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  1. Krollbar

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    Ps4 I downloaded this game for free, glad I didn't spend any money.

    First solo mission Frozen Wastes under Normal difficulty IMPOSSIBLE. Started out 1v1 champion. 2v2, ok. Then it's like 2v5, next 3v8. Wow seriously? This isn't a matter of Git Gud. Oh and my units wet noodle for 5 dmg... theirs double attack for 11 and 11.

    If you don't want people to throw this game in the trash within the first 2 hours of downloading, maybe have Normal difficulty be actually playable? Just a thought.
  2. 19madfox95

    19madfox95 I need me some PIE!

    Oh, this silly little boy, knowing nothing of this game.
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  3. Krollbar

    Krollbar New Member

    Ok then you beat Mission 1 frozen wastes with a starter deck and nothing else ‍♂️

    Maybe the game gets fun after the first couple hundred bucks... I won't know.
  4. Etherielin

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    Nobody plays single Player campaigns. If you want to get Gold quickly, it's recommended that you do the daily skirmish instead along with daily missions as that nets you roughly 1400 Gold daily. You can then buy Dancers in the Snow over and over to get 2000 shards from it which lets you kickstart your collection and quickly build it up.

    Have a look here and join our Discord if you would like any further help:
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  5. PoxBot

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    The spawn rate for single player broke some time ago for some reason. I assume it has something to do with the old bug which caused the Gnark daily to spawn infinite Gnarks and Azarens every turn and its eventual bug fix.

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