Wrath of the exile, legendary 4/4 error

Discussion in 'Bug Reporting' started by Burcho, Oct 6, 2015.

  1. Burcho

    Burcho I need me some PIE!

    You have to move the exile next to the temples, but you can only see one (and it doesn't even do much besides being impenetrable). The two other are invisible.

    I was able to finish it, but it took 200 turns or so by searching where texts would trigger (mid font, and where the new shrines are), then finally the impenetrable is removed from the IS guy and you can proceed.
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    Ok so I am on turn 149 not done with the match yet but I think I finally got it. Originally as soon as the match starts up you have to rush to your shrine's defense and kill off all the temple guards. This becomes even more difficult if in your 1st 2 turns you end up placing the exile adjacent to your own shrine. This triggers the text that burcho mentioned. This also triggers 2 angels that hit and heal opponents, word to the wise; don't place exile adjacent to your own shrine until you've dealt with several "temple guards"... The text that triggers when you DO place the exile adjacent to your shrine is not very clear but it says that the temple will be "despoiled" (which google translates to ransacked or raided) within 2 turns. But in order for the "despoiling" to occur you must have The Exile adjacent to the "high temple" in the middle of the map (that second and very important part I found out the hard way). Problem is that both the combat text and triggered text throw words around like "shrine" and "temple" but not specific enough. Ill explain:

    When you get close to YOUR "shrine" the text appears that "the temple will be despoiled in 2 turns, the exile must remain next to the temple until then" 2 temple guards spawn right after. Now the name of the temple in the middle of the map is "high temple" but if you don't get the exile next to the temple immediately in that same turn when you witnessed the text pop up then nothing happens, so this gets you thinking "well maybe the text meant to stay next to my own shrine and temple really means shrine... wait maybe next to the opposing shrine?" besides, the text does not explain what "despoil" is actually going to do so your looking for something to happen and it never does or you don't notice it when it does. Here is the breakdown in order of how you should do this:

    - "High Priest" is called "Council Elder" in the combat text.
    - "High Priest" is impervious and WILL lose HP with soulwrack or loss of life attacks (don't know what happens if you kill him this way)
    - Otherwise you cannot kill "High Priest" / "Council Elder" and will just have to avoid him or pack a lot of heals.
    - Enemy shrine is impregnable cannot lose HP
    - "High Temple" is impregnable cannot lose HP
    - I recommend units with escalation or death charged time slip spell should work nice too.

    - Get The Exile adjacent to your shrine when your ready to deal with 2 temple guards
    - end your turn
    - Text appears "the temple will be despoiled in 2 turns, the exile must remain next to the temple until then" 2 temple guards spawn
    - Get The Exile adjacent to the "high temple" in middle of map immediately on that same turn
    - Kill the 2 temple guards (in that turn or the next couple of turns, doesn't matter)
    - end your turn
    - nothing happens this turn (heal the exile on this turn as much as you can)
    - end your turn
    - during the enemy's turn the shrine will finally be "despoiled" all this means is that it will lose 3 HP (though it will remain impregnable)
    - this same turn 2 angels will spawn and every other turn thereafter 2 angels will continue to spawn kill them ASAP but do not remove the exile from adjacent to the "High Temple"
    - Slowly but surely 3 HP at a time, every other turn, the "High Temple" will be destroyed.
    - Now begins the search for the other 2 invisible shrines mentioned by burcho on this thread... be right back... ... ... ...
    - OK so after "High Temple" is destroyed 2 angels still spawn every other turn... I placed the exile adjacent to my shrine; nothing happened... when I placed him adjacent to enemy shrine though,
    "the temple will be despoiled in 1 turns, the exile must remain next to the temple until then" 2 temple guards spawn. Though now I cannot see any temple(s)... ... ...
    - After this turn The exile and the High priest exchange some words:
    The exile: "your cries fall on deaf ears, humans! etc..."
    High priest: "blah blah blah, this does not bode well"
    - This must have been when (i did not think to check but instead flew my detection unit around the map looking for invisible stuff) the priest lost his impervious. I checked him after about 10 turns and he
    no longer had it though I missed the text when it was removed.
    - Priest dead... The exile : "Die priest, your stronghold will perish!" shrine still has impregnable
    - end turn
    - This turn akakios and drakon appear on opposing sides of the map with an entourage ... they both are attackable...
    - end turn
    - Killed both dragons, akakios first then drakon within 3 turns...
    - end turn
    - Oposing shrine exploded and the scenario finally was passed.... 193 turns about 1.5 to 2 hrs without help, writing this and with distractions at home.

    - there were NO invisible temples that was BS just faulty texts that suggested there were other temples.
    - Played a shaman/priest FS group my MVP's were voodoo shamfie and snaptooth dusk shaman. were up in the 70's damage by the end turns.
    - been trying to pass this for years this is the 1st time I was successful

    hope this long a** post helps ... I sure wish I had it back when.

    good luck!!

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