You didn't watch the presidential debate last night

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by BurnPyro, Sep 27, 2016.

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    Trump woul not be a good president. for the US or for the world, that much is certain.

    This does not mean Hillary would be a good one but if you have to choose between burning the entire or half the world there is a clear choice.

    I like how the trumpets of these forums are also equally detatched from reality.
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    There is no certainty when it comes to the reaction of the world to any particular person holding office. There is likelyhood, but I believe both parties put forth candidates that have a likelyhood of making things worse for the US, possibly the world. Due to that, I won't vote for either one. I'll still vote, but for Gary Johnson. I don't particularly agree with Gary Johnson, especially since he denies climate change, but he is the only other candidate that I'm aware of that is on the ballot in all fifty states.

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    If you are going to throw your vote away at least throw it into the green bin.

    votes are biodegradeable.
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    Thats beautiful xD

    I Saw the debate and i hope trump wins because its always fun to watch someone elses country on fire :B

    But fo real the debate was boring, they spoke to their voters group because this was the first debate of 3.
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    Clump 2016
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    Didn't watch it. Watched the football game instead.
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    do you mean football, or american weaksauce rugby?
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    But yea, you guys might find it weird but I actually enjoy the level of honesty in US or Europe's candidates(not saying they're fully honest or even close to it, just more than I'm used to).

    Here in Brazil it's pretty much brainwashing - for example we are about to have mayor elections this Sunday, and the ex-mayor(who got arrested for doing a lot of crap with our money) is actually a candidate, and was ahead in the polls. Luckily his candidacy got revoked by justice, although people wil still be able to vote for him.
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    Ah honesty

    Thou arth a heartless beetch
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    I'm really not sure who to root for ... If Trump wins he might ruin the US so much that we profit immensely, or he might just ruin us at the same time. Hmmm ...
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    I like how you guys won't even entertain the idea that he might do a good job
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    flipping that real quick, do you believe there's a possibility hillary could do a good job? how much of your answer is due to differences in political belief?
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    I think she could potentially be an okay president, but she's got a record that speaks louder than anything she tries to say.
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    well obviously...
    If we extrapolate future from past experience Donald has repeatedly alienated and offended not only large parts of the US populace but also foreign leaders and people. and has professed multiple times that he would commit war crimes against civilian populations. Either he is ignorant, or he is malicious.

    Hilarry while not my first, nor second choice. does not directly offend people or professes a willingness to openly support bombing/nuking innocents.

    basically to Europe Trump represents everything that is wrong with america. now I know not everyone from the US is fat and stupid but electing Trump is going to affirm at least 50% of the stereotype for most people. :)
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    moving with that, what does her record say to you? what parts do you focus on? i've said this before, but to me aside from being a woman she's a stereotypical politician. i expect her to be motivated by self interest and polling, and i think it's in her own self interest to be elected twice, meaning that she can't go back too easily on what she's been saying if she gets elected.

    i don't like her particularly much as a person, but that's not what's motivating my theoretical vote here.

    my issues with trump largely are due to him saying things and then claiming he's never said them. it gives him the option to play whatever side of an issue he wants to, because he comes down on both of them 90% of the time. to me, he seems like the most flip-floppy candidate we've had as long as i've been watching and i don't understand why he's been getting away with it.

    aside from that he seems like an abrasive and thinskinned demagogue, but that's less obnoxious to me than his persistent wishy-washyness
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    You talking with me? I don't care, but I would be amazed if Hillary could wreck the US like Trump would. No, there's no possibility that someone with such disrespect for knowledge and human rights would do something I would call a "good job".

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