Why I prefer whisperghast(s) to serkan

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  1. DiCEM0nEY

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    Hello all,

    In the current meta, I prefer whisperghasts to serkan outside of maybe a lich themed deck.

    Firstly, I love the fact that WG costs 73 nora to deploy compared to serkan's 97. A cheaper nora cost is a huge deal. It means you can get your unit into positioning sooner, and you can counter an opponent's play/ next move with less difficult.

    Here are some examples: you have 4 low hp units. And 80 nora. Boom, your WG just got 4 stacks of vengeful next turn.

    You are able to deploy WG a turn earlier, and gain an additional 6 so compared to serkan. You effectively make up for his teleport by a 2ap descrepency, 4 if you are using shrine exertion.

    Your whisperghast loses all vengeful stacks through an opponent's spell. In this case, less value was lost on WG than would be lost on serkan.

    Reason #2 - drain is better than life siphon.

    Now this is a hard one to believe. However, having drain is usually more useful than life siphon - because if you get really low hp, you can take your unit completely out of the fight. This allows you to heal back to full in complete safety where as life siphon requires you to attack, bringing you into the fray. This choice alone gives very little incentive for life siphon over drain. However,

    I'm at work now, but I'm going to talk about a few more distinct reasons I prefer WG when I can.
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  2. Varthas

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    Interesting. There are some grey areas, Serkan in a Lich based deck can get up to 7 range with Bone Circle and with a shorter base rng at 4 compared to 5 with WG. Also Serkan has life siphon and 7 spd so potentialy a better staying power compared to the WG.

    I have done testing something new and it has not gone well. But reading this post i got some new ideas and i forged some runes and gonna try a Lich-Spirit themed deck. It is cheaper than the Lich deck i tried with. I think Liches got costly even with low cost support and leverage lich champs, the deck was super weak early game and i lost a ton.
  3. Michael

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    I play serkan at 90.
    I agree WG is better the way you play your bg. (Arroyo Eye + Broken Bones)
  4. Dicem0ney2

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    Thanks, I think the key point about whisper is that it can scale earlier, heal safer, and isn't as big a loss if lost.

    However, in a lich deck when serkan is run at 90 nora, 80 with leverage, he is definetly better. Especially since you can use an item to gain vengeful and soul sift.
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