You didn't watch the presidential debate last night

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    It's worth pointing out that Gary Johnson supports private prisons. I'm all about the libertarian party usually, and I support the third party in general, but this issue is a major moral dillema which I can never support. I like him very much otherwise, but this is a huge red flag.
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    I am dissapointed in you.
  3. Sokolov

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    In his defense, being a libertarian does generally mean supporting private means of handling most things.
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    I took the quiz on I Side With for the presidential election. Answering every question and setting a weight for each one, my results were as follows: Jill Stein 64%, Gary Johnson 59%, Evan McMullin 47%, Hillary Clinton 45%, Donald Trump 45%, and Rocky De La Fuente 40%
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  5. PurpleTop

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    yeah I know. So I'm not a big fan of his, but im no more fan of the other clowns. Then again, I'm no politics guy. Mostly just a lego guy.
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    A true moderate is among us!
  7. Geressen

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    Decided to do the test too.

    100% Jill Stein. on social, enviromental and domestic policy, criminal issues
    99% Hillary on enviromental, Social Foreign policy, criminal issues
    25% Gary Johnson on Social and criminal issues
    4% Trump on Healthcare issues

    However I used the slider to increase the importance of enviromental and social issues.

    oooh the other data below is fun, nothing new here:

    and there we have it, I am an enviromentalist left wing progressive collectivist.
  8. Sokolov

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    Too bad there wasn't a "Troll" category.
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  9. darklord48

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    Did you click for more questions in each category? I used the sliders too, based on the content of each question.
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    no I didn't but I should I guess, results will be nicer.
    I take offense to this remark. I answered honestly. and shared my results honestly.
  11. darklord48

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    I think I'm actually to the extreme on a number of issues, but it averages out that I'm centered. For example, I'm strongly in favor of a single payer healthcare system. I'm also strongly against making college free. I would like to see English made a requirement for living in the US, whether as a resident alien or a citizen. I'm also in favor of making it easier for illegal aliens to become citizens, provided they learn English. I feel some type of service should be mandatory, in most cases military, but allowing for some alternatives.
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    @darklord48 New results after answering more questions, political leaning and political themes remained unchanged however:

    Jill Stein= 100% ( enviroment, social, healthcare, economic)
    Hillary Clinton= 97% (enviroment, social, healthcare economic)
    Garry Johnson=41% ( social, immigration, criminal, and foreign policty)
    Donald Trumo= 19% ( Healthcare )

    clicking the Party tab:
    98% green party
    96% Socialist party
    96% democrats
    27% libertarian
    5% constitution party
    2% republicans

    Also 22nd between 13:00 and 15:00 there will be a protest against TTIP and CETA museumplein in Amsterdam. in case anyome wants to come too.
  13. newsbuff

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    Here's mine:
  14. Dagda

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    currently in the "Firk it" mindset; so long as people aren't overtly being asshats i'm content to leave these un-nuked
  15. Geressen

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    How wrong do you have to answer questions to get a result like thaI?

    so I see you hate the enviroment, can I ask what the enviroment ever did to you?
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    I am so fixated on my point of view because the CFC aspect of the ozone problem is being shoved down my throat right now by my heating and air conditioning school. From my perspective the CFC ozone destruction is pretty crazy when u hear ratios like 1 chlorine molecule will destroy a 100,000 ozone molecules and then do the math of how much chlorine can occupy a cubic meter of air at the level of the stratosphere. Multiply that by 81 years(1935-2016) and presto mind blowing ozone destruction via CFC's/HCFC's. I haven't done the math for the rate at which ozone is being renewed nor do I have charts to add in the other elements you mentioned such as carbon dioxide and monoxide. I hope it's not to late. Taking this EPA test will be worthless if it is.
  17. SPiEkY

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    According to ISideWith, I side 92% with Evan McMullin, 88% Trump, 82% Johnson, and the rest are below 60%, with Hillary and Jill Stein tied at the bottom with 23%.
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    I do not understand why you all have such low percentage for the obvious best candidate.

    Is this an American thing?

    @Lushiris ^that is hilarious, ^

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