You are tasked to balance PoxNora by making 5 changes to the game with no coding involved

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  4. Geomancer has Shockwave

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  5. Invoke did 9/11

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  1. PoxBot

    PoxBot The King of Potatoes

    So what do you choose? You cannot change how any abilities work or fix any bugs. You can only do the following:

    • Change the nora cost/cooldown on abilities.
    • Ban runes from ranked.
    • Change the cost of non champion runes.
    • Change map rotation (1 map counts for 1 change)
  2. super71

    super71 I need me some PIE!

    Change the nora cost/cool down of abilities. What originally brought back many old players was the re-vamp, changing cool downs and nora costs made many themes viable/fun again. I've recently been playing draksar, they are a fun phalanx style theme, however any inhibited or anti-heal wrecks them, regen is too costly, making it cheaper would make almost the entire theme more playable. This same concept could be said for many other themes with racial abilities that are too expensive which makes them not competitive.

    If were not doing that, i'd say changing the cost of non champion runes, after the re-vamp this made many equips/spells look more enticing and we saw more variety.

    Just my thoughts, and maybe a bad example with regen, but the idea applies to most bad themes.
  3. Redderrick

    Redderrick I need me some PIE!

    Restrict Legendaries to Deck Limit: 1
    Prohibit Stitched Librarian from 2v2 Ranked
    Adjust FS bonus to discount 6 / 3 Nora rather than an infinite accumulation of 6 / 3 Nora
    Remove Detection on Stealth units.
    Limit abilities that grant indefinite Stealth conditions
    Decrease the range on each rank of Detect
    Remove instances of swarms swarming
    Invoke did in fact do 9/11
    Remove Leap 3 from everything that isn't a Boghopper
    Arctic Tiger is an underdeveloped Leoss, Remove it
  4. super71

    super71 I need me some PIE!

    with no coding involved
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  5. poxrooster

    poxrooster The Pox Chameleon

    Change ownership.
  6. super71

    super71 I need me some PIE!

    Eliminate fw
    eliminate st
    eliminate split bgs in ranked
    remove swarm
    remove any spell, relic, equip, or ability that doesn't have a range on it

    I fixed pox, your welcome.
  7. Woffleet

    Woffleet I need me some PIE!

    remove burst damage.
  8. fogandsteel

    fogandsteel I need me some PIE!

    Have an option for new players (less than a year) to be matched only with other new players.
  9. Pimplepopperhasthejuice

    Pimplepopperhasthejuice The King of Potatoes

    1. All builds Highlander
    2. No cross splits Wrath splits with Wrath, Protectorate with Protectorate
    3. All area spells have the same range of 3 and duration of 4 max after cast
    4. No 2 defenses - i.e. Arrow eater and damage aura, evasive and reflexes - unless granted by equipment
    5. Lower the Nora cost for all champions by 10, relics equipment and spells by 8 and max out HP at 55 - unless altered by spells or equipment
    6. Remove ALL upgrades from champs. Each champ will have base race and class Special abilities will be granted by spells or equipment.
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  10. xxLordQxx

    xxLordQxx I need me some PIE!

    Remove worms from the game or rework their theme. Spamming cheap champs until you can deploy at your opponents deployment zone is the kind of Bane Shift that ruined the strategy of this game. No late game defense....
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  11. profhulk

    profhulk Forum Royalty

    FW skeleton attrition has been this forever. By nerfing sever summons and creating runes that generate three summons they made imbalance madness. Funny how the wrath champions that generate three summons were not nerfed down to two, but Bogwood Mireoak was nerfed down to two summons and they lost pounce. Bias.
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  12. super71

    super71 I need me some PIE!

    So remove everything that makes pox the game it is ?

    I’m guessing your trolling
  13. Pimplepopperhasthejuice

    Pimplepopperhasthejuice The King of Potatoes

    Why would my opinion be trolling? The name of the thread is
    "You are tasked to balance PoxNora by making 5 changes to the game with no coding involved"
    and i gave 6.

    Three and six may be over the top, but number 1 or number 2 I believe will be the most useful and possibly number 4
    • Lets look at number two first - wrath and protectorate should of never been mixed. This mix caused the biggest imbalance in the game in causing over powered champs as well as making certain champs useless in the full faction game play. Lets just say Deadwood Strider, this champ died and became one of the Undead (Wrath) why should he be put in a Protectorate build? Why should Magnus the Fallen only be run with a split with IS? His name is 'the fallen', and should be run as Wrath only . If you gave up your good side and became evil why fight with good and visa~versa.
    • Now number one - If there are no toning down champs or stopping the splits we go Highlander and limit those high end champs that are truly taking advantage of the split faction bonus and high HP.
    • Number four - there are some champs that are impossible to kill straight out due to the defense and high HP combo - just to defensively powerful - you spend most of your time casting spells and using all your manpower on 1 champ so we tone it down a bit. Example having arrow throw, damage shield and damage aura, having evasive and reflexes

    and number 4 is in direct coalition of your post

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  14. Pimplepopperhasthejuice

    Pimplepopperhasthejuice The King of Potatoes

    What Wrath champs generate 3 summons?
  15. Etherielin

    Etherielin The Floof Cultist

    Arroyo Riftlord. Black Circle Archmage.
  16. Etherielin

    Etherielin The Floof Cultist

    I'm just answering the question, no comparisons here.
  17. Pimplepopperhasthejuice

    Pimplepopperhasthejuice The King of Potatoes

    my fault
  18. Pimplepopperhasthejuice

    Pimplepopperhasthejuice The King of Potatoes

    You cant really compare the 3 rift spirits or the 3 grave warriors to the 2 fire flies.
    The spirits and the warriors are summoned with no upgrades/abilities just a basic attack - the fire flies {at last check - been a while ago} are summoned with upgrades - death nova electricity, damage shield ele 3 , poison eater and a basic attack
  19. profhulk

    profhulk Forum Royalty

    You are right I cannot compare arthropod summons to skeletons and spirits. You can buff the ever living sht out of skeleton summons and spirits. In contrast the fireflies are just annoying and add flavor to the bogwood mireoak rune. Unfortunately the mireoak and the summons annoyed some assh*ole who had enough power to nerf the rune into its shtty present condition. The tree is now ponderous, it lost one range, no longer has lightning acolyte or lightning immunity as options, and the summons were reduced to 2 instead of 3 and lost 1 speed, and pounce. Every time I like something it gets turned into garbage by a bunch of elitist ass hats. Compare and contrast America which has been financially ***** into its inverted condition by a bunch of grabbly elitist satanic zionists and jesuits for the past 300 years. Nothing lasts except Rome which became the Catholic church. Cesar = pope, roman senate = cardinals etc.
  20. Ohmin

    Ohmin Forum Royalty

    So... what you're saying is that in order to have the game get more development/balance changes we have to get you to like some aspect of it so an ass-hat will come along and change it?

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