I hate the tornado. I hate Mika and her stupid parasitic fesh. I hate that you people got parasitic fesh buffed just so it could be a summon!I hate your avatar!

    SL: I hate how all of you relied on your opponent not giving a damn enough about the math. I hate how all of you complained about something that screwed with your statragies. I hate how dagda was the only guy who didn't need to be spoonfed on how to make a deck in SL. I hate acid trap. I hate hive and how it was in every single friggen deck and on some champions! I hate purge and how oh how that stupid spell swung so many games. I hate how stupid mimic was and how you only used it to make Bane Shift stupidly more OP for 0 ****s given forcing you to ALWAYS have one of those dumb spells(blink, doom, vp). I hate how right after you cast mimic and got it to work right, you friggen cast cancel magic. I hate how yall got the best powerspells and the most powerful spell counters. I hate vindrax. I hate how long vex stood and for how long. I hate how viable the egg decks were and how that was/ still is nothing but a glorified feeding frenzy cept much worst with broodcall. I hate how forbidden fruit worked with summons and all of you that abuse it to kill something that you can't Dracanic benediction or quickening. I hate how quicken became a single target quicken spell. I hate how vindrax never took any type of damage, even magical. I hate dragon skull and when its always deployed before the surge vindrax aoes all your weak guys.I hate how all your guys got flying from DB, for no reason. I hate enslave and how its the best type of possesion rune ever. I hate how your guys were so cheap but were friggen impossible to kill and dragons meaning they gained so much boost. I hate that draksar morph and ranged violent spam! I hate how vindrax is a warrior just so he could use that rogue warrior equip and execute for like a bajilion surge damage. I hate skywing dragon beacon. I hate skywing rumbler and how it had shortlived but no one gave a Bane Shift because YOU HAD TO KILL IT! I hate how that one relic gave imoortality to all dagons, including they heros that were hard as heck kill by design.

    IS: I hate how no one played this faction right, and if they did, they were ass holes. I hate how everyone had to spam R.D. because IS had no range forever that it basically became apart of our faction name. I hate how everyone played the same damn spell and relics cause they sucked. I hate how people would send guys to die. I hate how people whined the deep miner into lumbering. I hate how people accepted the whining in this faction instead of getting crap in other factions nerfed. I hate how people act like IS has everything but thats only true if your rich(or was). I hate how people who are rich treat IS, a split deck faction. I hate how none of you played leoss good. I hate how all of you wanted leoss nerfed. I hate that you let them nerf providence when zeventrench was the issue. I hate how everyone acted like we had the best nora generation when we never got NORA SHIELD... I hate how everyone acted like we had the best healing when a foglar shaman could do all the dang healing abilities in one round and heal everyone. I hate how KF aspect shat on IS healing after 20 charges. I hate how IS got the middle finger on how to deal with charges. I hate how IS got the crappiest ways to spend charges. I hate that the redfist and blue first were nerfed on release and that was the exact meaning of being IS during expansion day.I hate how IS got the worst ways to generate charges. I like how if anything in IS was exotic and good and not power phased out, it was a 50-80$ rune to some traders. I hate how traders hoarded onto this factions runes. I hate how KF got the best angel ever made for IS paladin and angel decks. I hate how it took IS forever to get a ranged unit. I hate how IS had no flying forever. I hate how is'es way of dealing with water is deploy terrain stab. I hate how Is'es way of dealing with stealth is unobstructed view. I hate that they nerfed unobstructed view. I hate that disarm was changed to a single target and not an aoe. I hate how IS had the worst equipment and relics synergies ever. I hate playing against an IS player where ALL they DO is use geomancer. I hate you IS players who range spam(baskitkase). I hate the fact that stone colossus summon needs a real sacrifice. I hate that Warcry started in this faction, but was much powerful in any other faction.

    ST: I really hate Juya and her 8 range piercing shots of death and healing and melee attack. I really hate Azaren and his stupid ranged protective. I hate their Spell spam, I hate gale force. I hate ice storm. I hate that stupid summon yeti spell. I hate yeti spirit. I hate yeti guy with divert, I hate that stupid hero that was thirst for battle beast super unit.I hate throatrend lonx. I hate that icewisp. I hate the girl who gave majestic. I hate how awestruck was an effect that they made and couldn't be removed, I hate how majestic existed out the wazoo. I hate how majestic rounds down. I hate how majestic removes speed. I hate how you somehow always could only attack once because they lowered your speed. I hate manacle frostbite thingy. I hate that stupid flying bg passive ap, cause flying needs to be more mobile, am i right? I hate ice block(never forget). I hate how that one beast charger guy had frost cone for no friggen reason and like a ton of damage. I hate how deep you can get screwed over by deep snow while playing this faction. I hate Icesnap. I hate that one frozen aura larva thing that had a cousin in SL and both wouldn't ever die, ever. I hate how terrain stab was the only way to feel un annoyed by any of this terrain BS. I hate how coordination tower is the single most game changing 25 nora relic in the game. I hate tusk. I hate how most of their range does all they damage, but all they melee has 80 hp and majestic. I hate that they ranged unit are like 6 range with 60 hp. I hate this factions warbanner. I hate SUMMON ANT!

    Post yar Hate: let it out.
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    One of these things is not like the others. Which one is it kids?
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    That was strangly poetic. should have ended it with somthing like " for all the singular things that i hate in poxnora, as a whole, i love you poxnora."
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    At least someone knew how nuts Summon Trap Spider was/is.

    2x Auto, kids.
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    The greatest expression of love can be the greatest expression of hate because the one who hated cared enough to say it.

    KF: I hate how people complain when we dropped Reclaim as if it was the biggest deal in all Pox. I hate when they took Declare Target off of Valkery. (I hate that I can't spell Valjerie). I hate that Elves were the first nora born but had the worst nora gen in the game. I hate that the only really good KF deck was meta. I hate how Tiny came in with all his game and made KF look good when we're not. I hate how Karma came in with all his builds and included FF that no one else in KF seemed to have and then said KF is easy. I hate how people who said, "Oh, I'll help you," only followed it up with, "git gud" or "practice more" or "watch people" as if that was profound wisdom they just dropped. I hate how poorly managed this game was and still is. I hate how they took Resurrection off Singer. I hate how people complained about how complex the game is because that is what makes the game great. I hate how I can't recreate this game in Unity in my spare time. I hate how they got rid of Prognosticate when it should have been Mena's special skill. I hate how a bunch of runes were designed to support Mena, but he still wasn't good enough to build around. I hate how Grimlic went to UD. I hate how Fairy Dust makes fairies fly but others Wander (Whose design stupid was that?). I hate the way people complain about KF range when they should just "git gud." I hate how Wilderkin was never made into a theme, the same goes for the Elven Army and Ospryans.
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    Wait... Im in trouble for range spam but you hate there was no range in IS?

    Before Barbie huntress who was totally awesome we had harbs, angels and windfurry who are all awesome.... but expensive. Mebe just mad cuz no harb?

    The DMC....

    There was about one year when everyone was getting hyper efficient range 6 champs when we were hurting. But that was also because we didn’t have AP gen so it was hard for us to initiate and our DK power play was incredibly transparent since all you had to do was account for 2 extra AP (drum, drive).

    RD and Hammerstrike carries p hard.

    The thing that I didn’t like about IS was that we always got the cheese. Trail Hallowed, Bastion, Excavator, Geomancer, Barb Spear Punish Lady, Clowncar, Maca global, RC, Stunning, Tac Man and who knows how many I’m forgetting.

    Those were lazy drastic measures to pull IS out of slumps or compensate the faction for the continued lack of range and AP gen thatonce we finally got range and AP gen it was just too much and the faction p much stayed a mess.

    I still remember a game vs @Karmavore on the IS mountains map where I was able to move Geo about 20 spaces and then swap (3ap) and shockwave (5ap) so around 28 total AP (add Vortex+Strip). The match is recorded somewhere.
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    Oooffff. That abillity got me more salty than almost anything else in the game.

    The memories! They burn!
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    Yeah and just remember not to knock her back or she’d cleanse and heal 8 on your turn as well!
  9. Sealer0

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    God I remember writing an extremely salty post about angels pre revamp and getting completely trashed by certain individuals. It was pre revamp and most angels were completely bonkers with kf, fs and is being the outliers. Hallowed trail stands out as one of the most absurd abilities in the game.

    That being said, all factions had some form of bullshi. Any form of chasm kill (gale, domination, slavers whip), old Vex, spirit bear, the old hunter - protectorate disease aura demon, myx at their heyday, Kf 6 range deep wounds bullshit archer, various crazy stealth dudes, skywing rumblers, semi aquatics, all those 60 nora 100 hp rider champs, skeezick revolt giving you real champs and the guy with swarm etc...

    In some ways this is a part of the charm - playing with something that is just stupidly powerful in a fantasy setting, but it definitely lead to some rage inducing moments.
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    you do care after all

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