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  1. DonK101st

    DonK101st Well-Known Member

    Why is this rune legendary? I look at him and he seems pretty meh.

    Educate me...
  2. Markoth

    Markoth Lord Inquisitor

    Back in the day Pox sold game cards at Target to get in game currency. Using these cards gave you 1 of the following runes:
    Dwarven Windfury
    Lich Apprentice
    Rapid Assault
    Peaks Amulet
    Tundra Amulet

    They are a special rarity with a pink border. When the cards went away they consolidated them into the Legendary rarity.
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  3. Markoth

    Markoth Lord Inquisitor

    I have been wanting windfury to get changed for quite a while to regain/retain some of his original design while bringing him closer to current meta standards. When he first came out the dude was awesome. He has just been hit by so many collateral nerfs over time that he is super un-efficient.

    A few things he has to keep.
    #1. Sweep
    #2. Arrow Throw

    Windfury was the first champion to have either of these abilities and it would be sad for him to lose either of them.

    A few things to consider.
    #1. Windfury is supposed to be a dwarf that charges straight into the battle without regard for ranged attacks. He was originally and is currently a ranged champion because his purpose was an anti-ranged champion and he comes from an era where complete package champs were affordable nora wise. However ranged champions are expensive and you have to sacrifice other areas to keep his cost down and this causes him to be mediocre in a lot of things but not great in anything. I honestly think that he has to either become a melee champion or lose his identity.

    #2. He doesnt fit into constructs or pallys so he should be thematically built for Drunks.

    What I think he should look like:


    Cost: ??
    HP: 48
    Def: 1
    Spd: 6
    Rng: 1
    Dam: 9

    Attack: Physical
    Zephyr Shield

    Arrow Throw 1 (Default)
    Riposte 1
    Counter Attack 1

    Hammer Throw 1 (Default)
    Hammer Throw 2
    Hammer Throw 3
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  4. DonK101st

    DonK101st Well-Known Member

    In regards to what you said his original intent was, why not just give him arrow eater? Just did a cursory check at poxlist and 8 out of 9 champs with the ability are wrath, tortun battle mystic being the only protectorate champ with the ability. I don't think 20% of champs with an ability largely recognized as wrath is going to unbalance the game, and it would fulfill his original purpose. Plus IS needs a boost in power... OP or not. ;)

    My whole reason for asking is that IS is my favorite faction even though I suck with them. I have nearly all the runes except some hard to get lims, and a few legs that I can't see any reason going after considering the cost. Windfury tops that list.

    You know far more about the game than I do and I'd like to see your changes, but is there a reason not to ask for arrow eater considering his original intent?
  5. Markoth

    Markoth Lord Inquisitor

    Arrow Eater could work but would not work with dodge or arrow throw or any ability he has had over the years and "his thing" has aways been avoiding attacks as opposed to soaking them. It also doesn't synergize well with runes like RD or Impervious. Lastly there are the design implications. While it does sort of fit this guy Arrow Eater has historically been a Wrath ability.
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  6. OriginalG1

    OriginalG1 I need me some PIE!

    screen shots of the pink boarder or it is not true
  7. Markoth

    Markoth Lord Inquisitor

    I dont have any because I have always used the LE version but the rarity for the Target runes was called Premium.
  8. OriginalG1

    OriginalG1 I need me some PIE!

    I wonder if any active players have one. I would like to see it.
  9. themacca

    themacca Master of Challenges

    theyre just green now, like all the others
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  10. Anotherblackman

    Anotherblackman I need me some PIE!

    Screenshots? You need proof when the guy enlightened you on some ancient poxnora “lost to time “history.

    I get hearing about something you never cared about intrigue curiosity but this doesn’t seem like that. This seems like a “yeah right bro” type Bane Shift.

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